Tuesday, June 13, 2017

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

Action packed Monday. Dozen miles on the bike, hour-long sweltering ditch skate sesh at lunch, and a little backyard flatland after the kids went to bed. Today will be pretty much exactly the same, except sub “mow the lawn” for the post-bedtime activity.

Something to look forward to. There will come a point in the future- distant thought it may be- where I will get to spend months or years without the thought of Donald Trump passing through my brain.

Powell reissues. The summer throwback lineup includes a couple of real gems, namely the Ray Barbee “fire hydrant” and Nicky Guerrero “mask”. Double-drilled, of course. My only complaint- and it’s a minor one- is the Barbee is the exact same red colorway as the previous “ragdoll” reissue. But hey.

Cool stuff. Old school Perry Mervar footage, Rick Wilson anti-Trump tweetstorm, free Starbucks k-cups, Dream Yard 3, leftover curry with cauliflower rice.

Tuesday soundtrack. Electric Citizen, Grateful Dead, Deicide, High on Fire, Black Tusk, Spirit Caravan, Lamb of God, Converge, Iron Reagan, Overkill.

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