Wednesday, June 21, 2017

june twenty-first

Five for June 21st:

Go skateboarding day. I don’t know about the rest of you, but any day that officially celebrates going out and skating is good in my book. Celebrating this afternoon with another hot trip to the 170 ditch. Go shred.

Camping trip. We’re planning our first one since before the kids were born. Should be interesting.

Bagged up. Trashed my threadbare Metropack and retired the messenger bag, with everything now moved over to my sweet new Element Jaywalker. This thing rules and is set up to take some abuse, which it shall indeed receive.

Cool stuff. GT Seriously Fun video premier, dusk summer solstice walk with Henry to the park, Motorhead Bomber on Top of the Pops, veggie scramble, kids react to Iron Maiden, stackin' clips, playing Mia with Jane.

Quote of the day. "Trump has been ruled by compulsions, obsessions and vindictiveness, expressed nearly daily on Twitter. He has demonstrated an egotism that borders on solipsism. His political skills as president have been close to nonexistent. His White House is divided, incompetent and chaotic, and key administration jobs remain unfilled. His legislative agenda has gone nowhere. He has told constant, childish, refuted, uncorrected lies, and demanded and habituated deception among his underlings. He has humiliated and undercut his staff while requiring and rewarding flattery. He has promoted self-serving conspiracy theories. He has displayed pathetic, even frightening, ignorance on policy matters foreign and domestic. He has inflicted his ethically challenged associates on the nation. He is dead to the poetry of language and to the nobility of the political enterprise, viewing politics as conquest rather than as service." -Michael Gershon, prominent Republican and former top aide to GWB.

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