Thursday, June 22, 2017

june twenty-second

Five for June 22nd:

Double duty. Geared up for twelve miles of riding and an afternoon of ditch shredding today. Looks like tomorrow will be rainy, so this is probably the last day for both til' next week.

America 2017. There is no longer any doubt that the police can officially murder anyone they want anytime they want for any reason and face no consequences for their actions save for perhaps some paid time off. And we get to continue funding it.

Morning viewing. (parts of) Santa Cruz Streets on Fire, GT Seriously Fun, H-Street Hokus Pokus, Sick Boys, Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer.

Cool stuff. Free sheet of Hell Night grip tape, leftover curry, new shorts, phone system at work that isn’t about to die, Japanology Plus: Japan Capsule Toys, raspberry blackberry sparkling water.

Clifton Park movie night. Looks like it’s going to be Field of Dreams this year- one of my all-time favorites. Saturday, August 5th- come hang out.

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