Tuesday, June 27, 2017

june twenty-seventh

Five for June 27th:

Six months ago today. On December 27th 2016, I dropped the crap out of my diet (soda, candy, beer, processed foods with no nutritional value, empty calories, etc.) and began full-time clean eating. Since then I've shed about 25 lbs and 4 waist sizes, and have more energy than I've had in years. Not trying to preach, but the moral of the story is, you are what you eat. Only took me 39 years to figure that out. Here’s to many more months and years.

Date night. Took Jane out to Mr. Wizard’s for a dip cone and to Berra Park playground to take advantage of the unbelievable weather. Best times with my best girl.

Bike commute. Good ride in this morning- so cool out I almost wished I’d brought a hoodie. Tomorrow and Thursday are looking rideable as well, so we might have another four-day ride week happening.

Cool stuff. New sectional for the back room, fresh pair of contacts, confederate monument will be gone from Forest Park by Friday, rad session at the ditch, Trump’s Lies: the Definitive List, bearing repair.

Tuesday soundtrack. Havok, Naked Raygun, Armored Saint, D.R.I., Kreator, Municipal Waist, Riot, Zero Boys, TSOL, Dag Nasty, Agent Orange.

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