Friday, June 23, 2017

june twenty-third

Five for June 23rd:

48 miles. I don’t remember the last time I rode in to work four out of five days, but it was definitely before the kids were born. This morning was a little sketchy, with lingering dark clouds threatening to open up, but I managed to avoid rain and made it in in record time. Feels awesome.

Backyard buffet. Our garden beds are blowing up right now. Carrots, tomatoes, squash, radishes, and more greens than we know what to do with. The apples are coming in on the tree and there might even be some watermelons planted out there.

Gullwing Molecules of Motion. Somehow the existence of this video eluded me completely until I stumbled on it this morning on YouTube. Thanks, internet.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, block of Gulf Wax for the ditch, learning frontside disasters, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, new (used) SC Corey O’Brien zip hoodie.

Weekend action. Looks like it’s going to be one for the record books in the weather department. Mercs and Tre Serpenti at Tap Room, mowing the lawn, hitting the pool, hanging out with the kids, maybe a morning trip to the dirt jumps, general relaxation.

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