Tuesday, July 18, 2017

july eighteenth

Five for July 18th:

Day two. While I may be regretting my decision to ride in this afternoon as the heat index breaks the 100-degree mark, at least I got a nice one in this morning.

Just in case you were wondering. I am, indeed, thanked in the 2003 Polish cassette release of Iron Maiden’s Dance of Death.

Gluttons for punishment. Hitting the ditch this afternoon for what will likely be a short and sweaty skate session.

Cool stuff. Free Obituary poster and Merge Records stickers, spiking my bike water bottle with Emergen-C, Castlevania series on Netflix, Elliot Sloan Indy 900, passion fruit La Croix.

Tuesday soundtrack. Sick Of It All, Entombed, Shelter, Mastodon, At the Gates, High On Fire, Snapcase, Cactus, Sleep, Mondo Drag.

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