Wednesday, July 5, 2017

july fifth

Five for July 5th:

Fireworks. Had the whole neighborhood crew over on Friday night to watch the Forest Park fireworks from our front lawn, with Jane getting to stay up late for the first time and see them.

Getting radical. Got in skate sessions at Westhoff and Morganford (first time at either spot in years) and a flatland jam with Greg and Paul at Shenandoah over the long weekend.

Date night. Rode our bikes over to Fair St. Louis for a bit, checked out Hi-Pointe Diner for the first time (it was great), rode home, walked to SoHa for cocktails, and watched one final night of fireworks from the porch. Then I played drums in the attic till 10:30.

Cool stuff. One week til’ Iron Maiden, three free pairs of sunglasses, Erick Winkowski pro for Santa Cruz, salmon salad, record shopping at Planet Score, Blaze Bayley at Fubar in August, getting Henry properly groomed.

America, the diminished. "Six months into his term, Trump’s policy achievements are few and thin, but he has coarsened our politics, shown the power of shamelessness, undermined our faith in each other and ourselves, modeled behavior we would punish children for exhibiting, and implicated all of us in the running fiasco of his presidency. He has diminished the country he promised to make great."

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