Friday, July 14, 2017

july fourteenth

Five for July 14th:

2/5 it is. Had to skip riding the bike in today due to rain-covered roads. We needed the rain pretty badly so I can’t be too bummed about it. Maybe I’ll shoot for a Grant’s Trail ride tonight or tomorrow just to keep the legs limber.

Back to the ditch. Lunch hour skate jam at ol’ reliable today. Hopefully it’ll be a little less swampy than the last few times we were there- or at least dry enough to ride.

Office quote of the day. “You want a free K-cup, you’re going to have to put up with some chair drumming.” -Brian

Cool stuff. Henry Rollins: It’s Amazing How Quickly We Got Used to the Trump Dumpster Fire, rare 16 Min @ 16mm Dave Mirra & Ryan Nyquist video, breaking in the new Maiden shirt, RX bars, Pool Seekers “Hump Bowl” episode, healthy chocolate chip cookie bars.

Weekend action. No real plans the next couple of days, which is a nice change of pace compared to last weekend. Maplewood pool, Castlewood or Creve Coeur Lake beach with the kids, early morning skate and/or trails session, trip to Mr. Wizard’s (Lizard's) and finally mowing the backyard are all highly likely.

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