Friday, July 7, 2017

july seventh

Five for July 7th:

Riding in. Wednesday and Thursday were no-choice drive days due to having to pick up kids/dog after work, but at least I got today in this week. Beautiful 75-degree, low-humidity ride with a good overcast sky and no headwind, which was nice given how much crap I was lugging on my back.

Resistance isn’t futile. A few months ago the thought of eating a banana and some walnuts for breakfast with a table full of donuts and muffins calling at me from a few feet away would have been almost inconceivable, but that’s no longer the case. In fact, the opposite is now true.

Skate ragin’. Mega fun session at 170 yesterday with Rick and Brian. Landed three frontside disasters in a row and stuck a bunch of other tricks. That place rules. Going back this afternoon for more.

Cool stuff. Pre-ride smoothie, new Ted Leo article/interview and song debut, everyone going to NAMM next week, Pool Seekers on YouTube, Old School Skates NOS buy/get deals.

Weekend action. Mowing the backyard tonight, followed by a drink with some old friends at Royale and possibly seeing the Jag-Wires at San Loo. Trip to the farm tomorrow morning, Sublette Park fireworks with Jane in the eve. Toy show and BMX with Greg Sunday morning, BBQ with some neighborhood friends that night.

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