Thursday, July 13, 2017

july thirteenth

Five for July 13th:

Up the Irons. Iron Maiden RULED last night. Great mix of new Book of Souls tunes and old classics, all of which sounded amazing. Such a rad show. It was cool seeing Ghost as well.

Westhoff skatepark. Cruised out for a hot and muggy afternoon sesh with Brian yesterday. Definitely a bit of a haul for a lunch skate, but worth it.

On the scam. Is there anything more all-American that scoring discounted concert tees from some sketchy dude in an amphitheater parking lot after a show? I think not. Grabbed this for $12 on the way to the car last night- a lot better than $45 at the merch booth.

Cool stuff. Hitting Ranchito, Creature Black Metal tour video, $0.50 vintage Cap’n Crunch figure, Red Racks revisited, Buffalo Killers on Spotify, Longevity: Dennis McCoy.

No ride. Was going to pedal in today, but had to drop Lisa and the kids off at the car repair place this morning and there’s looming storm chances this afternoon. Hoping to get tomorrow in for a solid 3/5 for the week.

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