Monday, July 31, 2017

july thirty-first

Five for July 31st:

Riding, or lack thereof. This week is going to be pretty weak on the bike-commuting front. Dentist appointment tonight, kid transportation duties tomorrow and Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll squeeze in a couple at the end of the week if the weather permits.

Sleeping in. Didn’t wake up til’ 7:00 this morning, which is a good hour and some change later than I usually sleep. Bonus: kids slept even later.

One man’s trash. Found two perfectly cut little kicker/quarter pipe transitions in a pile of wood on a curb yesterday. Thanks, random neighbor remodeling his kitchen or something. A few 2x4’s, half a piece of PVC and a sheet of ply and I’ll have a fun little backyard ramp to goof around on.

Cool stuff. Windows open in the house, Super Mario Bros. t-shirt, afternoon slappy attack with Brian, free fruit at work, new pump track at Larimore Park, David Bowie pin pack, Chrome Ball Incident Ray Barbee interview.

Weekend highlights. Impromptu neighborhood pizza party at the playground, skate session at JB, trip down the River Road for dinner on the water at Loading Dock, riding bikes with the goobers.

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