Thursday, July 20, 2017

july twentieth

Five for July 20th:

Day 3. Glad I got motivated to ride the bike in this morning, because I wasn’t feeling it at all when I woke up. Had a great, smooth ride and totally crushed it, time-wise. Good to get the blood flowing, even though the ride home today will be like pedaling through a blast furnace.

Reality bites. I’m seeing way too many obituaries on the Facebook page for my high school graduating class lately.

Swag. Getting in to the office early for vendor meetings can sometimes be a bummer, but when you get a free coozie, bottle opener keychain and C Blues Band harmonica out of the deal, it’s worth it. Thanks, Hohner guys.

Cool stuff. World BMX day is today, Grosso’s Loveletters: Old Skate Mags, Part 2, Steve Steadham blem decks, New York Dolls, Pavement, and Shonen Knife concert posters, Assault Friends Of No One promo video.

America 2017. Has the President called John McCain a loser for getting a brain tumor yet?

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