Friday, July 28, 2017

july twenty-eighth

Five for July 28th:

Good to the last drop. Who needs coffee when you can get the day started with a nice hot cup of republican tears?

Pedal power. Nice sunny 75-degree ride in this morning. Glad I got more bike commuting in than not this week.

John McCain. I guess for some people, all it takes to do the right thing is be faced with the quickly-impending specter of your own mortality and the knowledge that you will ultimately be remembered in the annals of history as a coward whose final act was stripping healthcare away from millions of people. Others can just do it all the time.

Cool stuff. Sneak peek at the 2018 GT Pro Performer, 60 Seconds with Grosso: Favorite Skate Pic, two La Croix party packs, afternoon ditch sesh, fresh Steve Steadham setup, Antihero’s “Reality Breakdown” article, Per Welinder Nordic Skull t-shirt reissues.

Weekend action. Great weather and no plans. Likely taking the kids to some playgrounds, getting in morning skate or BMX dirt jump sesh, potential trip to some sort of body of water, Maplewood pool, and whatever else comes along.

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