Tuesday, July 25, 2017

july twenty-fifth

Five for July 25th:

Good ride. The combination of super mild weather, repaved and reopened roads through forest Park, raising my seat about an inch, and tightening up my front wheel made for a quick and comfortable ride in this morning. No beating it.

Slappy hour. Hitting up some yellow curbs with Brian this afternoon for a 30-minute lunch session. We’ll get back to hitting the ditch once the back-to-school season subsides a bit.

ICYMI. Dax Shepard is absolutely wearing a Shelter "Quest for Certainty" shirt in the opening credits of Parenthood.

Cool stuff. Team Pain Lost in Transition series, new Antihero video drops today, espresso roast, Beat It/Trooper mashup, evening at the playground.

Tuesday soundtrack. Minutemen, Pallbearer, Hermano, Revocation, Dio, The Wipers, Speedwolf, Fugazi, McRad, Hellacopters, Earth Crisis, Ministry.

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