Monday, July 24, 2017

july twenty-fourth

Five for July 24th:

Cycling. A much-needed break in the heat means riding as much as possible this week. Going for four out of five days, assuming the “spot shower” chances on Thursday and Friday remain spotty. Quick and cool ride in this morning. The freshly-repaved road that goes past the zoo shaves a good minute or more off the ride time and allows me to avoid the most grueling part of the ride in.

Rigs of Dad. If you only follow one account on Instagram, it should be this one.

MS Paint. Looks like my go-to program for graphic design wizardry is finally getting the axe. I don’t usually brag about myself, but you’ll find no one on earth better at using windows paint than me. So long, old friend.

Cool stuff. Revocation’s cover of Dyers Eve, finally got the front lawn mowed, Sunday skate sessions at JB and Webster, breakfast at Chris’ with the crew, evening swimming, watermelon water restock, Pool Nation miniseries on YouTube, Lisa's Mediterranean bowls.

Quote of the day. “When ideology rules all, acknowledging dissonant facts is treason. Reality, in that way of thinking, is a mere construct owned by history’s winners. This brand of cult reasoning explains why Republicans despise journalism, deride universities, and disregard the advice of scientists. Within the walls of the GOP cult, those who concern themselves with accuracy, who allow themselves to be constrained by empirical measures, are seen as history’s losers.” -Chris Ladd

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