Thursday, July 27, 2017

july twenty-seventh

Five for July 27th:

Too close for discomfort. I came home last night to find the AC upstairs hadn’t been running all day. Finally figured out the thermostat had crapped out at some point and was totally dead. Luckily, Lisa was at a late meeting and was able to pick a replacement up on the way home. I switched it out and the air kicked on just in time for bedtimes.

Rainy day. Wet roads and persistent drizzle put a damper on my planned ride today, but hey. My grass is green again, our garden is blooming like crazy and we got another break in the heat, so I can’t complain.

Higher ed. Jane is starting to figure out basic addition and subtraction, which means that mathematically speaking, she and I are pretty much on the same level now.

Cool stuff. Pertzborn’s People- Skate Camp News 1987, Ranchito coffee, drumless tracks, Curb Dogs 1 and 2 online, busy season at work, free Powell Peralta stickers.

Quote of the day. “Sorry, I was led to believe that transgender people were so skilled in combat that I should fear being alone in the bathroom with them.” -Mark Agee

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