Thursday, August 31, 2017

august thirty-first

Five for August 31st:

August. The last full month of summer- and my thirties- blasted by, but hey. It was a fun one.

Last night. Had a great time with the goobs. Went up to Jane’s school for an ice cream social, played on the school playground, hung out with some of the neighborhood crew, and made it home in time to watch a show before bed. Bonus: they were well behaved (mostly) the whole time.

Saving money. It’s crazy to think that since late December, the absolute most I’ve gone out to eat for lunch is once a week- and most weeks, I bring lunch each day. Before December, for years, it was pretty much the exact opposite. The amount of cash I am no longer hemorrhaging on shitty food is truly astounding.

Cool stuff. Instagram Interbike coverage, lunch hour slappy session on the horizon, rotting utility pole in our backyard removed, John Yull and the nothing decade, free pair of Promark Firegrain 5Bs, albacore.

Five things. Sometimes it's really easy to write this thing, some days there's just nothing left to write about, so you get a placeholder like this one.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

august thirtieth

Five for August 30th:

Banana ice cream. Some blended-up frozen bananas and almond milk will let you satisfy the sweet tooth and eat healthy at the same time. Slather on some date sauce for added deliciousness.

Big trash pickup day. The gift that keeps on giving: last month yielded the pre-cut transitions for what would become my backyard quarterpipe, and yesterday we scored George a new toy motorcycle to cruise around on.

Solo dad night. Hot dogs at home, an ice cream social at Jane’s school followed by a possible (but unlikely) trip to the playground, and 7:30 bedtimes.

Cool stuff. Dennis Enarson Resident video, grande cold brew from Starbucks, rad ditch session yesterday, going into month nine of clean eating.

Quote of the day. “In the past week two people have asked me if you named your children after the parents in The Jetsons cartoon.” -my mom

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

august twenty-ninth

Five for August 29th:

Rough night. George was up wailing and calling me at four in the morning, followed by Jane falling out of bed an hour later. Luckily I had the auto-brew set on the coffee maker.

Major rager at 170. Had a great time skating the ditch yesterday afternoon. Perfect overcast sky and no humidity made it hard to leave. Hopefully hitting it again today if the rain holds off.

Vinyl countdown. Ordered a 180-gram copy of “A Matter of Life and Death” on eBay last night, thus completing the vinyl collection of Iron Maiden albums I’m thanked on. I mean, come on. I can’t not own these.

Cool stuff. Wall to Wall book launch party pics, Cajun shrimp, evening backyard flatland session on the Haro Master, Meet the Artist Whose Swastika-Inspired Anti-Trump Logo Has Gone Viral Across the Country, revisiting Jim Thiebaud’s "Hanging Klansman" board, finally finishing up the Aggro Rag compendium.

Tuesday soundtrack. Gray Matter, The Bloody Hollies, Heartburns, Torche, Nomeansno, Botch, Municipal Waste, Astroqueen, Wolfmother, Sparta, Black Rainbows.

Monday, August 28, 2017

august twenty-eighth

Five for August 28th:

Juxtaposition. Earlier this month I saw Iron Maiden play to about 20,000 people at an outdoor amphitheater. Last night I saw Blaze Bayley, their singer for 5 years in the late nineties, play to maybe 40 people in a dive bar. Both shows were awesome.

Around the house. Basement deep-cleaned, garage sale pile organized, garden beds re-mulched, front room and front door getting repainted, filters changed.

Fun with the goobs. Impromptu neighborhood pizza party at the playground, riding bikes in the parking lot down the street with Jane, Happy Joe’s for games and ice cream, backyard action, jigsaw puzzles and candyland.

Cool stuff. New Horn Head mini-Madball, backyard ramp riding, fresh pair of $7 slip-ons, angel hair zucchini noodles, downstairs BMX lair dialed in.

Itching to shred. Ditch session going down at lunch, weather permitting. I didn’t hardly skate at all this weekend despite the amazing weather, so I’m definitely ready to roll around a bit.

Friday, August 25, 2017

august twenty-fifth

Five for August 25th:

Tony Hawk at MoFo. Looks like the birdman himself will be in town in September for the grand opening of the Peter Mathews skate park expansion. How awesome is that? I’ll definitely be splitting a bit early from work that day.

Shitty to-do list. Eye doctor for new contacts, emissions inspection, renew plates, renew license, regular doctor appointment, jury duty.

Quote of the day. “Sarcasm is lost on assholes.” -Eric

Cool stuff. Print the Legend documentary on Netflix, work coffee restock, afternoon 170 ditch jam with Brian, Gonzo in SoHo, playing basketball at Clifton Park, Klarbrunn.

Weekend action. Deer Creek skate session tonight, Thee Fine Lines at Sinkhole, taking the goobs to parks, lawn mowing, Blaze Bayley at Fubar, riding bikes.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

august twenty-fourth

Five for August 24th:

Bikeage. My FCR3 is at Big Shark getting some much-needed work done, so bike commuting will be off the table until at least September 7th.- at least, on that bike. Bummer for sure, but it’s way overdue.

170 ditch. Hit it up for a quick solo session today. The weather was perfect and I didn’t have anything else to do. Someone put a big piece of PVC on one of the walls opposite the curb for added fun.

Board Crazy. A copy of this horrible, yet nostalgic skate video surfaced on eBay for $6.99 with free shipping, so I had to pull the trigger. A childhood staple, for better or worse.

Cool stuff. Iron Maiden Flight of Icarus picture disc at Vintage Vinyl, where is all the nostalgia in skateboarding taking us?, blueberry RX bar, free pair of ProMark Activegrip 5B sticks.

Pagedale. Another day, another building coming down along Page. The whole strip around my office has changed so much in the last ten years that it’s barely recognizable- not entirely a bad thing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

august twenty-third

Five for August 23rd:

Busy season. It’s picking up big time at work, which is both a blessing and a curse. Good for the bank account, bad for the sanity.

Pull-out couch. I’ve spent the last couple of nights on it while Lisa becomes non-contagious, and I’m not complaining. That thing is way more comfortable than any couch-bed has the right to be.

George. I think he’s finally starting to get into a “dad” phase, which is awesome, because he’s been pretty much 100% mom his whole life. It all evens out eventually, but it’s awesome to be getting some newfound attention from my little dude.

Cool stuff. Evening at the playground with Janey, Santa Cruz spring ’18 reissues (metallic black Natas panther!), two for one NOS Rectors at Old School Skates, good leftovers.

Five years ago tonight. My old band played the biggest local show we ever did, where we co-headlined the Pageant with Sleepy Kitty on a weekend night and drew a huge crowd, filling the floor and much of the balcony. In hindsight, it was all downhill from there.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

august twenty-second

Five for August 22nd:

Last night. With Lisa down for the count battling out-of-nowhere strep throat, I had the kids all to myself. We hit the playground, saw some neighbor friends, and said goodnight to the ducks. They held it together pretty well despite being tired and crabby.

Bike work. Hitting Big Shark after work today to pick up some tubes for the Giant, with plans for a Thursday and Friday pedal commute. Also did some work on the Dyno yesterday evening; swapped out the Dominator for the original GT seat, cleaned it up and aired it for a backyard ride at sundown.

The eclipse. Infinitely cooler than I was expecting it to be. Totally amazing. The whole company was out on the lawn watching. Pretty unbelievable experience. I did manage to score some glasses from a co-worker and luckily didn’t have to use my Eclipsatron 5000.

Cool stuff. Chrome Ball Incident Steve Caballero interview, almond butter re-up, lunch freestyle solo skate session, taking Jane to school, Haro Lineage forks with flip standers and 990s.

Tuesday soundtrack. Tankard, ASG, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Electric Six, Rodriguez, The Scams, The Weirdos, Beastwars, the Faction.

Monday, August 21, 2017

august twenty-first

Five for August 21st:

Eclipse. I was not able to replace my potentially-defective pair, so the most I’ll be able to do will be marvel at it being totally dark outside at 1 pm and watch this video.

Flat tire. My back tube popped on the way home Friday, and I stupidly didn’t have a spare with me as I’d used my last one on my front tire a few weeks back. Luckily Lisa was able to come pick me up and we all went out for Mexican, so everything worked out.

Sunday morning shredding. Hit the Larimore pump track for a bit with Andy and followed that up with a trip out to the Slab for some additional gnar. Skating rules.

Cool stuff. A visual history of flatland BMX, $2.30 Star Wars figure from Target, George’s new David Bowie shirt, evening at the pool, Emergen-C restock.

School days. A little bit of a rough start last week for Jane, but by Friday she was loving it. In addition to having four neighborhood kids in her class, she’s already making a bunch of new friends and getting used to the routine, and couldn’t wait to go back today. I’m proud of her.

Friday, August 18, 2017

august eighteenth

Five for August 18th:

Riding in. Two days’ vacation and two days of rainy roads made for one day of riding this week, but one is better than none. Felt awesome to get some pedaling in this morning.

Here’s hoping. 'Art Of The Deal' Co-Author Tony Schwartz Predicts Trump's About To Resign. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I’ll take what I can get.

Pop-up skatepark. Rad session at Deer Creek last night. That place is amazing: well lit, smooth pavement, no bust. We had a kicker launch ramp and a couple of slider bars and fun boxes- basically just set up a DIY skatepark in the lot and skated till well after sundown.

Cool stuff. 6 am Georgie wake-up call, work snack restock, new GT Fueler frames, The New Yorker and Economist’s new covers blast Trump’s white supremacist pandering, getting paid, Steve Bannon fired.

Weekend action. Nice hot, sunny summer weekend coming up. Possibly checking out the Jag-Wires at Sinkhole, World’s Fare at Forest Park, hitting the pool with the kids, mowing the lawn, early skate session at the pump track and/or riding the BMX trails, general hanging-out.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

august seventeenth

Five for August 17th:

Torrential downpour. It rained harder and longer yesterday than it has in months. Naturally, this occurred exactly on my drive home when I had to pick up both kids. And of course the basement is wet, because that’s just how it is. Good for the garden if nothing else.

Solar eclipse sale. We got an email yesterday telling us the solar eclipse glasses we purchased online were defective and would explode your eyeballs if utilized for their intended purpose. So, if anyone is looking for a cheap set that will do irreparable corneal damage, hit me up.

First day of school. Janey had a good one, by and large. She was tired and crabby by the end of the day, and a little confused by the whole experience, but none the worse for wear.

Cool stuff. Richard Trumka: Why I Quit Trump’s Business Council, two new bags of Post Alley roast, potential Deer Creek evening sesh with the skate crew, Loveletters Season 8: Dogtown 2.0 Part 2, morning drums, jogging stroller revisited.

Thrift score. Stopped by Red Racks yesterday afternoon just to kill some time at lunch and ended up finding a $1.99 complete with Spitfires and Frontage trucks. I obviously need this like I need a lobotomy, but for pocket change? You can’t pass that up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

august sixteenth

Five for August 16th:

Proud dad. Dropped my little girl for her first day of pre-K this morning. She handled it like a true champ. I’m not kidding when I say she is a million times braver than I was at that age.

Happy birthday mom. Pretty much says it all. Happy birthday to the woman who birthed me and still puts up with my shit nearly forty years later.

Skateboarding rules. Checked out two new skate parks over the long weekend. The pump track at Larimore Park in North County was beyond fun, and the Lake Ozark skatepark, located literally three minutes from the house we were staying at and featuring the best mini-ramp I’ve ever skated.

Cool stuff. Jason Watts’ Lineage Haro Sport bike check, getting unpacked quickly, High Brew double espresso, new Powell Barbee “hydrant” deck, starting a Whole 30 today, iPhone photo dump, evening backyard freestyle session.

Lake of the Ozarks. Had a blast at the lake with the family for the last few days. Got in a few boat rides, did a bunch of swimming, and took Jane down to the strip for some games, rides, and ice cream. We even had a lake house all to ourselves! Already looking forward to next summer.

Friday, August 11, 2017

august eleventh

Five for August 11th:

Jury duty. Got the dreaded envelope in the mail yesterday. This will be, I believe, my fifth time doing jury duty since I moved to the city almost twenty years ago. It’s really not that bad, just ultimately boring as hell.

Bad week for riding. Rain today, car repair stuff yesterday, kid hauling the day before, and rain Monday. At least Tuesday happened. Can’t win ‘em all.

Quote of the day. “The president alone has the authority to launch nuclear weapons, the only restraint being the advice of senior advisors who might be present at the time of crisis, and Donald Trump has shown repeated contempt for informed and wise counsel.” –Gordon Humphrey

Cool stuff. Starbucks Guatemalan special roast, ASG on Spotify, four consecutive evenings at the playground, Ranchito with Tom, fresh figs.

Long weekend action. Checking out the Larimore Park pump track, possibly going to Melvins at the Ready Room, and spending a couple of days relaxing, boating, and swimming with the crew at the lake.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

august tenth

Five for August 10th:

This is why I like bikes. Found out this morning while getting an oil change that that my battery, under warranty from AAA, is almost dead. Of course, AAA for some reason can’t get me a new one, so I get to go back to the oil change place at lunch, pay for a battery, fill out a bunch of forms, and wait 4-6 weeks for a reimbursement. Solid.

Three nights at the playground. The best way to wear out two kids hyped up from a day of devouring juice and yogurt-covered pretzels.

Quote of the day. “To spend, roughly, about $20 million a mile on this project is just … mind-boggling, when you look at it from that standpoint of what that money could have been used for locally.” -Mark Harder

Cool stuff. Vision Barge at Will on YouTube, Wild Ride: Turning School Buses Into Homes on Wheels, brother coming to town in September, fresh pair of Rib Bones, evening quarterpipe jam if the rain holds off, Big Drill Car on Spotify.

Gotta look at the big picture. It's true that we as a country are currently facing the chilling reality of an intellectually stunted, easily manipulated and woefully inexperienced leader with no empathy, common sense or impulse control engaging in an off-the-cuff game of nuclear chicken against a contemptible madman. But hey, at least we don't have that corrupt Killary in office right now, what with her lifetime in politics, extensive background as secretary of state, and ability to formulate complete sentences. Amiright?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

august ninth

Five for August 9th:

Morning roll. Couldn’t ride in today due to having to drive kids around, but I got the Performer out for an airing-up and quick few laps around the backyard. I need to get that thing out to Figure 8 again soon.

Hit the ditch. Afternoon skate session at 170 with Brian today was killer. Hadn’t been there in a week or so. Stuck a couple of new tricks on the block, including no complies to tail and disaster, respectively.

Rad hookup. A buddy of mine who works at Powell Peralta sent me a Friends and Family coupon code which essentially enabled me to pick up a new Barbee hydrant deck and get a Nicky Guerrero Mask at no charge.

Cool stuff. Erick Winkowski’s Right to Exist part, Fireburn Don’t Stop the Youth, cold brew coffee run, Haro Mirra Pro tribute model, farm eggs, watching POV roller coaster videos with Jane at bedtime.

Painfully ironic quote of the day. “Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership cold unknowingly lead us into World War III.” -Donald Trump, August 2013

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

august eighth

Five for August 8th:

Bike commuting. Great ride in. With seven solid weeks of summer left, there’s plenty of time for another couple of heat waves, so I’m going to take as much advantage of this unseasonable weather as possible.

Park nights. Had a blast at the playground with the kids last night. Played some basketball with George, taught Jane how to jump up and grab tree branches, and got in some quality swing time. It was so nice out it was hard to leave.

Netflix. Currently into new episodes of Ozark, Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, and the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. All awesome.

Cool stuff. $5 Iron Maiden Holy Smoke t-shirt, Ron Wilkerson un-bike check, work snack restock, Journey may break up because of Donald Trump, sleeping all night, veggie scramble, SK8 TV on YouTube, evening flatland jam.

Tuesday soundtrack. Enforcer, The Marked Men, Pestilence, Void, Iggy Pop, Rocket From The Crypt, Mission of Burma, Slapshot, Operation Ivy, New York Dolls, Led Zeppelin, The Cramps.

Monday, August 7, 2017

august seventh

Five for August 7th:

Movie night. It looked like we might actually make it all the way through, but the drizzle kicked in right about when Ray Kinsella went back in time to meet Moonlight Graham. Still, great turnout, and amazing weather while it lasted.

Finished product. From a couple of scraps of wood we found on the side of the road one week to a fully-realized backyard mini quarter pipe the next. Had a great time piecing this together and getting to ride it a bit over the weekend.

Quote of the day. “It took the Republicans six months to start wondering whether the man who talked about grabbing women and discussed his penis size during a presidential debate is perhaps not the world-shaping genius he made himself out to be.” -Hunter, Daily Kos

Cool stuff. Backyard produce, brunch at Chris’ with the crew, Park Avenue coffee, Fake Barack Obama Reads Real Donald Trump Quotes To Expose GOP Hypocrisy, First Annual Long Beach BMX Ride Out.

Slappy hour. Met up with Andy, Doug, and Mike yesterday for a good old fashioned rainy day parking garage slappy sesh. It was good to skate a bit outside a lunch hour. Fun was had, and much ripping went down.

Friday, August 4, 2017

august fourth

Five for August 4th:

Bike commute. I was only able to get one day in this week, but at least it happened on what is quite possibly the nicest August day in recorded history. Had to be in the mid-sixties this morning for the ride in. Unreal.

Ramp progress. Little bit at a time. Got the deck built last night. Not really a proper deck, as such, but big enough to give you something to ride up on/keep you from falling off the back. Hoping to have the whole thing done by the end of the weekend.

The basement. Cleaned off the workbench and took a few odds and ends out to the garbage. The basement is the final frontier of the house- overcluttered with junk, kid stuff we’ll never use again, and a wall of Tupperware tubs that we could probably cut in half.

Cool stuff. Grosso’s Loveletters: Dogtown 2.0 Part 1, free lunch at work, afternoon ditch action, getting paid, modern concave Vision Gonz, Jane art.

Weekend action. Not a ton coming up this weekend. Clifton Park movie night (Field of Dreams), enjoying the mild weather, mowing the lawn, getting a skate/BMX session in, whatever else comes along.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

august third

Five for August 3rd:

Framed up. Got the skeleton of the backyard ramp all put together and it looks good. Just have to build out a little deck, slap on a layer of plywood and figure out how to cut a 3.5’ piece of PVC lengthwise for the coping and it’ll be ready to shred.

Ban This. Jane was made to endure about 15 minutes of old school skate videos before I turned on Bubble Guppies this morning. Sorry kid, that’s what you get for coming downstairs at 6 am.

Lost rock jams. Found a tape of two pretty well-recorded versions of my old (old) band’s first couple of songs. I guess we did them on the four-track. Side two features a mock jazz slam-poetry recording thing we did of one of our ex-bass player’s old songs that had terrible lyrics and we never actually used.

Cool stuff. Al Franken on Stephen Colbert, morning curbslides, hitting Vernon’s for lunch, free apples, top FBI officials could testify against Trump, riding in tomorrow.

Glenn Danzig’s house is for sale. I'd buy it only if it stipulates in the contract that the iron gate will remain sufficiently creaky. And that there will be wolves in the yard. And mist.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

august second

Five for August 2nd:

DIY quarterpipe. Heading to Home Depot today to get some 2x4s to brace up those little quarterpipe transition pieces I found. Think I’m going with 3.5 feet wide- big enough to mess around on, small enough to transport in the van. Four feet would be ideal, but at that point it pretty much can’t go anywhere.

Rained out at the playground. A planned evening of running the kids ragged at the park was cut short by drizzle, but at least we got a little bit of action in before bedtime.

Skate porn. Received a copy of the insanely awesome Nixon x Bones Brigade collab zine in the mail yesterday, courtesy of my buddy Larry. Thanks dude!

Cool stuff. The Wall to Wall BMX Freestyle history project, new circular saw, starting another game of Red Dead Redemption, Haro kneesaver reisssues, fun ditch session yesterday, Trump’s closest allies are starting to desert him.

Color me confused. This is weird, but it seems like- at least locally speaking- conservative boycotts have led to exactly zero Target/Starbucks/TJ Maxx closures. I know, I’m as dumbfounded as you are.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

august first

Five for August 1st:

August highlights. Clifton Park movie night, four-day mini vacation to the lake, Jane’s first day of school, Blaze Bayley at Fubar, as much skating and riding as possible, and generally enjoying the last (full) month of summer.

Solo daddin’. Taking care of both goobers until Thursday afternoon. Microwave quesadillas, a couple of trips to the playground and some Trolls on Netflix are on the horizon.

Quote of the day. “All he wanted in life was to be this close to power. He gets there and can't make it two weeks, and in the intervening time, he loses everything. This whole Mooch saga is Shakespearean.” -my brother

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, no cavities, breakfast blend coffee at work, morning drums/curbslides, afternoon ditch session, roasted pine nut hummus, 5 am vermin-eradication puns.

Tuesday soundtrack. Kadaver, Captain Beyond, Fu Manchu, Weedeater, Lecherous Gaze, Salem’s Pot, Sleep, Cactus, Mothership, MC5.