Friday, August 11, 2017

august eleventh

Five for August 11th:

Jury duty. Got the dreaded envelope in the mail yesterday. This will be, I believe, my fifth time doing jury duty since I moved to the city almost twenty years ago. It’s really not that bad, just ultimately boring as hell.

Bad week for riding. Rain today, car repair stuff yesterday, kid hauling the day before, and rain Monday. At least Tuesday happened. Can’t win ‘em all.

Quote of the day. “The president alone has the authority to launch nuclear weapons, the only restraint being the advice of senior advisors who might be present at the time of crisis, and Donald Trump has shown repeated contempt for informed and wise counsel.” –Gordon Humphrey

Cool stuff. Starbucks Guatemalan special roast, ASG on Spotify, four consecutive evenings at the playground, Ranchito with Tom, fresh figs.

Long weekend action. Checking out the Larimore Park pump track, possibly going to Melvins at the Ready Room, and spending a couple of days relaxing, boating, and swimming with the crew at the lake.

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