Friday, August 4, 2017

august fourth

Five for August 4th:

Bike commute. I was only able to get one day in this week, but at least it happened on what is quite possibly the nicest August day in recorded history. Had to be in the mid-sixties this morning for the ride in. Unreal.

Ramp progress. Little bit at a time. Got the deck built last night. Not really a proper deck, as such, but big enough to give you something to ride up on/keep you from falling off the back. Hoping to have the whole thing done by the end of the weekend.

The basement. Cleaned off the workbench and took a few odds and ends out to the garbage. The basement is the final frontier of the house- overcluttered with junk, kid stuff we’ll never use again, and a wall of Tupperware tubs that we could probably cut in half.

Cool stuff. Grosso’s Loveletters: Dogtown 2.0 Part 1, free lunch at work, afternoon ditch action, getting paid, modern concave Vision Gonz, Jane art.

Weekend action. Not a ton coming up this weekend. Clifton Park movie night (Field of Dreams), enjoying the mild weather, mowing the lawn, getting a skate/BMX session in, whatever else comes along.

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