Wednesday, August 2, 2017

august second

Five for August 2nd:

DIY quarterpipe. Heading to Home Depot today to get some 2x4s to brace up those little quarterpipe transition pieces I found. Think I’m going with 3.5 feet wide- big enough to mess around on, small enough to transport in the van. Four feet would be ideal, but at that point it pretty much can’t go anywhere.

Rained out at the playground. A planned evening of running the kids ragged at the park was cut short by drizzle, but at least we got a little bit of action in before bedtime.

Skate porn. Received a copy of the insanely awesome Nixon x Bones Brigade collab zine in the mail yesterday, courtesy of my buddy Larry. Thanks dude!

Cool stuff. The Wall to Wall BMX Freestyle history project, new circular saw, starting another game of Red Dead Redemption, Haro kneesaver reisssues, fun ditch session yesterday, Trump’s closest allies are starting to desert him.

Color me confused. This is weird, but it seems like- at least locally speaking- conservative boycotts have led to exactly zero Target/Starbucks/TJ Maxx closures. I know, I’m as dumbfounded as you are.

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