Thursday, August 10, 2017

august tenth

Five for August 10th:

This is why I like bikes. Found out this morning while getting an oil change that that my battery, under warranty from AAA, is almost dead. Of course, AAA for some reason can’t get me a new one, so I get to go back to the oil change place at lunch, pay for a battery, fill out a bunch of forms, and wait 4-6 weeks for a reimbursement. Solid.

Three nights at the playground. The best way to wear out two kids hyped up from a day of devouring juice and yogurt-covered pretzels.

Quote of the day. “To spend, roughly, about $20 million a mile on this project is just … mind-boggling, when you look at it from that standpoint of what that money could have been used for locally.” -Mark Harder

Cool stuff. Vision Barge at Will on YouTube, Wild Ride: Turning School Buses Into Homes on Wheels, brother coming to town in September, fresh pair of Rib Bones, evening quarterpipe jam if the rain holds off, Big Drill Car on Spotify.

Gotta look at the big picture. It's true that we as a country are currently facing the chilling reality of an intellectually stunted, easily manipulated and woefully inexperienced leader with no empathy, common sense or impulse control engaging in an off-the-cuff game of nuclear chicken against a contemptible madman. But hey, at least we don't have that corrupt Killary in office right now, what with her lifetime in politics, extensive background as secretary of state, and ability to formulate complete sentences. Amiright?

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