Thursday, August 3, 2017

august third

Five for August 3rd:

Framed up. Got the skeleton of the backyard ramp all put together and it looks good. Just have to build out a little deck, slap on a layer of plywood and figure out how to cut a 3.5’ piece of PVC lengthwise for the coping and it’ll be ready to shred.

Ban This. Jane was made to endure about 15 minutes of old school skate videos before I turned on Bubble Guppies this morning. Sorry kid, that’s what you get for coming downstairs at 6 am.

Lost rock jams. Found a tape of two pretty well-recorded versions of my old (old) band’s first couple of songs. I guess we did them on the four-track. Side two features a mock jazz slam-poetry recording thing we did of one of our ex-bass player’s old songs that had terrible lyrics and we never actually used.

Cool stuff. Al Franken on Stephen Colbert, morning curbslides, hitting Vernon’s for lunch, free apples, top FBI officials could testify against Trump, riding in tomorrow.

Glenn Danzig’s house is for sale. I'd buy it only if it stipulates in the contract that the iron gate will remain sufficiently creaky. And that there will be wolves in the yard. And mist.

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