Friday, September 8, 2017

september eighth

Five for September 8th:

Day 2. Threw on a hoodie for a nice brisk roll in to work today. This is perfect riding weather- it really just doesn’t get any better. Sunshine and no humidity. Got to take advantage.

Quote of the day. “Ostensibly assaulted by campus protests, battered by arguments about intersectionality, and oppressed by new bathroom rights, a blameless white working class did the only thing any reasonable polity might: elect an orcish reality-television star who insists on taking his intelligence briefings in picture-book form.” -Ta-Nehsis Coates

Fine arts. Jane’s drawing skills are developing at an unbelievable rate. Last night she was busting out faces, mermaids, owls, all sorts of stuff. She gets better daily, and loves it, which makes me happy, as art is still one of the things that keeps me sane.

Cool stuff. Porkchop BMX stickers, new Gator Hardshell tires, Bam Margera Epicly Later’d episode, afternoon slappy hour, orange La Croix.

Weekend action. The final weekend of my thirties will be spent hanging out with my brother in town from Seattle, hitting the JoA homecoming fair with the kids, a possible morning trails/skate session, and some less-fun things like renewing my license and mowing the lawn.

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