Tuesday, September 19, 2017

september nineteenth

Five for September 19th:

Re-routing. Deviated from my normal riding route of cutting over the turtle park bridge and weaving through Forest Park, and just stayed on Oakland all the way up in the bike lane to Skinker. Probably shaved a good 3-4 minutes off my commute time. How did I not think to do that sooner?

Jury duty packing list. iPhone charger, earbuds, new issue of Thrasher, Elevation bars, sleep mask, cyanide pills.

Puppet theatre. This thing has been sitting boxed since Christmas. Finally got it put together over the weekend and the goobs can’t get enough of it.

Cool stuff. Fresh-ground Guatemalan coffee, lunch break slappy session, Skate Warehouse sticker sheet, work snack restock, two free storage shelves for the basement, found my to-go mug, Heath Kirchart Epicly Later’d.

Tuesday soundtrack. Primordial, Kyuss, Mercyful Fate, MDC, Black Flag, Vision of Disorter, Minor Threat, Clutch, COC.

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