Friday, September 29, 2017

september twenty-ninth

Five for September 29th:

Four days of riding. Close to fifty miles of bike commuting will be in the books for the week by the time I get home tonight. Had a great ride in this morning- I aired up my tires and everything.

Daylight savings. A month and some change left of glorious long days before the winter gloom and early darkness sets in. Planning to take full advantage.

George. He wanted to sleep in Jane’s pink Sparkle & Shine satin nightgown last night. Who am I to argue?

Cool stuff. Payday, free oranges, Mike Dominguez Rominske Halfpipe 1987, Grosso’s Loveletters: Always Remember P-Stone, Part 1, watermelon water restock, homemade trail mix.

Weekend action. Hitting the playground, flatland session with Greg, apple picking, Exodus and Obituary at Ready Room, mowing the lawn.

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