Tuesday, September 26, 2017

september twenty-sixth

Five for September 26th:

Band practice. The first Blind Eyes practice in three and a half years went down last night in anticipation of our October 21 reunion show, and it went better than I think any of us were expecting. Definitely not a complete train wreck, at least.

Day two. Swift six miles in to work this morning. The new Gator Hardshell tires Big Shark put on my FCR3 are just unreal- it’s honestly like riding a brand new bike.

Moron in Chief. I guarantee you that until maybe sometime within the last few days, Donald Trump had no idea that Puerto Rico was part of the United States. There's a decent chance he's still unaware of this.

Cool stuff. Powell Peralta longsleeves, fall temperatures on the horizon, work coffee restock, good leftovers, got my amp back, chocolate sea salt RX bar.

Tuesday soundtrack. Witchcraft, Pallbearer, Iron Maiden, Monolord, Kadavar, Spiritual Beggars, Brant Bjork, Fu Manchu, High On Fire, Dead Kennedys.

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