Tuesday, October 31, 2017

october thirty-first

Five for October 31st:

Halloween 2017. Jane will be reprising her role as Elsa for the second time (the first being circa 2015), and George will be going as Bob the Builder. Meeting the Clifton Park crew at the playground and heading out en masse for a chilly evening of candy and bad jokes.

Dodged a bullet. I’m really glad we didn’t cave in and call someone to get our upstairs furnace up and running over the weekend, because Lisa’s dad was able to fix it with a $5 part.

Slappy hour. Hitting the Schnucks curbs for some lunchtime ragery with Brian. I haven’t skated nearly enough lately, and these little afternoon sessions are really all that’s been keeping me going on that front.

Cool stuff. Cheap axle pegs for the Compe, Chase Gouin’s lost Chasing the View Off the Cliff part, leftover chili, Gabe Brooks memorial jam, train repair and track building with George, Trump’s transgender military ban blocked by a federal judge.

Tuesday soundtrack. Bob Mould, Dillinger Four, Arctic, Dozer, Rival Sons, Napalm Death, Led Zeppelin, Queen, UFO, Negative Approach, Sleep, Earthless, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.

Monday, October 30, 2017

october thirtieth

Five for October 30th:

It’s fall. Any glimmers of Indian summer that happened the week before last have completely faded away. It’s cold, getting darker earlier, the leaves are falling, pumpkins are carved and we’re contemplating a new fire pit for the backyard.

Jag-Wires. Their Halloween set as the Cramps was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, even though they only did one Cramps song. It was also cool seeing the Safes again after a few years.

Little daredevil. My five-year-old daughter is- without exaggeration- a thousand times braver than I was when I was her age.

Cool stuff. Discounted Powell Animal Chin sweatpants, Mark Gonzales Hasn’t Had a Smartphone for 5 Years (and Counting), crocheted to-go mug sweater from Lisa, vintage Hammer shinguards, backyard BMX, Daddy’s Home on Amazon Prime, morning roll.

PTO. Got a few days of vacation/personal time still left in the bank to use or lose before the end of the year. Looks like I’ll have some extra three-day weekends coming up.

Friday, October 27, 2017

october twenty-seventh

Five for October 27th:

Ten months of clean eating. Started as a Whole 30 on December 27th, ended up as a whole almost-year with no signs of stopping. Four+ waist sizes, thirty pounds, and several hundred miles of riding later, I find myself 40 years old and in the best shape of my life.

Bones Brigade. The tenth series of reissues is coming out and it’s the best yet. Why? Because the latest run finally includes the greatest deck of all time- the Steve Caballero Ban This Dragon. My favorite board ever, bar none, with a bullet. Put me down for two in whatever color.

Always something. The furnace upstairs doesn’t want to turn on for some reason. Going to suffer through the weekend in the hopes that Lisa’s dad, who is HVAC certified, can fix it on Monday and save us some money.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, Firing Line- Erick Winkowski, Hosoi Rockets, getting my ’98 Compe dialed in, afternoon walk through Laurel Hill, lunch with Tom and Katie.

Weekend action. Taking Henry to the vet, Safes and Jag-Wires Halloween show at Foam, kid playdate with some old friends, pumpkin carving party, skate and/or BMX sesh somewhere, binge-watching Stranger Things.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

october twenty-sixth

Five for October 26th:

Pedal power. The payoff for a 42-degree ride in this morning (which was actually completely enjoyable) will be a 75-degree ride home this evening. Worth it.

Jamestown Mall. Lisa’s shuttered and condemned childhood hangout will be taken over by the St. Louis County Port Authority (which is apparently a thing that exists), who are currently being sued by a faith healer who was trying to redevelop the property for his global headquarters. You can’t make this shit up.

Tonight. Hanging out with Greg, hopefully getting my old ’94 Performer built back up from accumulated parts and ready to shred. Thinking about ultimately re-stickering it as an ’87 Pro Freestyle Tour, cause why not? You can do what you want when you’re 40.

Cool stuff. New episodes of Stranger Things, after-work gift bag from Jane, Markit Zero on YouTube, Haro Super Pro wheel sets.

Quote of the day. “Remember when Barack Obama would go on TV to brag about being able to read a name off a chart?” -Stephen Colbert

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

october twenty-fifth

Five for October 25th:

Tomatoes. The weather has been so mild this fall that the tomato plant in our backyard is still producing. In fact, it’s producing more now than it did all summer. Pick ‘em while they’re hot.

Slappy session. We found some low, smooth, freshly-painted curbs yesterday to annihilate with skateboard trucks at lunchtime. Our old go-to has been grinded so much as to almost be unusable without wax at this point.

Quote of the day. The full transcript of Jeff Flake’s blistering senate retirement speech is the QOTD, and I highly suggest you check it out.

Cool stuff. Morning couch time with the kids, work snack restock, Mike Escamilla – Realtime, Jane’s new AC/DC shirt, backyard leaf pile jumping.

RIP Fats Domino. Truth be told, the bigger shock for me was learning he was still alive to begin with.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

october twenty-fourth

Five for October 24th:

Stranger Things. With a few days till season 2 rolls out, Madrid just announced a collaboration series featuring some seriously cool old school shapes and artwork. Kind of a weird pairing, but I can get behind it.

Jane’s latest creations. Cardboard box airplane, nature journal, dentist kit, fairy garden, Lego tower, hundreds of drawings.

Signed Sealed Delivered. Look Back Library classic skate mag exhibit is happening tonight at Infinity from 6-9. Who says cool stuff doesn’t happen on Tuesdays? Definitely going to try to run by.

Cool stuff. Leftover chili, Gabe Brooks tribute, afternoon slappy session, watermelon Waterloo, jacket weather, GTA IV revisited, sleeping late.

Tuesday soundtrack. Germs, S.O.D., Operation Ivy, Meat Puppets, Kyuss, Leatherface, Plasmatics, Radio Birdman, Dead Moon, Fu Manchu.

Monday, October 23, 2017

october twenty-third

Five for October 23rd:

Reunion show. Saturday night ruled. Amazing show, huge crowd, we played great, and ultimately raised over four thousand dollars for EB research. Just epic. Hard to believe it’s over. Thanks to everyone who came out.

No ride. Tentative plans for a bike to work today were quashed due to a persistent cold mist/drizzle. The afternoon is looking good, but the ride in would’ve been a major bummer.

Solo time. The goobs went to the farm yesterday for a sleepover, and Lisa and I were able to take advantage of a rare house to ourselves. Until you have kids, it’s impossible to understand what a wonderful thing this is.

Cool stuff. Midnight hangs at the Sleepy Kitty loft, Starbucks at the playground, La Vallesana fajitas, Birdhouse Saturdays DVD rip, butternut squash noodles, Thin Lizzy on Spotify, backyard flatland.

Ditch revisited. Planning for a good ol’ 170 sesh this afternoon if the weather cooperates. Been too long since last we raged at that spot.

Friday, October 20, 2017

october twentieth

Five for October 20th:

Blind Eyes reunion show. The first tBE show since mid-March 2014 is happening tomorrow night at RKDE on Cherokee. It’s for a great cause, it’s free (donations appreciated), and will be super fun. Come out and party one last time, because the likelihood of this happening again is extremely minimal to not at all.

60-mile week. The stars aligned this week with perfect weather and no kid-transportation duties, which meant I got to ride all five days and will close the week out with sixty solid miles of bike commuting. Feels awesome.

Steve Saiz. Powell will officially be giving the Steve Saiz Ban This-era “Feathers” deck the reissue treatment, which is awesome because that board was amazing and one of my all-time favorites. Yes, I know you can still get NOS online, but I’ll feel a lot better about setting up and skating a reissue than a vintage, screen-printed OG.

Cool stuff. Drums dialed in, Planet BMX sticker, 2017 father’s night photo, new episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender, Waterloo grapefruit sparkling water.

Weekend action. Early neighborhood birthday party at the playground, last practice, rock show, morning skate/trails session, kids to the farm, date night with Lisa, whatever else comes along. Should be a fun one.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

october ninteenth

Five for October 19th:

Juxtaposition. If you missed our appearance on KDHX last night, you can stream the whole show here. Did a cool little interview and spun a couple of tracks from With a Bang and World Record.

Ride 4. Miles 42-48 for the week today. Feels awesome. Should round out the week with an even 60, providing I don’t get too lazy tomorrow.

Tonight. 80-degree ride home, game of tickle monster with the kids, bedtimes, band practice.

Cool stuff. Building train tracks with George, 2017 FBM Ghetto King of Bert footage, slappy hour this afternoon, amp samples, Nostradamus at Urban Chestnut with Kev and Seth, RFT print copy, new coated 22” Powerstroke 3.

Congrats are in order. Cheers to Katie and Lindsay, recently engaged to wed in what appears to be the ultimate stars-aligning evening in Nashville. Exciting stuff!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

october eighteenth

Five for October 18th:

Ride day three. Another fantastic ride in to work this morning with a beautiful high-70’s and sunny trip home on the horizon. Getting as much in as possible while I still can, before the days become brief and freezing.

Press gang. I’ll be doing an interview with Kevin and Seth on KDHX tonight on Juxtaposition with Rob Levy at 7:30, so tune in to that or listen online- and in the meantime read this excellent article in the RFT about this Saturday’s show.

Weird Al. Looks like he’ll be playing Columbia next summer. Tickets are pricey, but hey. It's Al. I’ve road-tripped to CoMo for a lot worse.

Cool stuff. Homemade “D is for dad” necklace from Jane, sweet potato oatmeal, free oranges, coffee restock (not a moment too soon), Team Haro repro jackets and shorts coming next year.

Here’s hoping. Since Mike Pence steadfastly refuses to dignify anyone who disrespects fallen soldiers, can we assume he will now be walking out on the Trump Administration? And maybe directly into some oncoming traffic?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

october seventeenth

Five for October 17th:

Ride day two. These are the best mornings for bike commuting- cool enough to barely break a sweat, but not so cold that a pair of full-fingered gloves and a hoodie aren’t enough to do the job. With kid transportation off the table this week and a rain-free forecast, I may go for a solid 5/5.

Father’s night. Excited for an evening of Halloween-centric crafts and games with my little girl at her preschool tonight. Always a great time.

Shell shock. The dumpster behind my office is filled with 22” kick drum and 16” sparkle-finish floor tom shells with bubbling under the wrap, with a bunch more coming in behind them as they get swapped out of inventory. Such a waste.

Cool stuff. Maple sea salt RX bars, Master of Puppets ’85 demo, new Haro “paint” t-shirt, action strap, fire stick History Channel app.

Tuesday soundtrack. Orb Mellon, Squeeze, Power Trip, Zig Zags, Riverboat Gamblers, Pentagram, The Replacements, MC5, Fang, Saint Vitus, Exhorder, Murder City Devils.

Monday, October 16, 2017

october sixteenth

Five for October 16th:

This week. Going to be a busy one. Father’s Night at Jane’s preschool, interview at KDHX, couple of band practices, Volcom demo at JB, and the reunion show at RKDE- on top of working forty hours and riding 36-48 miles.

Ramp locals. Apparently there's a five-foot mini ramp about 10 houses up the street from me that I had no idea existed. Met the owner over the weekend skating in front of his house on an old Maui and Sons board with graphite trucks. My neighborhood rules.

Weekend highlights. Hell Night at Firebird, carriage ride around the Landing with the kids, street riding at Webster, fun and games at Happy Joe’s, Tower Grove farmer’s market, building a Moana Lego set with Jane, new Flying Glider.

Cool stuff. New Whole 30, Mound City Mixtape Blind Eyes podcast, sweet potato chili, Props Road Fools on YouTube, afternoon slappy session, iPhone photo dump, backyard tomato haul.

Quote of the day. "Don’t think of it as me saying happy holidays- think of it as me saying all holidays matter." -Michael Che

Thursday, October 12, 2017

october twelfth

Five for October 12th:

Half-decade of Jane. Happy 5th birthday to my baby girl, who yesterday told me she wanted to be a mermaid construction worker when she grew up. May all your dreams come true. Love you, kid.

Day two. Got a nice ride into work this morning after a couple of days off. The ride home should be sunny and 68, which will be a welcome contrast to the gloomy, overcast commute in.

Fingers Crossed: the Chad Montie story. If you watch skate documentaries with any regularity, you’ll think this is the funniest thing ever. Even if you don’t, you’ll probably still laugh.

Cool stuff. Andrew Reynolds Epicly Later’d, paleo pumpkin pancakes, bag of Seattle’s Best Post Alley for the office, new glasses acquired, waxed-up Schnucks curb.

3-day weekend action. Taking off tomorrow for an extended weekend. Happy Joe’s tonight for Jane’s big day, playground with the goobs, more birthday stuff tomorrow evening, Hell Night at Firebird, Clifton Heights planting in the park, maybe hitting Figure 8 trails, skate session somewhere, whatever else comes along.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

october eleventh

Five for October 11th:

Late snoozin’. Actually slept till almost 7:00 this morning, which was both a blessing and a curse given we needed to be out of the house by 7:45. Somehow it all came together.

Laying off the K-cups. I have a coffee maker at my desk which I really need to start using more. Less waste, better coffee, easier access. Picking up a fresh brick of Bustelo today.

Practice #3. Last night started off a bit hairy but got much better after a little warm up. I think I finally have my drums where I want them and they’re starting to sound and feel good. Two more jams to go before the show next Saturday.

Cool stuff. Build Woodward: Animal Chin Plaza, fall-like weather after days of humidity, afternoon slappy hour with Brian, Silver Ballroom named one of the 15 must-visit rock n’ roll bars in the country, groomed schnoodle.

Quote of the day. “Not totally sure how rap battles work, but I believe Eminem is now the President of the United States of America.” -Andy Lassner

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

october tenth

Five for October 10th:

Tonight. Band practice, round three. The reunion show is eleven days away at RKDE on Cherokee, so plan accordingly. Look for some press stuff to drop over the next week or so, along with an interview on KDHX we’ll be doing next Wednesday.

Shave and a haircut. Henry is at the groomer today for his quarterly shearing. He’s definitely not the shaggiest he’s ever been, but he’s not too far off.

Star Wars. The Last Jedi trailer dropped last night and looks cool, but for anything to top the amazingness of Rogue One is going to be a heavy task.

Cool stuff. Lightning storm watching on the back deck with Jane, $1 “May the Force Be with You” can koozie, hard-boiled eggs, Police Squad! complete series DVD.

Tuesday soundtrack. Motorhead, Planet of Zeus, Dicks, Bad Religion, Propaghandi, W.A.S.P., Fear, Valley of the Sun, Ace Frehley, Quicksand, Nine Pound Hammer, Morbid Angel.

Monday, October 9, 2017

october ninth

Five for October 9th:

Jane turns five. Somehow, my little girl is crossing the half-decade mark this week. We celebrated with a blowout at the playground yesterday, and a couple more events happening Thursday and Friday. Happy birthday, cutie.

Morning ride. Weird mix of fog, humidity, and cool air for the commute to work this morning. Had to shed the hoodie halfway through. Still a great ride after a few days off.

Descendents. Friday was epic. Had lunch at 3 Kings with Stephen Egerton, talked music, lent him my guitar, and Lisa and I got to watch their whole set (which was packed with everything you could possibly want to hear) from side stage and hang out after the gig.

Cool stuff. Chad Muska Epicly Later’d, Short Frames and Street Riding- a Brief History, four-day work week, built the kids a ladder to the backyard fort, The Republican’s Guide to Presidential Etiquette, fresh-ground almond butter.

Quote of the day. “Humans will always murder, no gun law can change that!” screams a country that outlawed too much toothpaste on a plane”. -unknown

Friday, October 6, 2017

october sixth

Five for October 6th:

Rock jams. Last night’s practice went surprisingly well. A few hiccups here and there and some scattered things to tighten up, but overall I’m feeling really good about it, which is a nice step up from “completely terrified that we’re going to totally suck”.

In an odd twist. Stephen from the Descendents will be borrowing my Gibson to use as a backup guitar at their sold-out show tonight at the Pageant. Life is strange.

Quote of the day. "It'd be like if Elliott from E.T. went on a date with Shannon from the Clams." -Andy

Cool stuff. Haro Airwear t-shirt, Lisa’s homemade oatmeal and almond butter cookies, free (slightly bent) 20” Sabian AAX stage ride, new set of earplugs, work snack restock, epic game of tickle monster with the kids.

Weekend action. Descendents show, Jane’s 5th birthday party (number one) at the park, maybe hitting the Treasure Isles parking lot sale, mowing the lawn, riding skateboards and/or bikes, getting some sleep.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

october fifth

Five for October 5th:

No ride. Wet streets as far as the eye could see this morning meant a ride-free day, which is actually OK as I have some errands to run this afternoon anyway. Looking like it’ll probably be next week before I’m back on the saddle. Them’s the breaks.

New spex. Got my first new pair of glasses in almost a decade ordered last night after breaking my old ones on the floor like an idiot. Long overdue anyway.

Drums and other noises. Blind Eyes rehearsal for the 10/21 reunion show is going down tonight. This will actually be our first practice as a full band, as Andy was not able to make the first one. Should be fun.

Cool stuff. Your Time Capsule Spotify mix, Goods BMX/SOS Classic bike show photos, fresh-ground coffee on autobrew, movie night with the kids, re-watching Stranger Things.

Must read. Why We Never Talk About Black-on-Black Crime: An Answer to White America’s Most Pressing Question.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

october fourth

Five for October 4th:

The internet is weird. Somehow this old picture of my skate crew from ’89 was reposted by sk8boardingsaves Instagram where it has so far been “liked” by 800+ people including Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Henry Gutierrez, and Steve Saiz.

10/4. Good buddy.

Appointments to make. Long-overdue grooming for Henry, new glasses for the first time in over a decade for myself, repairing a slow leak in one of my back tires.

Cool stuff. Leftover pulled pork, lunch hour curb slaps revisited, tall Guatemalan roast from Starbucks, ASG on Spotify, riding home in the rain, new wallet.

Quote of the day. "If the Mandalay Bay hotel had caught fire and 58 people died and 500+ people were injured trying to escape, America would be having a discussion about how to make hotels safer. If 58 people at the concert had died and 500+ people went to the hospital due to food poisoning, America would be having a conversation about how to make food safer. If a gas tanker accident on I-15, the freeway that runs through Las Vegas, had killed 58 people and injured 500+, there would be demands to make our roads safer. It is not 'political' to demand that lawmakers take steps to reduce deaths from gun violence any more than it is "political" to demand better fire codes, stricter food inspections, and safer roads." -Anita Prasad

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

october third

Five for October 3rd:

R.I.P. Tom Petty. On a day that didn’t seem like it could get any shittier, it went and got shittier. I normally don’t get too broken up about musician/celebrity deaths but this one is a complete bummer. I’ll always regret not going to see him a few months back.

Day two. Weirdly humid ride in this morning, but a great one nonetheless. Backup plans are in place in case it rains this afternoon, but hopefully I’ll get a good pedal home tonight as well.

Quote of the day. “The GOP insists that the Vegas shooter’s gun arsenal is ‘a right’, but medical treatment for his 500+ survivors is merely ‘a privilege”. -Desirina Boskovich

Cool stuff. Fun lunch sesh at the Schnucks curb with Brian, Thai turkey burgers, Keith Olbermann: The NRA Should Be Branded a Terrorist Organization, evening at the playground, Standard Fat Ones on YouTube, Jane’s peacock costume.

Tuesday soundtrack. All Petty, all day.

Monday, October 2, 2017

october second

Five for October 2nd:

Bike commute. Great ride into work this morning, with another ride tomorrow planned. The rest of the week could be a bust due to the weather, but we could use some rain, so I can’t complain too much.

Fort Goober. Got a wild hair and decided to turn what was until a couple of weeks ago an overgrown mess of weeds, yard waste and vines behind our fence into a totally sweet fort for the kids.

East side. We loaded up on orchard-fresh apples at Eckert’s, Jane rode a camel, George fed a goat, and we finished things off with a dusk drive down the river road and dinner at Elijah P’s.

Cool stuff. Backyard barbecuing, old man flatland session with Greg at Shenandoah, afternoon slappy hour, grilled salmon, pegs on the Performer.

Las Vegas shooting. As a country we need to sit down and have a real talk about these isolated lone wolf attacks that are totally not terrorism because white guy.