Thursday, November 30, 2017

november thirtieth

Five for November 30th:

Santa Cruz summer ’18 reissues. With the exception of that Claus Grabke Exploding Clock, which is awesome, this lineup is a total snoozer. Yet another boring Jessee Guadeloupe, and a Tom Knox/Natas combo suffering from awful colorways. Who greenlit these?

Wild Lights. Good times at the zoo last night with the kids, aunts and grandparents. The weather was mild and it’s still early enough in the season that the crowds were minimal.

Keith Olbermann. Trump is finished, and thus my work here is done. Putting the cart before the horse a bit, but hey. I’ll take whatever encouragement I can get at this point. That said, The Resistance will be missed.

Cool stuff. Afternoon flatland session, pot of Seattle’s Best Post Alley, watching Room on the Broom with Jane, stretching, breaking in the new Vans.

Achievement unlocked. With the recent addition of the impossibly rare Jim Gray pro model, Eben Krackau pieced together what is probably the only complete collection of vintage Haro skateboard decks in the world. The only one I've ever seen, anyway. So amazing.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

november twenty-ninth

Five for November 29th:

Ranchito. T-minus one hour and thirty minutes. Carnitas with grilled veggies instead of rice on the horizon. I’m over leftovers.

Mr. T Experience. This Saturday at Blueberry Hill. Haven’t seen them in going on twenty years- the last time being the final EGR show at the Galaxy in 1998. I’d love to go, but $26 at the door though, and they’re not even headlining? May take a pass on this one.

Candy Cane Lane. First trip of the season happened last night, to the delight of the kids, though it was kind of weird walking around there in shorts.

Cool stuff. Wild Lights at the Zoo, night drums, Haro Designs t-shirt, black and chrome kneesavers in 2018, $1 vintage wrestling magazines at Half Price Books.

Quote of the day. “Wake me as soon as we fire a president over the same allegations NBC fired a fucking journalist. Until then this whole thing is about a step above motherfucking Harlem Shake videos. ‘Hey remember 2017 when we suddenly gave a shit about sexual harassment but left a fucking rapist in the White House?’” -Bryan P.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

november twenty-eighth

Five for November 28th:

Ramp Riders. Possibly meeting Greg there tonight for some BMX action- which, if it happens, will weirdly be my first time ever riding bikes there. No idea what I’m doing but should be fun to goof around if nothing else.

Quote of the day. "I'm not sure I've seen anything more disgusting in politics than a conservative group trying to plant a fake story about statutory rape in order to undermine real victims of sexual assault so a serial predator would have a better chance of winning a Senate seat." -Ezra Klein

Work snack restock. Two bags of raw nuts, coffee, bag of pitted dates, couple boxes of Elevation bars, raisins. The cupboards were bare.

Cool stuff. Egg white bites, Jane’s new school photos, 70-degree day, lunchtime slappy session, collaborative Santa artwork, future planning in overdrive.

Tuesday soundtrack. Rose Tattoo, OM, Fuzz, Anciients, KISS, Public Enemy, Dead Lord, Meshuggah, Pallbearer, Dozer, Graveyard, Electric Wizard, Zeke, MDC.

Monday, November 27, 2017

november twenty-seventh

Five for November 27th:

Thanksgiving. Two family get-togethers over the long weekend, and mercifully only one of them featured the obligatory turkey/stuffing/mashed potato setup. Good times were had.

Two-wheelin’. Got in a 15 mile ride on Grant’s trail Friday on the road bike, along with a few super fun and productive flatland sessions at the lot (one with the kids). When it’s 60-70 degrees out and sunny, you’ve gotta take advantage.

A Survivor’s Defense of Al Franken. "Politics isn’t a game of morality. Clearly. Wins and losses are accomplished on the basis of strategy. And right now, the Democratic Party is letting a pussy-grabbing steak salesman and a bigoted gun toting pedophile out-strategize them with some of the most remedial and ridiculous strategies in the book: deflection."

Cool stuff. $7.99 Vans/Haro t-shirt, breakfast burrito bowls, making birdhouses with Jane, amazing weather, Life After People on YouTube, chili and hot-tubbing with Mary and Keith, couple more cheap copies of Freestylin’.

Loop trolley. Saw one of the cars meandering down Delmar at about 1/10th of 1 mph today, so it'll really be a fantastic option for someone who lives in the Loop, works at the History Museum, and doesn't possess a car or the ability to walk as slowly as is humanly possible.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

november twenty-second

Five for November 22nd:

Last night. An impromptu trip to Bottleworks for dinner with Lisa and the kids yielded quite literally the best wings I’ve ever eaten in my life. As an added bonus, the kids were well-behaved for the most part. Bam.

Workday riding. Brought along the beater yesterday for some sunshine flatland, and did the same today. Sometimes you just have to change things up.

Quote of the day. “According to Trump, a black guy who shoplifts should be locked up in a Chinese prison for 10 years, a black guy who sits during the national anthem should be fired, and a white guy who rapes a 14 year old should be in the US Senate.” -Brian Krassenstein

Cool stuff. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse with Jane, set the Welcome Chris Miller back up, free pile at Vintage Vinyl, fresh Vans, honey cough drops.

Long weekend action. Sunny and mild four days off coming up. Thanksgiving stuff, date night with Lisa, Tre Serpenti free show at Tap Room, riding bikes, skating, and hanging out.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

november twenty-first

Five for November 21st:

Deals season. Really going to have to resist clicking the “buy it now” button in the next month or so. In fact I should probably just stay off the internet altogether until after the first of the year.

Pot luck. Pre-thanksgiving feast going down a few feet from my desk at work today, and the good news is there’s plenty that conforms to my marginally-stringent diet.


Cool stuff. Evening at the playground, shave and a haircut, chocolate sea salt RX bar, blue Dominator for my Master, working on backward Steamrollers at lunch, fun session at the ditch yesterday, Turtle Power TMNT documentary.

Tuesday soundtrack. Voivod, Corrosion of Conformity, Nada Surf, Lucero, Dead Boys, Ramones, Loudness, Gorilla Biscuits, Warbringer, Poison Idea.

Monday, November 20, 2017

november twentieth

Five for November 20th:

Last Thursday. Took Jane out for bagels, met Lisa for coffee at Rise, rode flat for two hours at Webster, got lunch with Brian and Tom at Ranchito, drove out to Creve Coeur Lake and cruised the beach in the sunshine, and topped off with trips to Planet Score and Green Shag.

Other weekend highlights. Cahokia Mounds for the first time in 30-some years, short and sweet mini-ramp jam at Ramp Riders, couple of naptime bike rides, and hitting the mall for carousel/train riding, bungee jumping, and an impromptu meeting with Santa.

Malcolm Young R.I.P. The best rhythm guitar player to ever walk the planet earth for one of the greatest bands to ever exist in human history is gone, never to be replaced. End of discussion.

Cool stuff. $10 Dominators on Porkchop, No Echo interview with Paul, selling stuff on eBay, afternoon ditch session, found my S&M koozie, cheap Quicksilver t-shirt, playing Star Wars with George, iPhoto dump.

Warped Tour. Looks like 2018 will be the final year for VWT. Had some good times over the years alternately playing, working, and just going to Warped, and I met a ton of cool people at those shows. The end of an institution, for sure.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

november fifteenth

Five for November 15th:

Workout. Got a good 25-minute ride in last night on the trainer followed by some squats and stretches. Glad I resisted the urge to just plop down on the couch once the kids got to bed.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. Scored a $4 copy for Dreamcast on eBay. Gotta have something to do this winter.

Quote of the day. “The government is being run by a toilet.” –Cards Against Humanity

Cool stuff. Two four-day weekends in a row, almond flour, drawing pictures for Jane’s lunchbox, Kadavar on Spotify, Emergen-C restock, the most iconic skateboard of the 1980’s?

Long weekend action. Taking a couple of days extra off with no plans save riding bikes, skating, hanging out with the kids, playing drums, drinking coffee, and generally kicking it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

november fourteenth

Five for November 14th:

Keurig Kontraversy. What better way to show your patriotism and enthusiasm for Making America Great Again than by taping yourself smashing a small appliance in an impassioned public defense of a pedophiliac senator? Then again, it wouldn’t rightly be the holiday season in the US without a bunch of right-wing babies boycotting coffee somehow.

Cleaning house. Put a few things up on eBay yesterday, with more to come. Need to print some money so I can snag a Ban This Caballero when they come out.

Slappy hour. Going down this afternoon after a few days off- a must with rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Got the Gulf Wax at the ready.

Cool stuff. New green flannel shirt, 2018 GT Heritage line, TWS’ History of Board Shapes parts 2 and 3 on YouTube, night jams in the attic, fresh-ground peanut butter.

Tuesday soundtrack. New Bomb Turks, Witchcraft, Johnny Thunders, Gluecifer, Valient Thorr, Supersuckers, Buffalo Killers, Electric Wizard, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Death, Orange Goblin, 7 Seconds, Thee Shams.

Monday, November 13, 2017

november thirteenth

Five for November 13th:

Flatland. Saturday afternoon’s BMX session at the lot on my Haro Master yielded the most progression I’ve ever had on a bike in my entire life in one shot. I was putting together links, getting in and out of things with relative ease, and sticking new tricks after just a few tries. Still buzzing.

Three-day work week. Taking off Thursday to do whatever the hell I want (Figure 8 trails? Larimore pump track? YAP? All three?) and Friday to hang out with the goobs while Lisa has some meetings.

Quote of the day. "There's nothing 'America First' about taking the word of a KGB colonel over that of the American intelligence community." -John McCain

Cool stuff. Two vintage copies of Freestylin’ magazine, $17.99 Vans skate lows, basement cassette organization, morning railslides, playing drums after a few weeks off, free cuties and K-cups at the office, red curry.

Three years ago today. Lisa and I found out we were having a boy. That same boy this morning went on a long rant about PJ Masks, demanded I build a train track with him before leaving for work, and is the sweetest little dude imaginable. Needless to say, it’s going well.

Friday, November 10, 2017

november tenth

Five for November 10th:

Last night. My eternally motivated wife organized a fundraiser for Jane’s preschool with the Bread Company on Watson, so we got some dinner there and saw a ton of Jane’s classmates out supporting the cause. Hopefully they raised some decent cash.

Peak fall. Get out there now, because those leaves are coming down fast. Our backyard tree, full and bursting red a few days ago, was almost completely bare this morning.

Halo Top. I can’t believe how insanely good that stuff is. 300 calories and less sugar than like, 3 dates in an entire carton. Insanity.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, awesome sunrise, The Least Most, work coffee restock, end of the year deals season is getting near, WAL Riot on Craigslist that I totally missed, SoCal planning.

Weekend action. Completely plan-free weekend coming up. Raking up the backyard, maybe check out the Pretty Little Empire reunion show at Off Broadway, potential morning trail ride/parking lot flatland jam/skate session, hanging out with the goobs, getting my e-drums set back up, whatever else.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

november ninth

Five for November 9th:

Night two. Solid 25-30 minutes or so cycling in the basement yesterday evening after the kids went to bed. Definitely hoping to keep this up through the winter as much as possible.

NAMM 2018. Looks like I’ll likely be making the trek out to SoCal in January for yet another music industry tradeshow. Always nice to get outta town for a bit in the height of STL winter, and cool to hang out with friends I don’t get a chance to see too often.

One year later. If Trump’s miserable excuse for a presidency has yielded one positive (it hasn’t), it’s this video. That’s about as glowing a review as I can give.

Cool stuff. History of board shapes part 1, Chrome Ball Incident Jeff Hartsel interview, watching M.A.S.K. with Jane, morning roll, busting out the vintage VSWs.

Quote of the day. “Why not just ban guns, and when people are upset about it, just send them thoughts and prayers? If ‘thoughts and prayers’ are good enough for people who’ve lost their families, then they’re good enough for people who’ve lost their guns.” -Erica Buist

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

november eighth

Five for November 8th:

Stationary success. Got the first ride of the season in on the basement trainer last night, and repurposed my ancient laptop as a DVD player for ride-time movie viewing. Since I don’t have an odometer I have no idea the distance, but got a good half-hour in of both riding and Stepbrothers.

Slappy hour. Another fun lunch break grinding yellow curbs yesterday. Not a terrible way to spend a half hour or so mid-workday.

Quote of the day. “The tides of American democracy shifted tonight - a potent reminder of the ebbs and flows of American political fate. Big wins for the Democrats, and with it momentum and that faint glimmer of optimism.” -Dan Rather

Cool stuff. Monster muffins, Mom & Jane board game, leftover chili, bootleg Haro Freestyler shirts, 2018 GT catalog, couple of long weekends scheduled, raked a huge leaf pile for the kids, half a century of Hosoi.

Prop P passes. I can't think of anyone more deserving of a pay increase (on my dime, no less) than a corrupt police force that spent the entire summer publicly abusing its authority. Nice work, STL.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

november seventh

Five for November 7th:

Kevin turns 40. Somehow I’ve known this idiot for 25 years, which is insane. All joking aside, my life today would probably look much different had I not met Kev back in high school. Happy birthday bud.

Last night. Slept like complete crap. Woke up at 3 am and basically never fell back asleep, despite coming close a couple of times. Running on pure caffeine right now.

Quote of the day. “Isn’t it strange how mental illness hardly massacres anyone in Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom?” -unknown

Cool stuff. Starbucks Thanksgiving roast, watching Shrek with the kids, lunch break slappy session with Brian, voting day (no on P), Gleaming the Cube on YouTube.

Tuesday soundtrack. Fight, Cro-Mags, Rainbow, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Exodus, Girlschool, Archers of Loaf, D.I., High On Fire, Sepultura, The Dictators.

Monday, November 6, 2017

november sixth

Five for November 6th:

This weekend. One for the record books in the weather department. Sunny and mid-70’s pretty much the whole time. Almost made up for the suckiness of the time change.

Always something. Check Engine light in the van is on, dryer is apparently not working.

Cliff Cave Park. Went there for a hike with the crew yesterday. Great biking trail, tons of little sandy spots for the kids to play in, and unbelievable views of the river complete with some amazing old tugboat shipwrecks. Can’t believe I’d never been there before.

Cool stuff. Homemade banana ice cream, MST3K channel on Pluto TV, compliant pumpkin bread, 2019 bashguard Masters, pinball at Silver Ballroom for Kevin’s 40th, possible session at the ditch this afternoon (weather permitting), basement rearrangement, playing Star Wars with Jane.

Freestylin’. Had a fun solo session at the lot on the ’98 Compe Friday night. The new ten-dollar full set of thread-on pegs I got worked great. Stuck a couple of tricks and almost stuck a couple more new ones. Definitely going to be a regular rider.

Friday, November 3, 2017

november third

Five for November 3rd:

Last ride of the season. Got a chilly, but necessary ride in to work today. With daylight savings ending this weekend, that’ll be it for commuting to work till it kicks back over in spring. I probably rode more this year than ever before, which is awesome. Life’s better on two wheels.

Greatest American hero. To the rogue employee who deactivated Trump’s Twitter account on his last day, we salute you.

Fitness goals. In addition to continuing to eat clean, I’m hoping to weather the winter and keep my chops up by getting a minimum 3 miles riding a day in on the trainer in the basement. Probably a pipe dream, but I think it’s doable if I commit to it.

Cool stuff. Veggie scramble, new CSA share, Baco 5 on YouTube, found my Sega Master System, Son of Providence: The weird legacy of H.P. Lovecraft.

Weekend action. Beautiful weekend coming up. Mowing the lawn for the last time, some bike riding at the lot with the kids, Kevin’s fortieth birthday at Silver Ballroom, November toy show, skate session somewhere, hitting the playground.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

november second

Five for November 2nd:

Last rides. Amazing- albeit a bit damp- bike commute in to work this morning. 70-degree ride home coming up, with a 65-degree day tomorrow. DST ends in three days, and I’ll be taking advantage of sunlit evenings til’ the bitter end.

Ramp Riders. Set up my OG '89 Steve Saiz and met up with Andy for a couple hours of mini ramp ragery last night. Added bonus: still had 7 sessions left on my pass. Super fun time despite Andy snapping his deck.

Quote of the day. “Brown guy kills 8 with a truck: ‘WALLS! BANS! BARRICADES!’ White guy kills 59 with guns: ‘well what can you do?’” -@goldengateblond

Cool stuff. Powell sweatpants coming today, Go Fast Pull Up Jimmy Levan documentary trailer, evening game of Tickle Monster with the goobs, sleeping late, Al Franken tears into Facebook counsel at Senate hearing.

No on Prop P. The City of St. Louis has a 25% poverty rate and a median household annual income of $38,397. We already pay our police a median annual income of $51,000, a 32% higher salary than our median annual household income. If prop P passes we are essentially putting the entire burden of giving the police a raise on the backs of the working poor, who work as a houshold to make 32% less than the average police officer. The working poor will in fact pay the highest precentage of this regressive tax. The same working poor that are not supported by the police and firefighter unions in their fight for a living wage.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

november first

Five for November 1st:

Tricks and treats. Another epic turnout for the second annual Clifton Heights Crew trick or treat parade last night. We seriously live in the best neighborhood ever. Jane had the time of her life, and even George was starting to get the hang of it after a while.

November. With the end of DST just around the corner and the weather getting cooler by the day, the end of the riding season is getting close. Tomorrow’s high of 76 may warrant what could ultimately be the final ride-in of the year. At least we’re getting into holiday-weekend season.

Baco. Been digging into the trove of mid-school BMX videos on YouTube lately and watching or re-watching a ton of the old Baco vids. Makes me wish I’d ridden more (or at all) back in those days. If anyone has a copy of Push It to 11 they want to burn me, I’ll gladly take it, because it exists online nowhere.

Cool stuff. Replacements Live at Maxwells repro tix from the free bin at Vintage Vinyl, busting out the Freestyler hoodie, fresh-ground Starbucks winter blend, Star Wars speeder bike Halloween costume, Albums That Never Were: The Misfits- 12 Hits From Hell, hot apple cider.

Office quote of the day. "I've been sleeping in the top bunk at failure camp for many, many years now."