Thursday, May 31, 2018

may thirty-first

Five for May 31st:

Schnoodlin’. Henry is at the groomer for a much needed pre-summer shearing. Poor little guy is like a walking shag carpet right now. Should feel like a new dog.

Five years ago today. The band was on our way to play at the Outland Ballroom in Springfield when we got caught in a hailstorm and ended up sitting in the van under the awning of a gas station listening to a live version of "Ridin' the Storm Out" while parked next to an El Camino with a giant fiberglass chicken in its bed.

Quote of the day. “In Roseanne’s defense, it’s hard to know the difference between racism that gets you fired versus racism that gets you elected President of the United States.” -Brian Sproul

Cool stuff. Red Hammer Gyro cover, St. Losers Comb DVD burn (thanks Andy), evening flatland session on the Master, shave and a haircut, John Entwistle isolated bass tracks, Ranchito carnitas, High Brew double espresso.

Summer vacation. There won’t be any writing in this thing for a week or so, as summer break starts tomorrow. See you on the other side.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

may thirtieth

Five for May 30th:

Hot take. You can’t spell “Greitens” without “resign”. So long, dipshit.

Stuntin’. Short and steamy lunch break slappy hour with Brian yesterday followed by a flatland session at the lot after the kids went to bed, where I finally figured out the proper way get out of a fork glide.

Nick Watts. How this guy never blew up in BMX is beyond me. Next-level skills with tons of creativity and seemingly endless ability to link tricks together, easily rivaling if not besting anyone riding flatland in that era. Oh yeah, and he’s still ripping. Watch and learn.

Cool stuff. Pair of cheap fork standers for the Vertigo, Casey Smith interview, free Sabian Ogio backpack, two-dollar Tuesday at SoHa with the crew, Evan is the new RFT art director.

Weezer covers Toto. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, for the first time in their storied career, Rivers and the gang let down their guard and hit you out of the blue with something totally ironic and unserious! But all joking aside, it’s terrible and should be avoided.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

may twenty-ninth

Five for May 29th:

George’s birthday weekend highlights. Party at the playground with friends and family, Daniel Tiger cake, a few lost balloons, new two-wheeler, restaurant-wide rendition of "happy birthday" and ice cream sundaes at Happy Joe’s. Love you buddy.

Three-day workweek. Vacation starts Friday and extends through next week, though mentally I’m already pretty much there.

Pool season. With temperatures near 100 already, the first weekend at the pool was sheer pandemonium, but the water felt amazing as opposed to totally freezing like it usually is. Jane is now tall enough to ride the waterslides and everyone’s shoulders are already sunburnt. More to come.

Cool stuff. Skating Ramp Riders with Andy because the YMCA flaked again, Detroit Become Human play-through videos on YouTube, plain white tee two-pack, Simon Tabron podcast, Jamie Foy’s Spitfire part, couple of flatland sessions at the lot, more goods from the backyard garden.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Shrine, His Hero Is Gone, Flipper, Earth, Mastodon, Quest For Fire, Naked Raygun, Golden Void, D.R.I., Death, Dinosaur Jr.

Friday, May 25, 2018

may twenty-fifth

Five for May 25th:

George turns three. Technically he hits the three-year mark on Sunday, but we party tonight. Happy birthday to my big buddy- may the next year bring you more Daniel Tigers, Big Boongas and Thomas races than you could ever hope for.

No ride. Probably could have made it happen today, but with the sparse threat of rain in the forecast combined with the amount of stuff I have to do after work, I had to pass. Got in a good flatland session last night and brought the GT in for another one at lunch, so it’s not a total bust.

Quote of the day. “My dad is 80.” -Jane

Cool stuff. Getting paid, The Toys That Made Us season 2 on Netflix, Powell Peralta Camp Motherhood video, backyard garden radish haul, Bill's vintage Motomag, leaving early.

Three-day weekend action. George’s party at the playground, inaugural trip to Maplewood pool, more birthday action at Brian and Abby’s, maybe checking out Sisser at OB, getting a much-needed skate session at JB, freestyling, prepping for Florida.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

may twenty-fourth

Five for May 24th:

Bike riding. Sweat-soaked nighttime flatland session at the lot last night on the FST, sweat-soaked road ride in to the office this morning, even more sweat-soaked ride home coming up in a few hours. I’m sensing a pattern here.

School's out. I know I posted about this yesterday, but today is officially Jane’s last day of preschool. It’s unreal to look back at photos from her first day and see how much she has grown. By my estimation, she’ll be graduating from high school this time next year.

Dinner on the back patio. Tamales and salsa from Tamale Man, salads with home-grown lettuce, strawberries from our first farm share pickup, Passion Fruit La Croix.

Cool stuff. Pool season, 2018 catalogs in house, GT Heritage Series gear (bring it stateside, fellas), lawn mowing and weed pulling, Trump’s unsecured iPhones make Clinton’s basement server look like Fort Knox, playing some drums.

Quote of the day. “We live in a country where, on the very same day—a massive, multibillion dollar company can deny 75% of its most operationally-critical employees their First Amendment rights AND Jared Kushner can receive permanent, top secret security clearance. I really have no idea why, at this point, we’re not burning all the flags in all the dumpsters.” -Melinda

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

may twenty-third

Five for May 23rd:

Last night. Took Jane out for pizza, games and ice cream at Happy Joe’s. She hit the jackpot, winning 125 tickets on one game and scoring a ball from the claw machine. Best times with my best girl.

It’s a jungle out there. Our lawn looks like it hasn’t been mowed in a year, things are growing so fast right now. Tackling it when I get home. Wish me luck.

666. The exact number of guitars that arrived in yesterday’s long-awaited container really couldn’t be more fitting.

Cool stuff. Piper Tri-Pacer Flying Glider, almond flour crackers, potential evening flatland, Club Homeless Products full video, work snack restock.

Hard to believe. Dropped my daughter off at preschool for the final time this morning. One more day to go before summer vacation and her first day of Kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Happy birthday Lisa. The happiest of birthdays to my beautiful and amazing wife. Have fun in New York City. We can’t wait to party with you when you get back.

Day one. Back on the bike for a great, sweaty ride in this morning- the first in the new Vans slip-ons. Feels like it’s been forever, even though it’s only been a few days. Hoping the weather cooperates for another couple on Thursday and Friday.

Quote of the day. “His most adamant supporters will complain that the president, who struggles to speak in complete and coherent sentences and regularly uses out-of-context statements from his rivals to demonize and attack them, is being unfairly criticized for his “animals” comment. But these supporters are enablers and sycophants, who put tribal loyalty and partisanship ahead of truth and should not be taken seriously.” -Michael A. Cohen

Cool stuff. New backyard sandbox for the goobs, afternoon ditch skate session, date night with Jane, office flip-flops, free coffee and cuties, kids’ first Cracker Jack experience.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Dwarves, Leaf Hound, ALL, Dead Moon, The Cramps, Naked Raygun, Murder City Devils, The Damned, Mondo Drag, Zeke, Minutemen.

Monday, May 21, 2018

may twenty-first

Five for May 21st:

LWP to NYC. I’ll be holding down the fort while Lisa is in the big apple at a conference for the next few days, plotting how to change the world for the better.

River rats. We took the kids out for a six-mile raft ride down the Meramec on Saturday for Lisa’s first birthday float trip since before the kids were born. Fun time, with a couple of stops for lunch, shell collecting, rock-skipping and playing in the sand.

Stuntin’. First proper flatland session on the recently-upgraded Blyther FST was awesome. Before it got rained out, anyway. So stoked on how that bike turned out.

Cool stuff. George’s first slip n’ slide, Pete Augustin podcast, Misfits NJ show footage, Okay, Now I Actually Do Want To Take Your Guns, Key Lime La Croix, block risers on the Hammerhead, free Blues koozie.

Grosso’s Loveletters. Looks like a new season is just around the corner, at long last. I’ve probably seen every episode currently on YouTube ten times.

Friday, May 18, 2018

may eighteenth

Five for May 18th:

Two-day ride week. Naturally, on the same week where no rain falls on a day when rain is predicted, it’s raining all day on a day where no rain was predicted. Make sense? Doesn’t to me, either.

FST. At long last, my 2015 Blyther is now finally fully dialed in with front brakes, gyro, and full complement of pegs. Can’t wait to take it out for a ride.

Office quote of the day. “That guy looks perfectly like the singer for Saxon mixed with a bird of prey.” -Brian, describing the singer for the band that played Billy Madison’s third-grade graduation party

Cool stuff. Trevor Meyer podcast, Micronauts Karrio en route, Nick Watts flatland footage, playing cars with George, candy bar Halo Top, French-press Goshen.

Weekend action. Busy one coming up. Two free shows (Hell Night at Sinkhole tonight, Bobby Dazzlers/ Jag-Wires at Off Broadway tomorrow), float trip with the family, mowing the lawn, morning skate session at JB, riding some bikes,

Thursday, May 17, 2018

may seventeenth

Five for May 17th:

Day two. Felt good to get back on the bike today after a couple of days off. Completely loving these cool spring mornings, even though it’s getting noticeably hotter by the day.

Chemical warfare. The ant colony currently in the laundry room is on its way to a quick extinction thanks to some bait traps, and the hundreds swarming outside our flower bed got a nice shot of Roundup last night.

Slip-ons. My new pair of checkered Vans will be arriving today, thus eliminating any more laced-shoe bike commutes while affording maximum waffle-sole pedal grip. Almost bit it the other day when a lace got caught in the chain wheel and wrapped around my right crank arm. Too close for comfort.

Cool stuff. Backyard riding with George, evening at the playground, Jane’s class parade/kindergarten open house, smoothies, home-grown lettuce, Days Gone footage, Tony Hawk’s 50th birthday party photos, The Cake Server.

Earworm. “Billy Passed the Third Grade” from Billy Madison has been stuck in my head for the better part of a week now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

may sixteenth

Five for May 16th:

Fooled again. The “whole afternoon of rain” predicted for yesterday turned out to be about ten minutes of drizzle at 11:30 in the morning followed by clear skies and sunshine, so I got screwed out of a perfectly good riding day. Awesome.

Picnic in the park. Jane’s last preschool picnic was last night, which is crazy to think about. We’ll still get a couple more in, however, as George will be starting there this fall. Both kids had a blast and ran themselves completely ragged.

Righty-loosey. Trying to re-train my brain to loosen to the right, tighten to the left when adjusting old-school bottom brackets is easier said than done. Some things are just too deeply hard-wired.

Cool stuff. New pair of Ghost Pads for the General, hard-boiled egg restock, reconnecting with old high school friends, rose bush is blooming in the front yard, google satellite recon, free guitar strings.

Friends. After years of watching episodes here and there sporadically, I finally finished the entire series start to finish. It completely holds up and is way funnier than I remember it from back in the day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

may fifteenth

Five for May 15th:

Rain delay. Looking like thunderstorms snuck into the forecast for this afternoon, so bike commuting was unfortunately off the table today. On the plus side, still planning on a half hour or so of flatland today, and got to listen to a little more of the Eddie Fiola podcast on the way in.

Curb crushing. Got in a raging- and sweltering- slappy hour at the Schnucks curbs yesterday during lunch. Need to get a proper park skate session in soon, though. Been too long on that front.

George. My little guy is getting closer and closer to being potty-trained every day. Strange as it is to see him taking such a huge step toward growing up, it'll be pretty nice to be a completely diaper-free house at some point relatively soon.

Cool stuff. 1990 Eben Krackau Club Homeless footage, Micronauts Karrio on the watch list, Jane’s school picnic (weather permitting), two free shows this weekend, good leftovers, morning coffee and Duel at Diablo on YouTube.

Tuesday soundtrack. Sasquatch, Elephant Tree, Exodus. Vista Chino, Fuzz, Slow Season, Buffalo Killers, Tokyo Blade, Dag Nasty, Bloodclot. Q5.

Monday, May 14, 2018

may fourteenth

Five for May 14th:

Saddled up. Powered through some lingering aches and soreness for what turned out to be a great morning ride to work today. Should be another 4/4-day ride week from the looks of the weather forecast.

Friday night freestyle. Sweaty flatland jam with Greg at the Webster rink Friday after the kids went to bed. Got the ’94 Vertigo out for the session and it was great. First time riding there after dark, and it’s pretty much unbeatable- smooth, flat, and well-lit.

Mom’s day. Happy mother’s day once again to the amazing Lisa, who is truly the best mother and wife a person could ever hope for, and of course to my mom, who is a close second. Hope you both had good ones.

Cool stuff. Three-playground weekend (Francis, Berra, Rocket Ship), impromptu picnic, street tacos at One Way CafĂ©, checking out the OG gear at David’s with George, got the Strat restrung, Bad Brains Omega Sessions poster, salmon salad, Jane's solo performance of The Nutcracker.

Joe Kid on a Stingray. Scored a mega-cheap copy on eBay last night after seeing a couple of Kevin Jones clips posted on FB and realizing I could wait no longer to see this film, which has somehow eluded being on the internet anywhere.

Friday, May 11, 2018

may eleventh

Five for May 11th:

4/5. Great riding week- my first four out of five for the season. Counting the twenty mile Katy Trail ride we did on Saturday, I’ve got nearly 70 miles of road riding in over the past few days, and about 212 total commuter miles over the last three weeks or so.

Metal on metal. Found out about Anvil playing at Fubar pretty last minute and planned on going, but accidentally falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm forced my hand.

The price is right. Scored the Austin Powers trilogy, Slap Shot duology, and There’s Something About Mary on DVD, along with a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 for Xbox from a box of giveaway goods at the office this morning.

Cool stuff. Protein box breakfast, getting paid, frozen yogurt cones at Mr. Lizard’s, post-bedtime flatland jam on the Vertigo, van repairs, selling more stuff on eBay, Red Racks with Brian, Rick Allison how-to videos on YouTube.

Weekend action. Not much going on but hanging out with the crew, celebrating Mother’s Day, mowing the lawn, and maybe getting a skate or bike session in here or there.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

may tenth

Five for May 10th:

Morning meeting swag. Three new pairs of ProMark sticks, NS artist capo, micro clip-free headstock tuner, set of Nickel Bronze 12-53 acoustic strings.

Day three. Pretty much as perfect a morning ride as you could ask for today. No wind, cool air, zero humidity, and low traffic- though the ride home should be close to the 90-degree mark.

Seoul Taco. Their steak burrito bowl is one of the best things on planet earth, especially after not having one for over a year.

Cool stuff. New pair of Vans slip-ons in the mail, Five cent avocados at Aldi, mother’s day play at Jane’s preschool today, raw nut restock, backyard garden is blooming like crazy, cauliflower crust pizza at CPK.

I’m done buying k-cups. For real. Wasteful and unnecessary. I have a coffee maker at my desk which is more than capable of brewing single cups. You heard it here first.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

may ninth

Five for May 9th:

Day off the pedals. Sporadic rain and kid dropoff/pickup duty today means no ride, but that’s fine with me, as I could really use a day to recuperate after the 50 or so miles I’ve put in since Saturday evening.

AC repair. Taking the van in to the dealership for what will hopefully be the last time we have to deal with its chronically-malfunctioning air conditioning system. I’m over the damn thing blowing hot every few months.

New homeowners. Congrats to Brian and Abby on landing their dream pad in Kirkwood. Looking forward to the housewarming party and helping build and subsequently skate the backyard mini-ramp (hint hint).

Cool stuff. Season two of Pool Seekers, flatland session at the secret spot, Thiebaud Joker on sale at Tactics, backyard grilling, John Buultjens: How an Alien and a BMX Changed My Life, fresh smoothies.

For the birds. The robin that was attempting to build a nest over our front door eventually gave up, as the nest kept getting blown down, littering our front porch. However, the nest in our backyard tree is still going strong with at least one full-time resident.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

may eighth

Five for May 8th:

Day two. My legs are feeling pretty gelatinous after the last few days, but got a smooth ride in nonetheless. Gotta take advantage of these cool spring mornings while they last. Looks like I might even get four out of five days bike commuting in this week, which rules.

Mail call. My Haro/Vans Freestyler jersey showed up on the porch yesterday, along with a bunch of extras including a Vans waffle sole keychain, pile of stickers and some old BMX trading cards. Thanks Casey, you’re the man.

Quote of the day. “I am so thankful I don’t have friends who have Kentucky Derby parties.” -Melinda

Cool stuff. First Wake Up to Politics email, hard-boiled eggs, evening at the playground with the kids, 2018 Vans Pool Party footage, potential Deer Creek skate sesh in the works.

Tuesday soundtrack. Black Rainbows, Lost Sounds, Voivod, Dead Boys, Nebula, Wolf People, Rose Tattoo, ASG, Fu Manchu, Sleep, Brant Bjork.

Monday, May 7, 2018

may seventh

Five for May 7th:

Saddled up. Did a 20 mile ride on the Katy Trail with Lisa from Weldon Spring to Augusta and back on Saturday, and got a good six more in to the office this morning. Also got my Element Jaywalker over the weekend, making the ride in today much better in the backpack department.

Little scientist. Jane picked out a kids science book from a book sale, and we spent the morning reading about Earth’s first vertebrate animals and what the planet was like before there was oxygen.

Freestylin’. Had a couple of killer sessions over the weekend. In addition to nailing some solid multi-trick lines, I eked out a couple of short (but legitimate) hang fives and was spinning boomerangs better than ever before- full rotations with no touch on the front wheel.

Cool stuff. Valley of Flowers Carnival with the kids, free Star Wars Lego droids, spinach from Rick’s garden, the lawn is fully green, dinner on the patio at Bottleworks, exploring abandoned spots on the bike trail, new watch, pumpkin seeds.

Ditch attack. 170-bound this afternoon to shred some gnar with Brian. Luckily the board I have with me is set up with the Powell Bombers, which are the only wheels worth running at that spot.

Friday, May 4, 2018

may fourth

Five for May 4th:

Day three. Had a great, super-fast ride to work this morning. Definitely starting to feel like summer is creeping in, as today was definitely the hottest/most humid one yet. Another 36 miles on the saddle for the week.

Decibel Magazine. Guess the gravy train of free issues coming to the office on behalf of Crate Amps (which hasn’t been here in ten years) finally stopped, as I haven’t seen an issue show up in a few months now. Bummer.

In case you forgot. This week was a great reminder that Trump is a huge liar.

Cool stuff. Free big-boy bike for George, 2-Hip KOV Thrasherland contest ’91, slowly checking things off the to-do list, finally nailed the middle breakdown section of “Soul Doubt” on drums, Losi in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Weekend action. Riding bikes with Lisa, mowing the lawn, maybe hitting the Toy Show with Janey, Valley of Flowers Festival, potential skateboarding session, getting a tire patched, installing some training wheels, flatland jams.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

may third

Five for May 3rd:

Last night. Good crowd at Planet Score for the D.H. Peligro book reading/ Q&A, which was hilarious and insightful. DKs and TSOL tonight at Fubar, which I won’t be attending as it’s already massively sold out.

Phone repair. Dropped my iPhone off at Foxpaw today to get the charge port fixed, only to have an email in my inbox as soon as I got to work telling me it was already finished.

Slappy hour. Super fun, verging-on-humid lunchtime skate session yesterday at the freshly-repainted Schnucks curbs. It was nice to hit the original spot again, which had previously been rendered unskateable from two summers of abuse.

Cool stuff. Taking Janey to school, oven roasted almonds, James Shepard flatland section from the first Homeless video, dollhouse repair, morning drums in the attic.

Trade up. Shipping out some cassette tapes and a t-shirt today in trade for a highly-coveted (by me) Haro x Vans Freestyler jersey. So stoked to finally track one of these down after a few years of kicking myself for not buying one when they were available.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

may second

Five for May 2nd:

Pop-up skatepark season. Old guy Deer Creek DIY session went down last night with Andy, Rob and Andrew. Two slider bars, a quarter pipe, a kicker jump ramp and fun box were in tow, along with the normal assortment of built-in curbs and parking blocks. Raging time.

Culture Club. D.H. Peligro of the Dead Kennedys will be doing a reading from his book Dreadnaught: King of Afropunk tonight at Planet Score from 7-9. I’ll be there.

Miscellaneous crap at Red Racks. Box of pretty good tapes, Darth Vader helmet, full runs of MIB Britney Spears and Spice Girls dolls, Children of Bodom and Slayer t-shirts.

Cool stuff. 80 degrees today, kebabs on the grill/good leftovers, 44T Haro Team disc for the Sport, afternoon slappies, digging into the depths of 23mag.

To-do list. Pay urgent care bill from February, re-order insurance cards, get the charging port on my iPhone fixed, re-stain the back deck, get the AC in the van repaired, get the tire on the Rogue patched, take Henry to the vet, replace furnace filters, reinstall Jane’s window unit, check the oil in the mower, spray weed killer around the driveway.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

may first

Five for May 1st:

May. Probably my overall favorite month of the year. Any lingering grip of winter dies away, late nights at the park start up, the air is warm but not suffocating, and everything turns fully green again.

Backpackin’. My freebie backpack from work isn’t cutting it now that riding season has kicked back over. Way too small, no skate straps, not enough padding. Picked up a $20 Element Jaywalker on eBay this morning to remedy the situation. Hopefully the zipper on this one will last a little longer than the last one.

Day two. Had a killer ride home against a mild headwind last night, and another great one in this morning. Tomorrow is out due to child transport obligations and Thursday is looking like a full day of rain. Hoping it all clears out in time for one more on Friday.

Cool stuff. Evening at the playground with the goobs, post-bedtime flatland session at the lot, apples and almond butter, Backwoods 3 on YouTube, Hell Night decks, free pair of sunglasses, fresh-ground Sumatra on autobrew.

Tuesday soundtrack. Tom Petty, Valient Thorr, The Cult, Corrosion of Conformity, Diamond Head, Aerosmith, Witchcraft, Pelican, Electric Wizard, Rocket from the Crypt, Pegboy, Roky Erickson, The Marked Men.