Friday, June 29, 2018

june twenty-ninth

Five for June 29th:

Last night. Pedaled home with about ten minutes to spare before the sirens fired up and literal tornados started making landfall around town. Things calmed down and I made it down to Cherokee street in time to catch an unreal sunset and the Essential Knots cassingle release show.

This just in. I’ll be filling in on drums for the Jag-Wires opening for Zero Boys at Fubar tomorrow night. Come out and heckle me.

I’m a believer. Rode in to work this morning in an actual bike jersey for the first time ever. Amazing how much less drenched in sweat I was compared to the normal t-shirt setup. I think this might end up being the norm for the rest of the summer.

Cool stuff. Didn’t lose power, 3/3 days on the saddle for the week, (more) attic Star Wars with George, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out-themed Seoul Taco bathroom, Rad movie soundtrack on Spotify, hummus and veggies.

Weekend action. Hot one coming up. Plans include hanging out with Mary and Keith at the Maplewood pool, practicing/playing aforementioned rock show, evening flatland session at Berra Park, mowing the lawn, and hanging out with the goobers.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

june twenty-eighth

Five for June 28th:

Morning roll. Crushed the ride in to work this morning, even with a sore shoulder and skateboard strapped to my back.

K-cups. I don’t mess with them anymore- unless they’re free, which in this case, they currently are. The kitchen at worked is stocked up and I’m taking advantage while the gettin’s good.

CoMo. Seriously craving Booches lately, miss seeing the old crew, and really want to check out the skatepark again. Need to organize a weekender at some point.

Cool stuff. Thrasher Ray Barbee interview, Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast pinball machine at Silver Ballroom, new headphone earpiece, Getting Loose with Lee: Helltrack Festival, afternoon ditch session, Mario 64 with George.

First five. January 29th, 2010 was the first ever “five things” I did. It’s pretty interesting to flip back through previous years and remember how things were at the time- and weird to think the decade mark is getting that close.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

june twenty-seventh

Five for June 27th:

Last night. Impromptu after-work trip to Happy Joe’s for some pizza, fruit ninja, car racing, 100-ticket ice cream cones and claw machine victories. Good way to spend a rain-soaked evening.

Proud dad moment. Jane’s recent library picks consisted of about 90% Star Wars books.

Time flies. Hard to believe four whole years have passed since Manowar announced they'd be playing Pop's and tickets would be $75 and no one bought any and they cancelled.

Cool stuff. Thunderbolt F-47D Flying Glider, vintage Haro freestyle tour footage, lunch break flatland session on the GT, morning smoothie, iPhoto dump, Lisa successfully grew a pepper in the backyard.

Quote of the day. “Yes. Democratic primary voters replaced an establishment Democrat with a Democratic Socialist running on a more liberal and confrontational agenda because they were upset the establishment Democrat wasn't nice enough to...Donald Trump. Excellent take, definitely what happened.” –Ezra Klein

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

june twenty-sixth

Five for June 26th:

Toys R Us kid. Five more days till the Sunset Hills location shuts down forever, with the rest of ‘em not far behind. Jane and I swung by there one last time last night where, despite the place being half closed-off and completely cannibalized, she picked up a toy hamster and I snagged a giant Bigfoot monster for six bucks.

Rained out. Looks like it’ll be Thursday before I get any more riding in, but should log a good 3/5 days on the saddle for the week when it’s all said and done. I don’t think I’ve done less than three per week all season, which has to be a new personal record.

Wonders of modern technology. Seeing people making their own Jumbo Machinders on 3-D printers is awesome and inspiring. An OG Mekanda would set you back thousands, easily. This would have been totally and completely inconceivable a decade ago.

Cool stuff. Last box of Jasmine tea, morning play-doh sculpting, Dan Rather on Facebook, bootleg Haro repro jerseys, the Kung Fu building is for sale, backyard barbecue, afternoon slappy session.

Tuesday soundtrack. Boris, Daikaiju, JFA, Dicks, Year of the Goat, Deaf Radio, Stigmata, Mogwai, Oathbreaker, Eleven, the Black Angels, Iggy Pop.

Monday, June 25, 2018

june twenty-fifth

Five for June 25th:

Date night. Godzilla and Volcano sushi rolls with Lisa at CafĂ© Mochi, followed by drinks at Sasha’s. Because we’re old and tired, we were still home before it got totally dark.

Bikeage. Felt great to pedal in this morning. The humidity is creeping back up, but it was overcast enough to still be relatively cool, and there was almost no traffic to contend with. Hopefully evening showers will hold off till I make it home.

Spot check. I’d been eyeing up the slab next to the playground in Berra Park for a while and finally checked it out on Saturday. Super smooth, perfectly flat surface right next to a shaded pavilion with bathrooms and drinking fountains- and only a five minute ride from the house.

Cool stuff. Texplex Helltrack footage, coffee and donuts with the Clifton Heights crew, backyard apple tree is blowing up, second season of Luke Cage is on Netflix, $4.99 shorts, new sunglasses.

Quote of the day. “No immigrant has taken a job from a ‘real American’. You were laid off by a capitalist who took advantage of that immigrant to increase profits, and nothing makes him happier than to hear you’re a fucking idiot who’s actually mad at the immigrant and not him.” -Dans Mon Arbre

Friday, June 22, 2018

june twenty-second

Five for June 22nd:

Solstice. Took full advantage of the longest day of the year by way of a late-night skate session at Webster with Mark and Andy, following up on a mega fun lunch break jam on the wedge ramp with Brian. It's all downhill from here.

Day three. 66-degree summer days are a rarity to say the least, so I wasn’t going to let some wet roads and lingering mist spoil it. Killer ride in this morning, and three out of five days ain’t bad. Hopefully the weather cooperates this evening.

Quote of the day. “Nice to see conservative white male fragility is still alive and well since the last 8,349 times I saw it today.” -Seth Bailey

Cool stuff. Finished Voltron: Legendary Defender, raw nut and fresh fruit restock, getting paid, playing on a complete set of drums again, tomato chutney, selling stuff on eBay.

Weekend action. Dinner and drinks with Lisa tonight, donuts and coffee with neighbors tomorrow, hanging out with the goobs, mowing the lawn, maybe check out the punk rock flea market, hitting the pool, picking up dog medicine and a new rear tube for the Master, shredding.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

june twenty-first

Five for June 21st:

New record. A throwaway comment I banged out on HuffPost’s FB page yesterday before lunch- and more or less promptly forgot about- had over one thousand “likes” when I got back, and as of this morning is over 2.6K. Go figure.

Lots happening. It’s the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, Go Skateboarding Day, and Make Music Day. I’ll be taking advantage of each in varying degrees in some way or another.

Kid-free. Both the goobs will be out at the farm for the next couple of days. I seriously don’t even know what to do with all the unencumbered time I’m going to have.

Cool stuff. Dinner at SoHa with the family, solid evening flatland jam on the FST, cooler temperatures, veggie omelet, Snakebite Eben Krackau podcast, Seth interview, SoCal skates retro rollout footage.

The shakes. As an avid, daily coffee consumer, I consider myself somebody who can tolerate caffeine pretty well. However, I had a tall cold brew yesterday afternoon that was literally giving me heart palpitations, it was so strong. I love a good jolt, but that stuff is way too heavy-duty for my liking.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

june twentieth

Five for June 20th:

Rained out. Made it home in plenty of time last night before the thunderstorms rolled in. Wednesday is a no-ride day anyway, but hopefully it clears up enough for an afternoon curb session.

Beat it. Finally picking up my repaired e-drums from Brian- and dropping more off with him. The battle never ends. It’ll be cool to eventually play on a full kit again.

Helltrack 2018. I am so, SO bummed to be missing this. If it hadn’t bumped up so close to the vacation we just went on, I would’ve definitely gone. I’m sure there will be no shortage of footage to watch of it, but still. Talk about a once in a lifetime thing.

Cool stuff. Work snack restock, watching Clone Wars with Jane, Blockhead reissues, The Score on Pluto TV, cold brew.

Quote of the day. "The entire Bush family are monstrous ghouls with absolutely no moral authority to lecture anyone about anything, ever. If the world isn't going to jail her husband and father in law, then at least we should not be punished by having to encounter to (Laura Bush's) vacuous moralizing." -Josh

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

june nineteenth

Five for June 19th:

Day two. I’m over letting these half-assed threats of possible afternoon showers keep me from riding. I’ve been burned way too many times, passing on biking to work only to walk out at 5 pm to clear, sunny skies. If I get rained on, I get rained on.

Megascore. Snagged a practically brand new pair of navy blue 10.5 Vans Sk8 Lows for $4 and some change at Avalon this afternoon. If they've ever been worn, it's a couple times at most. Waffle sole is in perfect condition. Sometimes the stars align.

Quote of the day. “I once heard Ska described as ‘what plays in a 13 year-old kid’s head when he gets extra mozzarella sticks’ and nothing in this world is more accurate.” -F Marry Abraham

Cool stuff. Free skull shakers, office Starbucks resupply, attic Star Wars with the goobs, new taillight for the road bike, evening freestylin' on the horizon, garlic stuffed olives.

Tuesday soundtrack. Slapshot, The Stooges, Electric Frankenstein, The Well, Buffalo Killers, Elder, The Cramps, Agent Orange, Dillinger Four, Shelter, Refused, Fugazi.

Monday, June 18, 2018

june eighteenth

Five for June 18th:

Father’s day. Thanks to Lisa and the kids for a great one. Celebrated with some paleo banana nut pancakes, a custom-painted coffee mug, a sweltering skate session at JB, and even got to take a nap. Boom.

Pool days. When the heat index is over 100 degrees all weekend, the pool is the place to be- as evidenced by the three trips that were taken there in as many days. As a side note, Jane is officially a faster swimmer than me.

Bike commutes. Great, sweaty ride in this morning. Not sure how the rest of the week is going to pan out, weather wise, but hopefully the thunderstorms will be scattered enough that I can get at least a couple more days in.

Cool stuff. George is pretty much totally potty-trained, Jeff Grosso’s Nine Club interview, flatland ride at the upper lot, L.A. Boys revisited, staying hydrated, 1031 Danforth re-gripped (third time’s a charm), frozen grapes.

Cut down to size. I took a circular saw to my overbuilt and never-used quarter pipe in the shed over the weekend, knocking about six inches and several lbs. off of it to make it into a fun little wedge ramp. It’s now considerably lighter and the coping is much easier to get over. Hopefully it'll get a bit more use this summer.

Friday, June 15, 2018

june fifteenth

Five for June 15th:

Four out of five days riding. Not bad for being fresh off an eleven day vacation. Last night’s ride home was harrowing, as I was racing against darkening skies and looming thunderstorms, but I managed to make it unscathed. Good one this morning as well.

Upcoming shows. Zero Boys, Dead Boys, Helmet, Essential Knots single release, Hell Night/Sweat Shoppe record release.

Quote of the day. “It’s that time of year again when St. Louis radio plays Glen Frey’s The Heat Is On so they can be cute when they segue into the 3 day forecast.” -Eric

Cool stuff. Pot luck at work, new season of Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix, fun afternoon slappy session yesterday, the kids are super into Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, green peppers growing in the backyard garden, listening to Dio.

Weekend action. Father’s day stuff with the goobs, hitting the pool, picking up my repaired e-drums from Scheffer, possible flatland session with Greg, morning skate at JB, eating paleo pancakes.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

Day three. Amazing ride in this morning; sunny with no humidity and low traffic. 27:16 minutes door to door, 14.0 mph average speed, 6.2 miles. Should be a good one this afternoon as well.

In the mail. Got a cool package of stickers from PB Steev yesterday, including a vintage Haro Designs decal that went straight to the seat post on the DMC Master.

Congrats are in order. Doug and Natasha (got married while on vacation in Hawaii), Brian and Abigail (closed on their house yesterday).

Cool stuff. Custom-decorated father’s day framed picture from the kiddos, Chinny, Strava app, playing Star Wars in the attic, English Breakfast tea restock, CSA pickup, Trader Joe’s almond butter, Back in the Pool Scott Foss interview.

Quote of the day. “Just try to imagine what these Republican Senators would say if it was Barack Obama who had said Kim Jong Un was a "very talented" leader whose people "loved" him. I bet it wouldn't be: "The president is entitled to say what he wants to say. This is America." -Ezra Klein

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

Sad sight. Even though they’re all unsellable, with bubbling wrap and missing hardware/hoops, as a drummer, seeing a dumpster full of sawed-in-half 22” bass drums and 18” floor toms hurts to the core.

Eat well, be well. It’s easy to take for granted the immensely positive impacts a shit-free diet can have on you. Not that I ever fell too far off the wagon, but I’m back to 100% commitment level after a few months of letting too much slide a little too often.

Sweat factory. We’re officially entering the time of year where I’m soaking through multiple articles of clothing a day. I probably do more laundry in the summer than the entire rest of the year combined.

Cool stuff. New (old) Nick Watts footage on YouTube, afternoon slappies, morning metal riffery in the attic, garden re-planted with some fresh veggies, In Search of the Last Great Video Store, Ocean Potion lip balm, killer evening flatland ride on the GT.

The dominoes fall. In case anyone is wondering, generally speaking, attorneys don’t just quit a winning case.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

june twelfth

Five for June 12th:

Day two. Overcast and slightly drizzly ride in this morning, which was actually quite refreshing given the lingering humidity. Gonna be another hot one this afternoon.

Quote of the day. “That a great and greatly conflicted experiment in self-government has come to this—a whole nation trying to talk a shitfaced trust-fund lout into a cab so that he won’t mow down everyone on the sidewalk, and then talking about what a fantastic job he did barfing in the ashtray—is one thing. It’s many things. But none of those things are complicated.” –David Roth

Facebook trending topics removed. So long to that worthless cesspool. Shut down that fucking “laugh” emoji and all news page comments sections next.

Cool stuff. Found a Trek road bike on the side of the road, Mark fixed the AC for $15, Vic Murphy Dirt Bros Rule 1990, Haro ’86 raglan jersey, 8” snare pad for the electronic drum kit, bunch of new channels available, Modern Migaround, drinking water.

Tuesday soundtrack. Astro Queen, Graveyard, Corrosion of Confirmity, ASG, Black Rainbows, Fu Manchu, Saint Vitus, The Sword, Loudness, King Diamond, Exodus.

Monday, June 11, 2018

june eleventh

Five for June 11th:

St. George Island. Six days of sun, sand, skimboarding, bike riding, stand-up paddleboarding, sightseeing, crab-hunting, kayaking, skating, dolphin-watching, swimming and chilling out with the family in Florida came and went in the blink of an eye. The kids had a blast, the drives weren’t terrible and all said, it was an amazing vacation.

Ride on. Felt great to get some miles in this morning on the road bike (though the ride home promises to be punishingly hot), and had a pretty good dusting-off-the-cobwebs flatland jam last night after the sun went down.

Jane’s loose front tooth. At long last, it finally fell out while swimming in the pool of the La Quinta Inn in Nashville, shortly before a woman we later found out was a prostitute gave her a pack of Fruit Stripe gum.

Cool stuff. Piggly Wiggly coffee cup, Impotent Loop Trolley is Never Going to Come, iPhone photo dump, getting the lawn mowed, English Breakfast tea, free paperback copy of High Fidelity, Haro Designs sticker, High Brew double espresso, portion control.

Bummers. Downstairs AC is on the fritz, iPhone screen and van windshield are both freshly-cracked, 102-degree heat index, Donald Trump still president.