Friday, August 31, 2018

august thirty-first

Five for August 31st:

Four days riding. After the last couple of dud weeks, feels awesome to get a good solid four days and fifty+ miles of bike commuting under my belt.

Quote of the day. “I was into Minor Threat, I was into the Rites of Spring. They started their own label, they pressed their own records, they wrote their own songs, they booked their own tours and they set conditions, like: you’re not gonna pay more than five bucks to come into this show. You’re not gonna pay more than 10 bucks for this record. Our shows are gonna be all ages, everybody can come in.” -Beto O'Rourke

Whiz kid. Jane aced her first Kindergarten math quiz, earning herself the coveted “superstar” stamp and a very proud dad.

Cool stuff. Payday, steak gogi and waffles, The Good Place season two on Netflix, preordered my Santa Cruz Special Edition, new (non-rotting) fence around Fort Goob, popcorn Friday.

Long weekend action. Labor Day is always bittersweet, but I shan’t complain about any three-day weekend. One last blast at the Maplewood pool with the neighborhood crew, St. James carnival, Mercs at Tap Room, skating/riding, garage sailing, whatever else comes along.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

august thirtieth

Five for August 30th:

Day three. Miles 24-36 for the week going down today. Sunny and mild with a severe drop in humidity made for a pretty perfect morning commute.

Last night. Took Jane to Ramp Riders after dinner to pick up a tire tube, then swung by Di Riso on The Hill for some gelato, which we ate on the patio as the sun went down before cruising home. Got the kids to bed, swapped the tube out and rode at Berra Park for an hour or so. Not bad for a Wednesday.

Quote of the day. “Here’s a minute and a half of Beto O’Rourke’s trash punk band Foss tearing it up on El Paso TV in 1994. Coincidentally, this is the same year human cheese curd Ted Cruz was inhaling his own farts at a ‘Republicans Take Back the House Party’ at Harvard.” -Ted Geoghegan

Cool stuff. Seoul Taco with the lunch crew, getting closer on boomerangs, train repair with George, keyboard jams in the attic studio, new pair of ODI grips, hitting projections, back room repaint is complete.

Postal disservice. I ordered something from California to be delivered to St. Louis. So far, in the last few days USPS has taken it to Massachusetts, then to New Hampshire, then to Indiana (getting there!), then backwards to Ohio, where it spent the night before heading back to Indiana, where it is now. Maybe tomorrow they'll ship it to Alaska and then Hawaii before they finally decide to deliver it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

august twenty-ninth

Five for August 29th:

Day off. My legs could use a break after yet another battle against unrelenting headwinds for the entirety of the ride home yesterday. Wednesday is kid-drive day, and as luck would have it, it’s raining anyway. Looking good for a 4/5 for the week.

Movie night. Tom and I have been loosely planning to watch Airborne, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Hackers, Detroit Rock City, and Ski Patrol for the better part of a decade now. Maybe next year.

The keyboard. I want to take it home and put it up in the attic with the rest of my music gear (and try to learn to play it a bit), but we’re having so much fun with it at the office that it might have to stay here a little while longer. Bonus: Rich hooked me up with a free keyboard stand.

Cool stuff. Leftover sugar steak, Andrew Gillum wins Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary, evening dog-walk around the neighborhood, George’s Super Mario boxer briefs, Physical Graffiti on Spotify.

The Slab. Word on the street is, the Slab (DIY skate spot behind Soulard) is slated for city-sanctioned demolition in the very near future. Was never really my cup of tea, but was a cool spot nonetheless, and I’m glad I got to skate it a few times.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

august twenty-eighth

Five for August 28th:

Day two. The ride home yesterday was awful- a sweltering six-mile slog through relentless north-blowing headwind. This morning was much better by comparison, and ultimately, even rides that suck are more enjoyable than any drive in a car.

Good score. Found a super clean Casio CTK-2100 keyboard next to a dumpster yesterday, missing the power cord. Brought in some AAA batteries today to test it out, and it totally works. No dead keys or anything. Pretty bitchin’.

Slow death. My trusty iPhone 5C, while still functioning for the most part, is entering its twilight years. Slowing speed, unable to update most apps, a cracked screen, rapidly-depleting battery and new issues with the charge port are just a few of its woes. I’ll keep it around as long as I can, but it’s not long for this world.

Cool stuff. Classic ’68-inspired Blues jerseys for the 2018-19 season, backyard roma tomato haul, free box of Italian roast k-cups, A Look Back- American Freestyler, August 1988, Part 1, The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump.

Tuesday soundtrack. Carnivore, Iron Reagan, Clutch, Led Zeppelin, Sheavy, Frank Black, Enforcer, Man or Astro-Man?, Primordial, Black Sabbath, Fang. Sly and the Family Stone, Death.

Monday, August 27, 2018

august twenty-seventh

Five for August 27th:

Riding in. Took a new route through Dogtown which let me avoid the steep climb up Tamm Ave, which can sometimes be a bummer at 7:30 in the morning. Good to have an alternative. Excessive heat warning for this afternoon should be fun.

Divide and conquer. Two kid birthday parties at the same time yesterday. Lisa took Jane to one, I took George to the other, and both kids had too much sugar.

Special Edition. Looks like Santa Cruz will be reissuing the Special Edition “fish” deck in the spring, which is one of my all-time favorites and the first non-department store board I ever saw in person. Definitely picking one up.

Cool stuff. Couple of sweltering weekend flatland sessions, vintage GT jersey, George’s first popsicle from the ice cream truck, 101 Freestyle Tricks Part 2, Powell Bugs in stock at SCS, hitting Soulard Market and the newly-revamped Arch grounds with the goobs.

Priced out of reality. Two shows I’d like to see on Friday night, but $40 for X at Delmar Hall and $25 for Robert Randolph at Atomic? Give me a break.

Friday, August 24, 2018

august twenty-fourth

Five for August 24th:

You get what you get. Another morning of cold, persistent rain forced the second two-day ride week of the season. 25 miles is half of what I was hoping to get in, but hey. What can you do?

Around the house. Fixed the garbage disposal, Lisa and George are painting the back office today, cleaned out some kitchen cabinets, dog escape-proofed the backyard, fresh propane tank.

Drums and other noises. With the delivery of a couple of replacements yesterday, all four tom/snare drum pads and all three cymbals of my e-kit are now functional for the first time in months if not getting close to a year.

Cool stuff. Yogurt cones at Mr. Wizards with the goobs, work snack restock, dialed in the Team Sport seat for side-glides and (hopefully) easier reverse steamrollers, discount Vato Rat longsleeve, new box of Star Wars Kleenex, Seoul Taco with Tom and Brian.

Weekend action. Couple of kid-centric birthday parties to attend, skate/riding session or two, dinner at the in-laws, finishing up some house projects (and starting others), possible trip to the pool.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

august twenty-third

Five for August 23rd:

Day two. Got a great ride in to work today, with the bordering-on-chilly morning weather making it so I barely broke a sweat. Doesn’t get much better than that.

YAP. Loose plans to skate the concrete bowls of the St. Charles County Youth Activity Park at some point in the relatively near future are coming together. I haven’t been out there in probably five years, which is crazy.

Shenmue Remastered. As if I needed another reason (besides the new Red Dead Redemption) to pick up a next-gen console.

Cool stuff. New CSA share, evening at the playground, lunch break White Birch session, Dom Phipps Snakebite podcast part two, DK retro race jerseys.

Quote of the day. “When you go to prison for defrauding America and perjury, your room and board will be free!” -Michael Cohen tweeting to Hillary Clinton, circa 2015

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

august twenty-second

Five for August 22nd:

Quote of the day. “Lock her up” chants about Hillary Clinton at a Trump rally on the day Trump’s campaign manager and personal lawyer get jail time is really GOP politics right now in a nutshell.” -Ezra Klein

Eight years ago today. Lisa and I rode the first and only Moonlight Ramble we’ve ever been on, which is pretty crazy given our general levels of bicycle enthusiasm and the thousands of miles I’ve logged around this city in the ensuing years.

Cardinals grab the wild card lead. Fingers crossed this streak of clinch-winning continues into the postseason. Looks like that managerial change might have actually been just what the doctor ordered.

Cool stuff. Good evening freestyle ride at Berra, 74 degrees out with the windows open, Wall To Wall second edition video, afternoon slappy session going down at the Schnucks curbs.

Date night. Mr. Wizard’s tonight for chocolate-vanilla swirl yogurt cones with my baby girl. Been too long since we had some solo time together.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

august twenty-first

Five for August 21st:

Rained out. I was completely set to go this morning- bike aired up, water bottle filled and chilled, helmet on, backpack packed- when literally one minute before I left it started pissing rain. Couldn’t have timed it better. What a bummer. Still shooting for 3/5.

Gmail. Tried their pointless update for about half a day yesterday before switching back to “classic” format. I honestly don’t know how some of these companies ever greenlight these turds.

Dad jams. Had a blast with the kids last night building a Duplo aircraft carrier, which ultimately led to me showing them video of an actual aircraft carrier, followed by a video of the fabled USS Flagg playset, which ended with me getting out my box of old G.I. Joes to play with until bedtime.

Cool stuff. iPhone photo dump, Cornell University’s 2000+ punk rock flyer archive, Aldi Poke Bowls, monster mix, hand-stenciled Slappy Hour merch.

Tuesday soundtrack. Night Viper, Speedwolf, Pallbearer, Black Tusk, Death Alley, Haunt, Snowy Dunes, Red Desert, Sumac, Mammoth Grinder, Teengenerate, Flipper.

Monday, August 20, 2018

august twentieth

Five for August 20th:

Proud dad. Jane and Hazel’s lemonade stand was completely packed on Saturday, with tons of people showing up for the two hours they had it open. They ended up raising $360 for their backpack drive. Can’t even believe how amazing that kid is.

Commitment. Getting back onboard the health train after slacking a bit last week. Going for four days/ fifty miles of riding, intermittent fasting (11 am-7 pm) M-F, and cutting out the junk food completely, with at least a couple nights riding flatland at the park and some lunch skate sessions sprinkled in for good measure.

Home d├ęcor. Changed up the front room with a new carpet and coffee table from Ikea, which makes the room feel about a million times bigger and less cramped. More coming down the pike, including a bookshelf and repainting.

Cool stuff. Birthday party for mom, shredding the backyard micro-quarter, watermelons growing in the garden, Sean Burns interview, hanging with Greg, two new tom pads for the e-kit, set up the Gonz.

Blackout. Got my beloved 2017 Haro Team Sport made over with a fresh pair of black ODI Toadstool grips, new black Kendas, and a vintage black GT seat. So stoked on how this came out. I was never a huge fan of all the white that came stock on this bike, and now she’s pretty much perfect.

Friday, August 17, 2018

august seventeenth

Five for August 17th:

Future business leaders. Jane and her friend Hazel are setting up a lemonade stand on Saturday in Clifton Heights to raise money to buy backpacks for kids that need them. How great is that? Bring a dollar or two and quench your thirst.

Sweet score. Nabbed a $7.99 copy of Iron Maiden’s debut album with (original guitar player) Dennis Stratton’s autograph on the cover at Vintage Vinyl yesterday.

Pentagon postpones Trump’s parade. While I never thought I'd see the day where the US would even consider pissing away 92 million dollars on a military parade to honor a draft dodger, I guess this is a good start?

Cool stuff. New Black Fast record, FBM Open House photos, raw almond restock, electric razor, pay day, Star Wars night with George in the attic, stuffed toy races down the slide at the park.

Weekend action. Swapping out a gyro cable, drinking some lemonade (see above), hopefully getting an early pump track skate session in, birthday celebration with Mom, riding bikes, lawn care.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

august sixteenth

Five for August 16th:

Happy birthday Mom. 71 years young today. We got some FaceTime in this morning, but the real party goes down on Sunday. Jane isn’t letting you off the hook without some cake, so be ready.

Day two. Got a good ride in this morning after a couple of drive days. Gonna be a sweltering trip home tonight, but with summer dwindling away and tomorrow looking like a potential bust, I’m not complaining.

Aretha. R.I.P. to the undisputed, never-to-be-bested, irreplaceable, eternal queen of soul and pretty much the best vocalist in any capacity that will ever grace the face of the earth.

Cool stuff. G&S Neil Blender “Faces” reissues, lunch carnitas, gifting old musical gear, top part of the Forest Park bike trail reopened, new game of GTA V, tangerine La Croix.

Haro Sport blackout. By the end of next week it’ll be loaded up with a black Dominator (or GT) seat, new ODI Toad Stool grips, and some fresh black 20x2.25 Kendas. I was never a huge fan of the stock white components, and it’s due for some upgrades after the beating it’s taken this summer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

august fifteenth

Five for August 15th:

First day. Day one of Kindergarten seemed to be a good one. Jane made a new friend, seems to like her teacher and was intent on riding the bus all by herself today, which she did. I’m proud of her.

Garage sailing. Found a dusty old school chrome BMX with some interesting aftermarket parts (knockoff Peregrine sprocket and Dyno pretzel bars, among other things) over the weekend. Too bad the guy wanted fifty bucks for it.

Cardinals. Revitalized and back in postseason contention on the strength of a string of wins. Here’s hoping for a strong final push. It would be fun to go out and watch some playoff games again.

Cool stuff. Two-dollar Tuesday, List: Boat Parts or Names of Unvaccinated Children?, switched out the Xbox 360 in the attic, the legendary fourth pink ’85 Haro Master has been discovered, hitting Ranchito with Tom and Brian.

Voltron. Binge-watched most of season seven of Legendary Defender last night, leaving myself only two episodes to go. That show rules beyond belief.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

august fourteenth

Five for August 14th:

Back to school. It’s hard to believe, but our baby girl is officially a Kindergartner. Dropped her off for her first day today, which was a little overwhelming for everyone, but she’s going to be ruling that place in no time. Celebratory burgers tonight.

Quote of the day. "…In other news, the Twitter feed of the President of the United States this morning was unhinged, undemocratic, a breach of decorum and sanity, with dog whistles of misogyny and racism... well I guess that really isn't news." -Dan Rather

Deadbeat buyers. I’ve never dealt with anyone on eBay who won an auction only to not pay for the item (which of course, I didn’t ship) until I attempted to sell a few records for Lisa’s dad. It’s happened twice now, on two separate listings. Is this some weird thing exclusive to record collectors?

Cool stuff. Getting the Master repaired this week, good leftovers, grapefruit shandy, Madd Matt on YouTube, dialing in freak squeaks at Berra Park, smokehouse almonds.

Tuesday soundtrack. Kyuss, Mothership, American Sharks, ISIS, Spirit Caravan, Earthless, Beastwars, Acid Witch, The Heavy Eyes, Dead Moon, Transplants, ASG, Cactus.

Monday, August 13, 2018

august thirteenth

Five for August 13th:

Pushing through. Completely did not feel like riding in this morning, but I did it anyway and I’m glad I did. Ended up being exactly what I needed. Also, it’s amazing what a difference raising your seat half an inch can make.

Red Dead Redemption 2. New gameplay video hit the ‘net last week, and it’s absolutely jaw-dropping. I haven’t picked up a new game system since the Xbox 360 came out ten years ago, but I do believe that’s about to change.

Weekend highlights. Friday night flatland at Berra Park, removed a trash can’s worth of yard waste and tree stumps to clear a pathway through the side yard (and found an old Grimace toy in the dirt), radical skate session at JB with the old man crew, couple of playground trips,

Cool stuff. The Rollback BMX podcast, Monk Hubbard episode of Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding, Wake Up To Politics has returned, free coffee and oranges at the office, caramel macchiato Halo Top, Mario 64 with George on my lap, stretching.

Sick baby blues. Jane came down with a fever over the weekend and spent much of yesterday on the couch watching cartoons. Poor kid. Hoping she can recover today for her first day of school tomorrow.

Friday, August 10, 2018

august tenth

Five for August 10th:

Duality. While my wife was at St. Louis Public radio last night sitting on a panel discussing gender equality in the workplace, I was dropping five dollars’ worth of quarters into a claw machine at Happy Joe’s trying (and ultimately failing) to win Jane a stuffed frog.

It had to happen sooner or later. Bummed to say this is the first week since the start of daylight savings where I’ve driven to work more than ridden. The possibility of afternoon storms plus the fact that I had to bring an eBay sale in to the office to pack and ship at lunch forced a sad 2/5. Back to normal next week.

Last week of summer break. Lisa is at the pool solo-supervising four children under the age of six today, which is a testament to her, as this is a feat I surely would not emerge sanely from.

Cool stuff. Work coffee resupply, Ted Leo at Off Broadway in October, fruit salad, handing out free skull shakers, Voltron: Legendary Defender season seven on Netflix, Seoul Taco with Tom and Brian.

Weekend action. Leaning toward a morning trip to Johnson Shut-Ins for some swimming, a much-needed mowing of the lawn, riding some bikes, morning concrete and/or pump track skate jam, hanging with the family, possibly hitting Off Broadway for a rock show.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

august ninth

Five for August 9th:

Day two. Great ride in this morning. Always nice to get back on the saddle after a couple days of driving. Hoping the thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow stay isolated enough to get in another one.

Wii. The good news? The new sensor bar I picked up on eBay works, making the remote once again functional. The bad? It’s no longer reading game discs, and spitting the CDs back out after clicking for a few seconds. Anyone know a fix? Hit me up.

Ancient history. Ten years ago last night the band and I were partying after a show in the basement of some venue in Lawrence, KS with a bunch of people we didn't know, including the two members of the Breeders are that aren't the Deal sisters. Flash forward a decade to the same night, where I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 pm watching Cheers.

Cool stuff. Natas Kaupas is hosting a Thrashin’ screening in LA tonight, green smoothies, playing He-Man with the kids, neighborhood crew float trip upcoming, watermelon Perrier, Giro della Montagna bike race on the Hill in September.

Ripping jams. Had a good session at the slab after the kids went to bed. Locked in and pulled some of my longest reverse steamrollers and fork wheelies ever, stuck a 360 front wheel hop and threw down some solid combo runs.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

august eighth

Five for August 8th:

Results are in. While it’s a bummer that Cori Bush didn’t beat Clay, I couldn’t be happier about the firm ousting of McCullough by Wesley Bell, the decisive “no” vote on Proposition A, and victory by Michael Butler over Sharon Carpenter. Well done, STL.

Chronicles of Gnarnia Brought the old school Hosoi Hammerhead in for some mid-afternoon 170 ditch destruction.

Quote of the day. “Riders and skaters took it upon themselves to make their own fun.” -Steve Crandall

Cool stuff. Voting, $1.49 Rush ’78 Tour t-shirt from Savers, drywall holes are patched up around the house, Jane’s first candy buttons, playground plans for this evening with the goobs.

Twitter. I was done with that platform a long time ago, pretty much only posting links to these blog updates when I posted them, but I’m officially finished with it at this point.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

august seventh

Five for August 7th:

Voting day. Going by the polling place after work to cast some votes, for all the good it’ll do. Here’s hoping for a landslide Cori Bush win and Prop A defeat, along with a McCullough trouncing in the county.

Home improvements. Lisa’s dad made us an amazing custom mantle to go over the fireplace from a walnut tree on his property, which he is installing today. The missing piece of the living room puzzle.

It’s like rain on the PGA. There are so many bummed out Nike polo shirt-clad upper middle class white people in the greater St. Louis area right now.

Cool stuff. Eric Dressen Nine Club podcast, Splinter Cell revisited, vintage Primo and Diane footage, new haircuts for the goobs, Freestylin' Magazine online archive project.

Tuesday soundtrack. Ministry, Goatsnake, Dead Now, Horisont, Twisted Sister, Rocket From The Crypt, Blood For Blood, The Living End, Black Sabbath, Joy Division, Blind Iris, Death Alley, Riot.

Monday, August 6, 2018

august sixth

Five for August 6th:

Masters of the Universe. Scored a Castle Grayskull shell along with He-Man, Trapjaw, Ram-Man and Evil Lyn figures at the toy show yesterday- $15 for everything. The kids and I have already had some epic adventures in Eternia, with many more to come.

Flatland. Two ripping sundown sessions on Friday and Sunday nights at Berra Park. Not much new in the trick department, but getting way more consistent lines and combos going.

Ride day one. Just enough overcast to keep things mild even with the humidity on the ride in. Tomorrow is looking stormy and Wednesday is out as usual, so this is probably it until Thursday.

Cool stuff. Breakfast at Chris’ with the family, built-in chain tensioners, homemade Thai peanut chicken, date night plans, new sensor bar, Half Cabs, Nicky Guerrero footage.

Game systems currently hooked up in the attic. Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, Sega Dreamcast. Accepting all two-player challengers.

Friday, August 3, 2018

august third

Five for August 3rd:

Day three. Blasted home last night with skies darkening and flashes of lightning increasing, and made it to my driveway just as the first drops of rain started to fall. Good ride in this morning for a solid three days and near-40 miles on the saddle for the week.

EGR 1998. One of the best shows my old (old) band ever played, wherein Kevin dressed as the speedboat from Thunder in Paradise, was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. So rad to see this for the first time in 20 years. I assumed this tape was lost forever. Big thanks to Nate for digging this up.

Curb crushin’. Afternoon slappy session at the Schnucks curbs was a rad one. Been a minute since we rolled around there.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, steak gogi bowl, Arasog Shershwack, Cliff Burton Master of Puppets isolated bass track, chocolate sea salt RX bar.

Weekend action. Mellow one coming up. Loose plans include going to the pool, riding some bikes, hitting the toy show with Jane, mowing the lawn, maybe buying a new coffee table, hanging out.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

august second

Five for August 2nd:

Day two. Got a bit of a late start this morning, but still made it from the bottom of my driveway to the back door of the warehouse in 25 minutes, and that’s including a stop to chat with the city Forestry Department guys chopping down bumpy forest.

Trash into cash. Sold a stack of drum heads- all of which I got for free- that had been sitting in my basement for the better part of five years for eighty bucks. This must be what Jeff Bezos feels like.

Clifton Park. The drinking fountain by the playground- which hasn’t worked in the six years we’ve lived there and was apparently connected to a garden hose- was ripped out yesterday. New, functional version forthcoming? Phase 1 of park redevelopment? We shall see.

Cool stuff. Seoul Taco with Tom and Brian, leftover halo top, Mario Kart in the attic with the goobers, PDXBMX-Files #1, freestylin' at the spot tonight.

Higher education. I can’t believe my baby girl is going to be starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks, with George following right behind her with his first year in preschool. Time can stop flying now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

august first

Five for August 1st:

Back to school season. Though not quite there yet, I’m getting into my busiest time of the year at work, which tends to wreak havoc on the quality and consistency of these daily posts. The struggle is real.

Bloodstains. Agent Orange tonight at Fubar. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen them since they played the Side Door twenty-some-odd years ago, so needless to say, it’s overdue.

Cruisin’ Clifton. Took full advantage of city living and nice weather yesterday evening. Walked over to SoHa for dinner, stopped by the playground, walked around the lake, got a couple of books from the little library, and ended up hanging out with some neighbors while the kids played in an inflatable bounce house before heading home.

Cool stuff. Rain held off for a great ride home yesterday, coffee restock, sweaty evening flatland at the spot, Red Racks archaeology, Jane and George rock climbing with Mary and Keith, selling crap on Craigslist.

Quote of the day. “Capitalism has existed for less than 1% of recorded history and we might literally destroy the planet under it, but it’s the only system that ‘works’ and we have to keep doing it forever.” -Shuja Haider