Friday, September 28, 2018

september twenty-eighth

Five for September 28th:

St. Louis Rites of Passage. Jane’s first school field trip to the Magic House is today. Obligatory oversized pin with photograph of her static-electrified hair standing on end forthcoming.

Five for five. Ending this week with somewhere around 65 miles of bike commuting and zero drive days, and am feeling completely awesome, with none of the soreness and lingering fatigue that usually accompanies a full ride week.

Quote of the day. “Turns out that Juggalos are employable after all.” -Adam

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, getting paid, Lisa’s acai bowls, afternoon slappy hour, Grosso’s Loveletters: Texas, shave and a haircut.

Weekend action. Beautiful one coming up, weather-wise. Loose plans include checking out The Uppers/Jag-Wires at San Loo and/or The Sword at Ready Room, Jane’s soccer game, getting in some skating and riding, running errands, and a few trips to the playground with the goobs.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

september twenty-seventh

Five for September 27th:

Day four. Clicked over the fifty-mile mark for the week today. I think I’ve probably driven my car for a total of five minutes over the last ten days. This will change with the end of daylight savings, but until then I will take full advantage of the bike trails.

Itching to shred. Really wanting to skate some mini-ramp lately, which is good given we’re quickly heading into indoor-skate season. Who’s down for Ramp Riders?

Quote of the day. “If he decides to run for President, Brett Kavanaugh only needs 15 more allegations of sexual assault to earn 81% of the white evangelical vote.” -unknown

Cool stuff. $6 Freestyling by Freestylin’ Magazine book, Georgie hangout night, short flatland session at the lot, homemade oatmeal cookies, black bean chip restock.

New Gmail. Like all totally arbitrary changes to things on the internet, I don’t love it, but I guess we’re now stuck with it. Reduced the display density to “compact” and got it pretty close to the old look.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

september twenty-sixth

Five for September 26th:

Serendipity. Their butter pecan ice cream is next-level, and the kids wasted no time decimating their cookie monster and birthday cake cones. Bonus: close proximity to Old Orchard Park’s gazebo and apple-chairs.

Bike commuting, fall-style. Felt much better today after a good night’s sleep, especially after wobbling home last night barely able to feel my legs from tiredness. I could have worn my full-finger gloves it was so chilly this morning, but totally refreshing. Broke out the thermal shirt and made it in in 25 minutes.

Lipstick on a pig. Always wanted an ’87 GT Pro Freestyle Tour, but paying thousands for one ain’t gonna happen, hence my freshly re-stickered ’94 Vertigo, which came out looking killer. Ultimately I’d like to upgrade to a mallet stem and GT sprocket, but I’m in no hurry for any of that.

Cool stuff. Martin Strings pen and post-its, conking out at 9 pm, rare kid transport-free Wednesday, Jane’s first Daisy Scout meeting, resisting the urge to eat donuts, hoodie weather.

Fact. You can trace the moment the internet started sucking to when people started just going by their real names instead of using handles.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

september twenty-fifth

Five for September 25th:

No rest for the weary. I haven’t slept as poorly as I did last night in as long as I can remember. There’s not enough coffee in the world right now.

Day two. Despite little rest, had a good ride in this morning. I think getting the blood pumping a bit actually helped me get going, as opposed to yawning my way in in the car. This is looking like it might be a 5/5 day bike commuting week. Here’s hoping for a storm-free ride home.

Global laughingstock. With the UN general assembly literally laughing out loud at Trump’s address, our position as a worldwide joke is not just hyperbole anymore. Are we great again yet?

Cool stuff. Free Cleartone string set and sticker bundle, potential Ramp Riders PM evening jam, when your kids fall asleep on you, Earthbound brewery cave tours open, Splash Wave videos on YouTube.

Tuesday soundtrack. Spiritual Beggars, High on Fire, Pentagram, T.S.O.L., Scissorfight, Bad Brains, Overkill, Misfits, Lard, Honeymoon Disease, Fear, Gwar, Murder City Devils, AC/DC.

Monday, September 24, 2018

september twenty-fourth

Five for September 24th:

Morning ride. Dreary, foggy and misty ride in to work, which actually ended up being kind of refreshing. The Skinker bike trail is back open, so I blasted in in no time. Should be a good four-day ride week this week.

Impossible burger. Finally got around to trying one, and meh. I can see how vegetarians and vegans might love it, but as far as everyone’s claims that it tastes like the real thing, that would be a big “no”- and the price tag is absurd. Pass.

Party in the park. Had a blast on Saturday evening. Huge turnout with tons of neighborhood friends, the kids ran themselves ragged, the band wasn’t completely offensive and the weather was perfect.

Cool stuff. Sleeping in, got the Vertigo stripped down, Café Bustelo office restock, collaborative artwork, watching George try to play Metroid, backyard tomatoes, another week of intermittent fasting, Royale patio.

Ripping it up. Had a super fun solo skate session at JB on my new Powell Bug reissue, where I landed my cleanest boneless 180 to tail ever, and rode some flatland at Webster Groves with Jane yesterday.

Friday, September 21, 2018

september twenty-first

Five for September 21st:

The main event. Lisa’s big gala at the Frontenac Hilton went off hitch-free (or so I hear). Super proud of and happy for her, both in that it was such a success and that she can now relax for a bit. Next year I will be in attendance for sure.

Day three. Got as many rides and miles in as possible this week, which is always the goal. Slower slog in than usual this morning due to the wet roads, but with mild temps kicking in, the ride home tonight should make it well worth it.

Fresh look. Ended up going with the ’86 Pro Freestyle Tour team model stickers for the Vertigo. Before and after pics coming to Instagram at some point.

Cool stuff. Evening at the playground with the goobs, maple sea salt RX bar, watching Jane’s reading and math comprehension skills explode in real time, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Ringing in autumn with the Clifton Heights Party in the Park, possible float trip with the neighborhood crew and/or hitting up the September Toy Show, early morning skate session, mowing the lawn.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

september twentieth

Five for September 20th:

Making a Difference. Best of luck to my amazing and inspiring wife tonight at her (sold out) Women’s Foundation Making a Difference event. She’ll be speaking in front of about 550 people, hanging out with Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and working to make a better world.

Bike commuting. Day three for the week today. Still midsummer-levels of hot and muggy outside, but it felt great to pedal in after a couple of necessary drive days.

Hanging with G. Greg came by last night to diagnose the headset issue I’ve been having on the GT, and we kicked it for a bit in the backyard afterward. Always good hanging out. Speaking of that bike, I think it may be due for some new decals. ’87 Pro Freestyle Tour team model?

Cool stuff. Teenage Stepdad on Instagram, Jane’s pet worm, new farm share pickup, fourth day of intermittent fasting, bathed the dog, morning piano jams with George, fresh-ground honey roast peanut butter, Steve Saiz “totem” reissues in natural finish.

Seoul Taco rules. Got a five-dollar gift card for it taking them ten minutes to get my gogi and waffles out today. Top notch service, dudes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

september nineteenth

Five for September 19th:

George’s first day. My little dude crushed it at his first day of preschool, which is no surprise. Not sure if it’s related or not, but on the drive in this morning he informed me that there are sixty minutes in an hour, which I thought was a pretty astute observation for a three-year-old.

The wait is over. At long last, Haro unveiled the 2019 bashguard Masters yesterday at Interbike, and holy crap did they kill it. Some people are bummed on the 44-16 gearing, but in my mind it’s perfect for a bike like this. Super sick. I have a feeling these won’t last long.

You win some, you lose some. Rode flat last night even though I really wasn’t feeling it. Ended up bashing my shin and calling it a night. That said, it wasn’t a total bust, as I made some good progress on boomerangs from the back pegs and infinity rolls.

Cool stuff. Endless summer, Toxic Skates “Acid Rain” and Denny Riordon pro model reisssues, work snack restock, Banza noodles, evening at the playground, PS1 classic edition, Snakebite Lee Reynolds podcast.

Quote of the day. “The entire Trump reign thus far is like running over a log and watching maggots and other disgusting bugs crawl out.” -Valerie Plame Wilson

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

september eighteenth

Five for September 18th:

School days, part II. After an unexpected week of construction delays, we dropped our little dude off for his first day of preschool today. Needless to say, he was ready to go.

Happy birthday Josh. My younger, significantly less attractive brother is another year older today, and can definitely expect a FaceTime request from his niece and nephew this evening.

Quote of the day. “Nobody innocent has a list of 65 women they haven’t raped on hand for when the woman accusing them of attempted rape comes forward. Nobody.” -Kaivan Shroff

Cool stuff. Fun afternoon White Birch session with Brian yesterday, Roky Erickson/White Mystery fall tour, upcoming Interbike bashguard Haro Masters unveiling, gripped up the Bug, grande Casi Cielo, Trump rated worst president in US history.

Tuesday soundtrack. Leaf Hound, Power Trip, Avatarium, Motorhead, Sacred Reich, Gray Matter, The Pretty Things, Cro-Mags, Redd Kross, Void, ALL, Exhorder.

Monday, September 17, 2018

september seventeenth

Five for September 17th:

41 years. Celebrated with pink-frosting cupcakes, a new Powell Bug reissue deck, some great kid art, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s, and my three favorite people. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Goals for the week. Ride to work a minimum three days, intermittent fasting all five days, eat well, skate White Birch, couple of post-bedtime Berra Park sessions.

First soccer games. Jane played back-to-back hour-long games in searing heat at the YMCA on Saturday. Despite that, she played like a champ and even made a great save while playing goalie. Proud dad.

Cool stuff. Flatland jams in Earth City and Lindenwood Park, Blueprint Coffee cold brew (so potent I could only drink about half of it), Brian Tunney’s DIY Finding Grasso series, discount shorts, cocoa almonds, blue stain Mike V Elephant reissues.

Backyard in bloom. Summer is winding down but the gardens are in full gear. Basil, tomatoes, watermelon, peppers, and we even pulled four huge apples off the tree.

Friday, September 14, 2018

september fourteenth

Five for September 14th:

Day three. Good, solid near-40 mile ride week in the books. Next week is looking good in the weather department, but one of the main bike trails that makes up my ride is going to be closed through forest park, so there’ll be that to contend with.

Turning 41 on Sunday. Jane and Lisa are baking the traditional Pete the Cat cupcakes and George is apparently planning a bicycle-themed party. A trip to Happy Joe’s may be going down as well.

Late bloggin’. Sometimes it goes up at 9 am, sometimes I start it and forget about it and it doesn’t go up till the end of the day. What can you do?

Cool stuff. Backyard baby tomatoes in abundance, got the lawn mowed, payday, intermittent fasting resumed, Baseball Stars, D standard tuning, Iron Fist season 2 on Netflix.

Weekend action. Birthday-partying with the crew, JD McPherson at Off Broadway, Jane’s first soccer game, setting up the Powell Bug, skating and riding, hanging out with the kiddos.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

september thirteenth

Five for September 13th:

Day two. Miles 12-24 for the week going down today. The humidity is creeping back in after a few days of unseasonable cool, but with the season winding down, I’ll take all the summer I can get.

Last night. Fun time at the playground with a bunch of the neighborhood crew. The kids ran themselves ragged and both had to be woken up this morning, which is a rarity.

Quote of the day. “The people who say ‘somebody breaks into my house, I shoot first and ask questions later!’ and the people who think Botham Jean should have obeyed the orders of the strange lady breaking into his apartment are the same people. -Todd Hollowman

Cool stuff. Leftover Salt & Smoke, BMX Inferno on YouTube, 2019 Haro Mirra tributes, Seoul Taco lunch date with Lisa, Grosso’s Loveletters: Atlanta Scene Report, evening flatland.

RES system. Got it hooked up last night, and it rules. Every classic NES game I tried plays perfectly, first try. No blowing in the cartridge, no slamming it in at full force. Now I just need to find out what happened to my copy of Battle of Olympus.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

september twelfth

Five for September 12th:

Southpaw. Looks like George is almost definitely going to end up a lefty, which is something no one else in his immediate family can claim. Guess it happens to the best of us.

Three nights of good shows. Shonen Knife at Ready Room (tonight), Red Fang and Hell Night at Firebird (tomorrow), JD McPherson at Off Broadway (Friday). Hoping to make it out to at least one of ‘em.

Quote of the day. “I mean this seriously, not as a political dig. If you’re in Florence’s path and considering riding it out, your President just said that a hurricane response where 3000 died is his measure of success. Get out of there.” -Chris Murphy

Cool stuff. Bunch of new Nick Watts footage, FiveThirtyEight gives Democrats a 78% chance of winning back the House, cashew cookie Larabars, bag of free K-cups, attic gaming, RES delivery.

Easily amused. I showed Jane some ventriloquism videos on YouTube before bed last night and it completely blew her mind.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

september eleventh

Five for September 11th:

Quote of the day. “I have to resist getting involved with too much stuff at Jane’s school, I’m just too busy.” -Lisa, current kindergarten class treasurer and Girl Scout troop co-leader, circa August 2018

Short notice. Reluctantly turned down a last-minute road trip to Champaign-Urbana with Kevin and Doug on Sunday to see the 5-6-7-8’s and Shonen Knife play for free, which was a drag, but pretty much the only option with two kids and an hour’s notice.

Alternate modes of transportation. Super fun slappy hour at the Schnucks curbs, ripping flatland jams at Berra Park, solid 6.3 mile road ride to work.

Cool stuff. Jane is learning to spell, clean teeth and no cavities, free Napoleon hat, Steve and Shelly bought The Waiting Room, new, previously unreleased Ramones song, black cherry Waterloo.

Tuesday soundtrack. Weedeater, Thou, Dwarves, Motley Crue, Wolf Brigade, Early Man, Whiskey Neck, Negative Approach, Supersuckers, Monolord, Darkthrone, Deep Purple, Agent Orange, Municipal Waste.

Monday, September 10, 2018

september tenth

Five for September 10th:

Jock jams. Jane’s first YMCA soccer practice on Friday went great despite the soggy field, and she has her first game this coming Saturday. I can’t wait to verbally berate some referees.

Apple fritter. Had one for the first time in a couple of years over the weekend, and it made me feel like total crap for a couple of hours. A good reminder that shitty food doesn’t do anything but make you feel shitty.

Riding plans. With the unseasonably cool, fall-like weather currently happening, today would have been an epic ride day. Unfortunately, I have a dentist appointment tonight right after work. Fully planning on bike commutes tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

Cool stuff. Kerrang interview with Brian, RES top-loading Nintendo console, five-dollar Iron Maiden Trooper raglan, free bag of Sumatra, much-needed fresh pair of contacts, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil revisited, afternoon slappies.

Chesterfield Mall. My old childhood stomping ground is dying a slow, prolonged death. The anchor stores are shuttered, and a noticeable number of smaller staple shops (Spencer’s, Slackers, etc) have closed since the last time we were there. It’s actually depressing as hell.

Friday, September 7, 2018

september seventh

Five for September 7th:

St. Louis weather forecasters suck. I totally could have rode yesterday. Left work to blue skies and sunshine. As of 9 o’clock this morning, it still hasn’t actually rained. Bastards.

Progression session. Another great flatland jam at the spot last night. Dialing in a couple of new (for me) tricks feels awesome after a marginally stale couple months in that department, even though I’ve been having a blast riding.

Special guest. Gregg Bissonette stopped by the office yesterday, which was pretty cool. It's not every day that the dude that played drums on Eat 'Em and Smile is hanging out at your desk. He’s currently on tour drumming with Ringo Starr and is playing tonight at the Fox. Not sure if there are any tickets left, but if so, you should go.

Cool stuff. Lisa’s Women’s Foundation event is officially sold out, new dollar sunglasses, Snakebite Keith Treanor podcast, mountain mix, Skate One coupon code, morning at the train yard with George, sneak peek of the 2019 bashguard Master samples, push pin restock.

Weekend action. Rainy one coming up, though hopefully we’ll get out of the woods on Sunday. Plans to hit the JoA carnival if possible, some neighborhood kid birthday party action, maybe a session at Ramp Riders, trying to keep the kids from going stir crazy, whatever else comes along.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

september sixth

Five for September 6th:

Rain doubt. With the remnants of a literal hurricane blowing in this afternoon and sticking through most of the weekend, it’s looking like this will be a single-day ride week. In fairness, it was a short week, and I did 20 miles up the river road on Sunday, but it still feels like total fail.

Dude date. Took George to Steak ‘n Shake last night for some “hamburger sandwiches” and what might have been his first chocolate shake, which he downed (almost) entirely by himself. Good times with my big buddy.

Winter survival plans. Swimming/ watersliding at the Richmond Heights rec center pool, Ramp Riders skate and BMX sessions, purchasing and completing the new Red Dead Redemption, taking advantage of whatever mild days I’m afforded.

Cool stuff. Watching the sunrise with the goobers, grande dark roast, morning roll on the McGill, Subrosa banner for the attic, cleaned and aired the FST, Robert Plant is playing an unscheduled show at Pageant on Saturday, flatland kneepads.

Quote of the day. “So, a president (twice) elected by the majority of citizens can’t name a SCOTUS nominee because of some made up rules but a community theatre mob boss named as an unindicted co-conspirator gets to pick his “Get Out Of Impeachment Free” card. Got it.” -Jesse Duquette

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

september fifth

Five for September 5th:

Radical moves. Steamy flatland session at Berra last night was the most progressive I’ve had in a long time. After walking into a handful of them just to get the motion down, I figured out how to roll from a half-circle fork glide into a funky chicken, end even pulled off a few scuffs.

Long live Sniffy. Lisa thought the caterpillar died yesterday, but luckily it was still alive and just playing dead. Some tears were shed and goodbyes were said, but after some convincing, Jane reluctantly agreed to release it to the backyard garden.

Pool Scum. Stumbled on this amazing and hilarious stop-motion skate series by Foster Huntington this morning. Check it out here, along with a look behind-the-scenes at how the whole thing materialized.

Cool stuff. Future Thoughts- American Freestyler, August 1988 pt. 2, Hot Wheels Zombots, Pete Souza’s Instagram, leftover tikka masala, Super Mario 64 with George, candy bar Halo Top, boxes of free guitar and uke tuners at the office.

Quote of the day. “He’s an idiot. It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything. He’s gone off the rails. We’re in crazytown. I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.” -Chief of Staff John Kelly on Donald Trump

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

september fourth

Five for September 4th:

Closing out summer. Dialed in the lawn, one final trip to the Maplewood pool with the neighborhood crew, parking lot carnival in Dogtown for rides, cotton candy and funnel cakes.

Bikeage. Sweat-soaked flatland session at Berra on Saturday morning, checked out the Giro Della Montagna Gateway Cup races on the Hill with the family, did a twenty-mile round trip ride with Lisa up the river road from Alton to Elsah and back on Sunday, and got the first commute of the week in this morning.

Sniffy. Jane has a new pet caterpillar she found while hiking yesterday morning, currently residing in a glass jar with a few leaves, sticks, and a piece of banana. Not sure how long it’s going to last, but it survived the night at least.

Cool stuff. Turning 41 this month (what?), root beers at the Elsah general store, early morning skateboarding at JB, free blueberry Clif bars at the office, The Original Skateboarder documentary, burgers and shrimp at Fast Eddie’s.

Tuesday soundtrack. Youth Of Today, Judas Priest, Melvins, Russian Circles, Cobalt, Zig Zags, Aboleth, Electric Six, Asteroid, Nightstalker, Celtic Frost, Venom, Torche, The Cult, The Jesus and Mary Chain.