Wednesday, October 31, 2018

october thirty-first

Five for October 31st:

Ghouls’ night out. The third-annual Clifton Park kid crew Halloween romp is going down in a few hours. Last year was at least fifty strong, not including parents. Our Super Mario and Princess Peach will be out in full force.

Ripping and tearing. Last night at Ramp Riders was without doubt the best I’ve ever skated a mini ramp- which isn’t saying much, but I’m stoked nonetheless. Had the whole place to ourselves for two hours. Feeling good about getting some progression in this fall/winter.

Seoul Taco. Brought in lunch today, but it’s going to have to wait, as the siren song of the steak burrito bowl is calling my name. Resistance is futile.

Cool stuff. Ranchito coffee and office CafĂ©’ Bustelo restock, S&M Skeletons & Muscles Tour video, preschool Father’s Night photos, free candy (trying to abstain), after-work lawn mowers at the lot on the FST, three evenings at the playground with the neighborhood crew.

Post trick-or-treating. Some old friends will be doing a full-costume, eight-song Iron Maiden tribute set at Foam. Fully planning on being in attendance.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

october thirtieth

Five for October 30th:

Riding bikes. With tomorrow a no-go due to kid transport duties and rain in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, today is looking like it might be it for the week- and, depending on my levels of motivation going forward, potentially the last ride of the season with DST ending Sunday. Seems totally unreal. Like yesterday, should be another amazing low-70’s ride home this evening.

Quote of the day. "Don't believe today's story about him revoking birthright citizenship: he can't change an executive order. It's just another lie intended to placate his base before the midterm election. Rather than repeat this falsehood, news organizations should be calling it a lie." -Pete Souza

Historical documentation. 25 minutes of super-rare and exceptionally high quality footage from the first ever 2-Hip KOV contest in a Minnesota barn circa winter ’86 was just uploaded to YouTube. I’d only heard stories of this comp, and maybe seen a photo or two, but thought this event lost to time.

Cool stuff. Sleeping well, Ramp Riders skate session coming down the pike, evening at the playground, Laurel Hill walk, shooting hoops with Josh and Robert (and George), good leftovers, making up bedtime stories for Jane.

Tuesday soundtrack. Fireburn, Voivod, Cathedral, Grand Magus, Lost Sounds, Dead Boys, Electric Wizard, The Cult, Meshuggah, Rose Tattoo, The Cry, Blues Pills.

Monday, October 29, 2018

october twenty-ninth

Five for October 29th:

Castlewood Park. Great hike up to the overlook with the goobs yesterday. Peak fall colors, amazing views, explored some ruins, had some snacks. Then George got tired and chaos ensued, but hey. That’s just par for the course.

Pumpkin carving. Strayed from the usual “spooky triangles” thing to do an owl in a tree per Jane’s request, with Lisa holding down the traditional carving duty. Front porch is looking good.

Living in the limelight. Went with Seth to Germantown, IL on Friday night to see two of our co-workers’ band. I ended up sitting in on drums for “Honky Tonk Women” and “You Really Got Me”, with Seth filling in on bass for “Wild Thing”. Hilariousness.

Cool stuff. Brunch at the playground, autumn in Clifton Heights, El Paisano (complete with flamenco guitarist) revisited, Jane’s fairy house, shave and a haircut, great flatland session on the Master, Powell Peralta Last Session at Skate Zone video.

Last week of DST. Already looking forward to March 10, 2019 with bated breath. Plans to avoid seasonal affective disorder include skating/riding Ramp Riders (and outdoors) as much as possible, immersing myself in the world of Red Dead Redemption II, and doing plenty of indoor swimming/watersliding at the Y.

Friday, October 26, 2018

october twenty-sixth

Five for October 26th:

End of an era. The Upstairs Lounge announced it's closing for good the day after Joe Edwards unveiled his latest ghoulish plan to put a miniature golf course in the Loop. What the ever-loving fuck, St. Louis?

Three outta five ain’t bad. Pissing cold drizzle and a lingering blanket of mist this morning put the kibosh on any chance of riding in, which sucked, but at least I got a few good ones in this week.

Welcome back. The Skateboard Graphics episode went up yesterday, and is probably my favorite of the last two seasons or more. Harkens back to simpler days of the letters. Definitely worth a watch for any skate art nerd.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, getting paid, new season of Castlevania on Netflix, hard-copy family photo boxes, Grande Pike Roast, salmon burgers, fresh Nick Watts flatland footage, Nine Club Tony Hawk podcast.

Weekend action. Getting the van tire repaired, swimming and hot-tubbing at the Y, neighborhood kid brunch party at the playground, pumpkin carving, hanging with the goobs, and hopefully getting a skate/riding session or two in.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

october twenty-fifth

Five for October 25th:

Thrift score. Nabbed six vintage, mint-in-box Simpsons Playmates sets at Goodwill yesterday for six bucks apiece, including the ultra-rare Frank Grimes/ Nuclear Power Plant Lunch room set, currently on eBay for prices ranging from $89 to $140. Bam.

Luke Cage. Apparently getting the axe, along with Iron Fist. I actually liked both of these shows a ton more than Jessica Jones or The Flash. Lame.

Day three. Miles 24-36 going down today. Tomorrow is looking like a high probability of rain, so this might be it for the week. Six riding days of daylight savings left in the bank till darkness sets in.

Cool stuff. New season of Daredevil, trail mix restock, evening at the playground, Kool Moe Dee on Spotify, Haro banner delivery, actually sleeping a whole night.

Quote of the day. “If our car was named ‘Little Sparkle’, that would be a proper noun.” -Jane

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

october twenty-fourth

Five for October 24th:

Running on fumes. Somehow, after sleeping too late following another restless night, I was able to chug a cup of coffee, change the tire on the van outside Jane’s school, drop her backpack off at the house, get George out to North County to meet Lisa’s mom, and still make it to work on time. I even remembered my lunch.

Social justice. Yesterday, Lisa met with the St. Louis mayor and made some big strides forward for the economic empowerment of women in the workplace. Ten years later, and I am still blown away by her on a daily basis.

Nothing personal. Always feels sort of dickish unfriending someone on social media on their birthday, but if merely seeing that it’s their birthday once a year is the only indication we’re connected in any way to begin with, it’s probably for the best.

Cool stuff. Halloween-themed Father’s Night at Union with my big buddy, giant box of Larabars, intermittent fasting day three, busting out the winged ripper jacket, In The Raw- 2-Hip KOV Thrasherland 1990.

Quote of the day. “So you bought a lottery ticket, huh? Rushed out there and grabbed one in the hopes it could make your life better? Even though your one ticket might not win, you did it anyway cause it’s worth a shot, right? So did you vote?” -Devon Sawa

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

october twenty-third

Five for October 23rd:

Day two. Good pedal in to work today. Significantly less chilly than yesterday morning. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it? The new balaclava is definitely coming in handy.

Tonight. Packed evening coming up. Riding home, changing a tire on the van, taking George to his preschool for Father’s Night, and heading to Off Broadway for a Ted Leo solo show. Looks like it’ll be a Clif Bar dinner.

SNES. Got my old F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country cartridges working, though pretty precariously. I think DK is quickly becoming George’s new Nintendo-centric obsession.

Cool stuff. Huffy Expert on eBay, Pick It Apart: What School Are You? A Conversation on The Eras of BMX, green candy metallic Jeff Grosso “Demon” Santa Cruz reissues, strolling Laurel Hill, The World’s Largest Jerry Maguire VHS Collection.

Tuesday soundtrack. Corrosion of Conformity, Angel Witch, Minutemen, Masters of Reality, Pegboy, Orange Goblin, S.O.D., Diamond Head, Jucifer, Black Flag, Afghan Whigs, Felt, Chokebore, Samiam, Big Drill Car.

Monday, October 22, 2018

october twenty-second

Five for October 22nd:

Back on the bike. Looking like it’s going to be a good ride week- mostly sunny with mild temperatures. Picked up some cold weather riding gear over the weekend that will help counter the morning chills. Going for 4/5.

Dining out. Fiery scramble and sopapilla at Southwest Diner, sesame tofu (for the first time in at least ten years) at Lemongrass, and a surprisingly good acai bowl at Costco. Go figure.

Gold medalists. Congrats to Lisa on successfully running her first 10K on Sunday- in personal record time, no less-, and to Jane for successfully completing her first soccer season on Saturday.

Cool stuff. Haunted hayride at the farm, circa-1991 Mat Hoffman autographed Haro banner, trip to Saga Toys, two productive weekend flatland sessions at Berra, sightseeing and deer-spotting at Cliff Cave Park, fresh-ground Starbucks Winter Blend.

Georgie. The little dude spent the weekend at the farm with the grandparents, no doubt running wild, taking multiple tractor/ four-wheeler rides around the property, paddle boating and feeding the cows. Excited to see my buddy tonight.

Friday, October 19, 2018

october nineteenth

Five for October 19th:

Fresh tar. The whole stretch of Sulphur by our house has been mercifully repaved. That was the sketchiest bit of road to ride on- huge, random potholes, nasty concrete patchwork jutting out, and crumbling curbs. I was in constant fear getting bucked off my bike or blowing a tire out.

Power lunch. Carnitas with Brian at Ranchito to discuss song titles and general concepts for our new spazz/grindcore project. 40-song debut cassette coming soon.

Leftovers. Always fun to dig into jacket/hoodie pockets and discover all the things you left in there from the previous year. So far I’ve found two pairs of earplugs, a Rolling Stones pin, piece of unwrapped gum, some guitar picks, and a few used tissues.

Cool stuff. Watching the sun rise with Jane, Infection 3 Postmortem BMX video on YouTube, French press coffee at work, new Days Gone gameplay footage, the new shelf has some stuff on it.

Weekend action. Clifton Heights neighborhood garage sale, hayride/pumpkin hunt at the farm, movie night in the park, cheering Lisa on in her first 10K downtown, brunch at Rooster, maybe hitting the STL drum show, riding freestyle, skating, mowing the lawn for the last time in 2018.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

october eighteenth

Five for October 18th:

So long, Twitter. Officially deactivated my account. I barely ever used it to begin with, other than to post links to this blog, which I haven’t done since their CEO’s general attitude of nonchalance to hate speech, harassment, and propagation of false news came to light a few months ago. Plus, it’s nothing but bots and bullshit anyway. Good riddance.

Beto. When was the last time you saw a political figure interviewed in Thrasher? Don’t blow this, Texas.

Five Below. We had to get out of the house for an hour last night while Jane hosted her Daisy Scout meeting, so George and I hit up the dollar store for a new basketball, knockoff Hot Wheels loop track, and cheap copy of Devil May Cryo for Xbox 360.

Cool stuff. Cold (but good) ride in to work this morning, Pollo Yucatan, the return of Skate and Annoy (and archived eBay Watch articles), black bean burgers, getting into four day weekend season.

Quote of the day. "No one could have predicted that the party of Nazis, child molesters, wife beaters, con artists, embezzlers, stock market cheaters, pedophile wrestling coaches, compromised Russian assets and blackout-drunk rapist judges would also be the party of bone saw murder apologists." -Jeff Tiedrich

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

october seventeenth

Five for October 17th:

Rector reek. First indoor ramp session of the fall went down last night, and we ended up staying ‘til they shut the lights off. Andy was throwing down like a man possessed. Nothing quite like the feeling of urethane on Masonite.

Two-dollar Tuesday. Burgers and fries at SoHa on Tuesday evenings may become a regular thing. It’s close, cheap, and the kids get to scavenge the gumball machine doors for candy scraps.

Definitely no double standards here. Seriously though, I’m sure if Obama had had an affair with a porn starlet and then went on to publicly call her a “horseface” on twitter while occupying the oval office, the reaction from the GOP/ far right/ evangelical community would have been equally reserved.

Cool stuff. Josh coming to town in December, nearly 70 degrees today, hitting ‘chit with Tom and Brian, potential evening post-bedtime Berra Park flatland, ¼-mini adaptor, Rumble in Ramona footage.

Always something department. Upstairs heat isn’t working, Rogue still needs a bunch of work and is due for an oil change, return of the laundry room mice.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

october sixteenth

Five for October 16th:

Driving is lame. Dropped both kids off at school this morning, and encountered every manner of road closure, traffic backup, and funeral procession possible between there and the office afterward. I’m spoiled after seven months of bike commuting, where dealing with crap like that isn’t even on the radar.

RIP Coffee Cartel. The place that introduced me to the concept of strong coffee. Innumerable summer nights spent sitting on the patio with friends, innumerable group hangouts, first dates, pre and post-movie at the Chase drinks... The Central West End will never be the same.

Mountain bikeage. Got a line on a $40 2009 GT Outpost in Affton I may go check out after work. It’d be cool to go ride some trails at Castlewood this fall (assuming we actually *get* a fall), and the price is definitely right.

Cool stuff. Ikea shelf is built, pumpkin flax granola, short afternoon flatland sesh at the church lot, picture day for George, upcoming ramp jam.

Tuesday soundtrack. Trap Them, Royal Thunder, Suicidal Tendencies, Pelican, Bad Religion, Husker Du, The Bloody Hollies, Joe Jackson, Lucifer, Candlemass, Nuclear Assault, Sleep.

Monday, October 15, 2018

october fifteenth

Five for October 15th:

Riding season: is it over? Just like that, it’s 39 degrees outside versus 90 exactly one week ago. Much as I love bike commuting, I really only like it when it’s nice out. With about three weeks left until the end of DST hopefully I’ll get a few more in, but it’s looking like we’re getting near the end of the line.

11-7. Back on the intermittent fasting wagon starting today. Some weeks I can totally do it with no problem, and some weeks I can’t even fathom it. The last couple of weeks have leaned toward the latter. Planning on that more or less being the norm through the winter.

Last piece of the puzzle. Finally got our Ikea shelf for the living room, which will replace the record cabinet and hopefully hide a bunch of unsightly cords when all is said and done. Now I just have to build it.

Cool stuff. First trip to Ices Plain and Fancy, Trunk or Treat with the goobs at Kennard, first trip to the indoor pool (and hot tub) at the Y, Halloween decorations up, Great Pumpkin season at Ted Drewes, breaking out the green denim jacket.

Ripping jams. Got in a bit of flatland at the lot and had a fun skate session at JB over the weekend. Potentially dusting off the mini-ramp cobwebs at Ramp Riders on Tuesday as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

october eleventh

Five for October 11th:

Six years ago tonight. We went to bed not realizing that the following day we'd become parents and our lives would change forever. Happy (almost) birthday to my smart, sweet, beautiful, crazy and amazing little girl.

Juxtaposition. On Monday I rode to work in a t-shirt, shorts, and Vans slip-ons. Today I rode to work in a long-sleeve thermal, hoodie, full-finger gloves, long pants, two pairs of socks, and a headband under my helmet to keep my ears from freezing. Three out of four days for the week.

Fatigue sets in. Tossed and turned until about 3 am, at which point I finally sort of fell asleep off and on til’ about 6:30. Why that happened is anyone’s guess. Luckily I can function on a couple hours’ sleep without much problem, but tonight will be an early one, with a steady flow of coffee for most of the day.

Cool stuff. Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding: Tony Hawk, praying mantis on the trash can, the ramplifier, apple walnut granola, Henry's new fall 'do.

Long weekend action. Taking off tomorrow to hang out with the family for Jane’s birthday. Swimming at the Y and a trip to Happy Joe’s are likely on the agenda. Other weekend plans include Seth’s rock show at Blueberry Hill, indoor mini-ramp skate session, riding flat, walking Henry, maxxin’ and relaxin’.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

october tenth

Five for October 10th:

Sleeping in. Naturally, the one day I need to be out of the house (with kid and dog in tow) by 7:20 is the day I oversleep till 7. Put the hammer down, got some coffee in a to-go cup and made it happen with time to spare.

Flatland fails. Plans to do some trick riding last night were shelved due to my normal Berra Park spot being completely covered in picnic tables and my secondary Sublette Park tennis courts spot being occupied by- you guessed it- tennis players.

Gnat attack. The end of bike-commute season is always heralded by endless onslaughts of gnat clouds to ride through and get pelted by for the majority of the ride. I don’t know if they’re just out for one last romp before they all freeze to death or what, but you can pretty much set your watch to it.

Cool stuff. Powell blem mega-sale (abstaining), fall weather coming down the pike, fresh-ground Sumatra, backyard cantaloupe harvest, Seoul Taco with Tom and Brian.

Dapper dog. Henry is at the groomer today getting a much needed, stratospherically overdue haircut, bath, and nail clipping. He was literally starting to look like a sheep.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

october ninth

Five for October 9th:

Field-trippin’. George is off on his first school field trip to the pumpkin patch today. They grow up fast.

Texas is the reason. Yesterday, Beto O' Rourke posted a video to Instagram of Spoon doing a cover of “Clampdown” by the Clash that he shot from side stage. Ted Cruz wouldn’t understand one word of that sentence because he is a lame dickwad that probably listens to Florida Georgia Line before crying himself to sleep every night.

Tech Decks. What, was I just supposed to *not* get these OG-shaped Santa Cruz Eric Dressen and Street Creep Tech Decks with free stickers for $2.50/ea last night? Come on.

Cool stuff. (Yet another) replacement e-tom, Duel at Diablo on YouTube, new flash drive/iPhone photo purge, birthday gift-card shopping spree with Jane, cashew cookie Larabars, Urban Struggle documentary on Black Flag and the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Tuesday soundtrack. Valley of the Sun, Riot, Faith No More, Plasmatics, Armored Saint, Ringworm, Rival Sons, MC5, Metal Church, Dead Cross, The Spits, Mike V & The Rats. Jesu, Fight, Jawbreaker.

Monday, October 8, 2018

october eighth

Five for October 8th:

Jane’s birthday party. Celebrated (almost) six years at Lindenwood Park with tons of friends from the neighborhood and school, sparkly cupcakes, fairy-house painting, juice boxes, LOL surprise dolls and running around like crazy people. Somehow, the rain that was peppering the area missed us, resulting in a nice cool breeze and overcast.

Saddled up. Hot, muggy ride in to the office today. It's weird (and nice) to think I’ll probably be in a hoodie and full-finger gloves by the end of the week.

Quote of the day. “The Kavanaugh saga has tainted all three branches of government with Trumpist corruption: a Senate majority that will turn a blind eye to the most serious of allegations, a Justice Department that will acquiesce to sham investigations designed to exonerate political allies, and a Supreme Court tainted by the presence of a partisan hatchet man, before whom no left-leaning person or organization could possibly obtain a fair hearing.” -Adam Serwer

Cool stuff. Four-day work week, NOS red Rector knee pads for fall and winter ramp ripping, OG Toxic skates stickers, morning flatland at the tennis courts, George’s Super Mario costume.

No NAMM. Decided to sit it out in 2019. Much as I enjoy getting out of dodge for a bit in mid-winter, with both kids in school, Lisa’s much-busier schedule, and the fact that I don’t have many dealers that go anymore, it’s getting harder to justify.

Friday, October 5, 2018

october fifth

Five for October 5th:

Pay to play. Took a beating in the process, but I stuck and rolled out of first hang five last night, which lasted for about 3-4 feet at moderate speed. Not bad for my first real flatland session in a couple of weeks, and coming off three days of a tweaked knee. Super stoked.

Two-wheelin’. Finishing off the week with about 38 miles on the bike saddle (40+ if I take the scenic route home tonight). One solid month of daylight savings time left of riding season before I go into winter hibernation. Planning on getting in as much as possible til’ the bitter end.

Dear American Christians. Does knowingly supporting the election of pathological liars and sexual predators to the White House and Supreme Court in order to advance an agenda by any means necessary equate to making a deal with the devil? Cause it sure sounds like it to me.

Cool stuff. Mario 64 and superstation construction with George, ...And Justice for All stand-up at Vintage Vinyl, ’92 Ground Master for sale in Springfield (if only), couple minutes of new Nick Watts footage, fixing Jane’s beloved mechanical pencil.

Weekend action. Not a ton of plans for the weekend, save for celebrating Jane’s 6th birthday (!) at the playground, watching a soccer game, getting in some skating at JB or Ramp Riders, mowing the lawn for possibly the last time this year, riding some bikes, and hanging out with the crew.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

october fourth

Five for October 4th:

Day two. A couple of kid transport-mandated days off the bike were apparently just what the doctor ordered. Got a good ride in this morning, with the knee feeling pretty much totally back to normal.

Bottleworks. Impromptu dinner and drinks last night on the patio with Lisa, the goobs, and some friends following a jaunt through the farmer’s market to pick up our CSA and decorate some pumpkins.

Lisa’s alarm. It woke one of us up at 5:30 am- unfortunately it was the wrong one. I will say, though, that the soft Zen-tone alarm she uses is a vast improvement over the jolting buzz of my cheap clock radio.

Cool stuff. Blues home opener, OG Haro Air Wear shirt, half a donut, new Tommy Guerrero album October 26, vintage Upland Pipeline videos, lunch break slappy hour, more Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay footage.

Today only. Feels like fall. Enjoy it while you can, as tomorrow is back to the steamy, never-ending Indian summer.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

october third

Five for October 3rd:

Getting there. The knee is feeling much better today, though still not quite 100%. Had to take George in this morning, giving me one more day of recuperation before I’m (hopefully) back on the bike paths.

Free lunch. All you can eat BBQ today at the workplace. Not the greatest version of barbecue I’ve ever had, but it’s free, so I can’t complain.

Presidential text message day. As if I needed another reason to despise the current occupant of the oval office.

Cool stuff. Rollback BMX Ryan Nyquist podcast, office coffee restock, texting with Craig Anarchy, the ever-expanding shitty movie watch list, George is big enough for the booster seat, chocolate chip cookies for the goobs.

Fall flatland goals. Dial in side glides, i-hops, boomerangs, half-lashes, infinity rolls. Work on decades, hang fives, and possibly cherry pickers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

october second

Five for October 2nd:

October happenings. Jane turns six, Clifton Park movie night, pumpkin hunt at the farm/carving party at Lisa’s Mom’s, Father’s Night at George’s school, neighborhood trick or treat onslaught, Ted Leo at Off Broadway, other shows I’m forgetting.

Ryan Nyquist. Shelving the mountain bike for a year to focus on an Olympic run. Not that his MTB achievements are anything to sneeze at (check out the Haro Basecamp Chronicles series on YouTube). Totally inspirational dude.

No ride. Had to drop both kids off at their respective schools this morning, which worked out for the best anyway as my knee is still tweaked, though it’s getting better. Hoping to get back on the saddle Thursday.

Cool stuff. Fresh-ground honey roasted peanut butter resupply, playing GTA Vice City again, kneesaver bars production video, booked Henry a grooming appointment, hitting Red Racks.

Tuesday soundtrack. Kylesa, Butthole Surfers, Warning, Desert Sessions, Unsane, Dead Meadow, Snapcase, Queen, Viking Skull, Coroner, Thin Lizzy, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Monday, October 1, 2018

october first

Five for October 1st:

October. It felt like fall for about one solitary morning before summer came roaring back with a vengeance. Almost 90 today with humidity and unseasonable highs all week.

Them apples. Good times at our annual trip to Eckert’s picking and devouring fresh Jonathans and Gold/Red delicious right off the tree, to say nothing of the bags of kettle corn and fresh cider.

Old age. Over the past several days I rode almost eighty miles, had a couple of flatland sessions and skated for two hours with no issues. How then did I strain muscles in my back and knee? Pulling up my pants and sleeping, respectively.

Cool stuff. Renewed Y membership, 16 oz. dark roast from Coffee Cartel, ripping jams at JB with Andy and Chris, dinner and hula-hooping on the water at Loading Dock, Skyrim revisited, Jane’s soccer team scored a goal.

Riding in. Pushed through the knee pain for a decent ride this morning, but it was definitely worse than I was thinking it was going to be. Hopefully the ride home is a little easier. Going for 4/5 this week if the planets align.