Friday, January 11, 2019

january eleventh

Five for January 11th:

Juxtaposition. Last Saturday we were picnicking at Berra Park in t-shirts. Tomorrow I will be shoveling out of what is looking like will be a 24-hour snowstorm.

Morning YouTube wormhole. Face Value, Dead Sailor, Ride Like a Man, Krt Schmidt’s Rodger’s Garage part, various Dave Nourie clips.

You get what you pay for. While I certainly feel bad for all of the 800,000+ federal employees currently working for no pay, I feel less bad for the ones that knowingly voted for an egomaniacal television personality with no experience to be the president.

Cool stuff. Pollo Yucatan with extra veggies, Vision Tom Groholski mini reissues, stack of Fluke and Skate Jawn zines from Andy, Fireburn on Spotify.

Weekend action. Playing this one by ear due to the weather situation. Some snowboarding/sledding at the park, 5K run at the gym, potential Ramp Riders skate or BMX sesh, and the first Toy Show of 2019 are all possibilities depending on motivation/road conditions.

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