Thursday, January 10, 2019

january tenth

Five for January 10th:

Powell Peralta spring catalog highlights. Bunch of new colors for existing deck reissues coming out, along with a blue-dip Barbee Ragdoll (plus RB t-shirt) and Claus Grabke first model, which I never thought I’d see. Wish they’d re-run those street wheels!

American idiot. You'll all be shocked to know our fucking moron president can't spell the word "forest".

Sack of potatoes. Last night at Ramp Riders was fun, but I just couldn’t get into the groove for whatever reason. Chalk it up to the frigid temperature or late start, I guess. Got to hang out with some good friends and a couple of people I hadn’t seen in forever, so that was a plus if nothing else.

Cool stuff. RBG coffee mug, Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix, vintage Megazords at Red Racks, Instacart, attic Nintendo with the goobs, Cafe Bustelo resupply.

Big girl. With her knees now hitting the handlebars of her little 16” bike, Jane is officially tall enough for a 20”, bypassing 18" altogether- though she’s still a bit leery of taking the training wheels off. We'll get there. In the meantime, she can go ahead and stop growing at the speed of light.

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