Thursday, January 3, 2019

january third

Five for January 3rd:

Travel plans. So far this year: possible daytrip to Crown Point, Indiana for the Midwest BMX show in February (unlikely), Lawrence, KS with Greg for a Descendents show plus a weeklong vacation to Florida in March, Colorado sometime this summer. Hopefully more to come.

Folly trolley. The 51-million dollar novelty that essentially decimated the U-City Loop is back to “nonfunctional” status after a few weeks of barely limping along. To quite Jaime Lees; “That means that the trolley started 2019 the exact same way that it started 2018: as a non-functioning, expensive embarrassment to St. Louis.”

D-day. Incoming Democratic majority retakes the U.S. House today, and with it aggressive oversight and congressional investigations of the executive branch that could lead to who knows what.

Cool stuff. First text message from Jane, oatmeal mug, new set of Kenda Kontacts for the FST, quick morning street riding session, spring-like temperatures this weekend, 2019 will be the worst year of Donald Trump’s Life.

Happy Joe’s. Some impromptu pizza, video games and skee-ball went down last night. For the first time ever, we got out of that place free of handfuls of random plastic junk, with both kids wisely opting to spend their hard-earned tickets on ice cream cones. Kinda bummed I didn’t get a Flying Glider, though.

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