Friday, May 31, 2019

may thirty-first

Five for May 31st:

Day twenty-seven. Great pedal in to the office today. Low traffic and perfect weather. Three rides for four workdays this week and another 38 miles for the season under the belt. So long to the nicest May in recorded history.

Soundtracked. My old band has songs in two upcoming independent works, namely an indie film called Cheap Date and a web series called Comic Geeks. I think it’s actually the same song in both things, interestingly enough. Links when available.

Free lunch. A table piled with trays of Sugarfire barbecue sure as hell beats last night’s leftovers.

Cool stuff. Evening at the playground with the goobs, backyard apple tree is booming, high-quality Ban This (full video and individual sections) on YouTube, Rich Avella article.

Weekend action. George’s official birthday party at the park, Guitar Wolf at Fubar, shed repair, BMX and/or skate session somewhere, lawn care, running errands, firing up the fire pit, hoping for a Blues home victory.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

may thirtieth

Five for May 30th:

Return of the tooth fairy. Janey lost another baby tooth yesterday, earning her one more dollar in the piggy bank and two front teeth framed by gaping holes.

Day twenty-six. 66-degrees, clear and sunny for the ride in. I’ll say it again; this is the best spring we’ve had in as long as I can remember.

Better late than never. Nail-biter overtime victory for the Blues, tying the series at 1-1 and giving STL its first title-series win in team history. Three to go.

Cool stuff. Jasmine tea, Dorkin’ 4 in the attic, toy paratroopers with the goobs, Back Bone BMX bowl trip video, leftover chori pollo, GLTS: Lizzie Armanto.

Shows this week. Well, I completely missed both the Damned and the’s last night, but I’m still planning on Guitar Wolf tomorrow. Too much good stuff happening lately, and not enough time or disposable income.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

may twenty-ninth

Five for May 29th:

Recent YouTube discoveries. Poor Boy Heavy Metal Thunder, non-blocked Baco 7: Pride, Face Value, Ride Like A Clown, Jeff Crawn East Coast Destruction 3, high-quality Kevin Gutierrez Homeless Trash section.

Happy Joe’s. A joint last day of Kindergarten/ George birthday celebration went down last night. Sundaes were devoured, horns were blown, games were played, prizes were won, and good times were had.

Bill of health. Had my first doctor checkup in probably thirty years today. Happy to say I’m in good shape. Once-yearly visits are now mandatory (as mandated by me), and easy given the doctor’s office is in walking distance from my house.

Cool stuff. Space Brothers John Buultjens podcast, work snack restock, febrezing the van, Birth of the BMX Freestyle Movement 2nd edition launch party photos, long-lost Jane video recovered (thanks mom).

Quote of the day. “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” -Robert Mueller

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

may twenty-eighth

Five for May 28th:

Birthday boy. Our little guy rang in his fourth year yesterday with two long-awaited Thomas Trackmaster sets, seeing Aladdin at the theater, a trip to the pool, and ice cream cones on the front porch. Bonus: we party more this weekend. Love you, Georgie.

Day twenty-five. Kicked off the short workweek with a smooth morning ride in to the office. Felt especially good following a relatively slothful weekend. Hoping Thursday and Friday pan out.

Quote of the day. “It’s incredibly chilling for the President of the United States to excuse the belligerent actions of a North Korean dictator who murdered American citizens while applauding attacks on Democratic opponents like ‘Joe Bidan’ just before playing golf in Japan on Memorial Day weekend.” -Eugene Gu

Cool stuff. New Haro gear coming soon, garden strawberries, Jag-Wires EP release show/ smoke-free CBGB, bounce house partying at Brian and Abby’s, iPhone photo dump/ video upload, freezer for the basement, Unclicked Dennis McCoy podcast.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mercyful Fate, Crass, Death, The Dictators, W.A.S.P., Rainbow, Priestess, Montrose, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Guitar Wolf.

Friday, May 24, 2019

may twenty-fourth

Five for May 24th:

Day twenty-four. If this morning was hot and muggy, the direct sunlight and 90-degree ride home should be about twice as brutal. That said, it’s good to be back on the bike after three days off. 2/4 for the week it is.

Quote of the day. “Imagine the jobs you wouldn’t get if your cover letter said ‘achomlishments”. -unknown

Seoul Taco. T-minus four hours til’ steak gogi and waffles becomes a reality. It’s been too long, old friend.

Cool stuff. Got our pool pass, evening flatland jam at the lot, Chrome Ball Ed Templeton interview, Jane’s Jackson Pollock, watching Bob Ross with the goobs, getting paid, popcorn Friday.

Long weekend action. Three days away from the desk coming up. Plans include kid birthday-partying at Brian’s, watersliding, trip to the farm, Jag-Wires EP release show, Washington skatepark sesh, riding bikes, and some yard work. Seeya on the other side.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

may twenty-third

Five for May 23rd:

The graduates. George’s last day at preschool was yesterday, and my little girl had her Kindergarten graduation ceremony this morning. I seriously cannot believe she’s going to be in grade school next year. So proud of both of them.

Half-lash practice. Getting closer and closer on them. Just need to nail the balance point and figure out how to roll a swivel in reverse.

Quote of the day. “Don’t like abortions? Just ignore them like you ignore racism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, police brutality, refugees, homeless veterans, climate change, Flint Michigan residents, Puerto Rico residents, science, facts, Trump’s affairs, and the half a million children who are currently in foster care.” -unknown

Cool stuff. Dinner and drinks at Bottleworks, tall dark roast, fresh shave, didn’t lose power last night, avoiding online Memorial Day sales, Baco 7 on Vimeo.

Another one bites the dust. Looks like the Earth Surf skatepark at the Mills Mall has officially received the notice to vacate. This isn’t a shock as it was more or less the only thing left open in that entire mall, which I can only assume is about to get razed 16 years after it opened. What a waste.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Happy birthday Lisa. 2019 marks ten years of birthday celebrations with my amazing wife. Time absolutely flies. Looking forward to many more decades of bike rides and float trips.

Stanley Cup Finals. From dead last in January to facing off against the Bruins next week for our first run at the Stanley Cup since 1970. Who would’ve thought?

Last night. Went to the playground for a bit, scarfed down some dinner, waited out a few minutes of severe weather in the basement, and got the kids to bed in time for a ripping indoor mini-ramp session with Andy.

Cool stuff. Set up the old school Gonz, new HB Tuesdays footage and photos, afternoon flatland at the church lot, high-quality Future Primitive on YouTube,

Quote of the day. “You have more in common with every homeless person than with any billionaire. Pass it along.” -unknown

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

may twenty-first

Five for May 21st:

No ride. Blustery winds, storm threats, and needing to leave at 3 for dad duties made today a drive day. On the plus side, I got to catch up on a podcast I’d been wanting to listen to for a couple of weeks.

Plywood therapy. Much-needed Ramp Riders skate session in the works for tonight, post-bedtimes. My guess is, the combination of hockey game and potentially crappy weather will mean we have the place to ourselves once again.

Quote of the day. “He probably just said ‘my work here is done’ and dissolved into a pile of scarabs or something.” -Brian, on a coworker’s last day after 43 years

Cool stuff. Homemade piñata, Adidas Daewon documentary, running into old friends, backyard Jake and the Neverland Pirates with Jane, Banza rice, let’s go Blues.

Tuesday soundtrack. Minutemen, X, Danzig, Budgie, The Cry, Oblivians, Joe Jackson, Scientists, Death Breath, Ramones, Girlschool, The Cramps, Mind Spiders, Fu Manchu.

Monday, May 20, 2019

may twentieth

Five for May 20th:

Day twenty-three. The spring-like hits keep coming. In the entire time I’ve been riding my bike to work, I don’t think there’s ever been another day in late May where I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt to battle the morning chill.

Family tradition. Lisa’s annual birthday ride on the Katy Trail from Weldon Spring to Augusta was cut short midway through due to a bridge being out, but we still had a blast. The weather was perfect, we saw a wild turkey, and stopped for a beer at a little micro-brewery off the bike trail near Defiance. Definitely something we need to do more often.

Proud dad. Jane’s soccer team ended their season with a 3-2 win on Saturday, with Jane scoring one of the goals- her first goal ever in two seasons of soccer.

Cool stuff. Patio drinks and brasserie burgers at Rockwell with Mary and Keith, backyard strawberry harvest, new Nick Watts footage, grain-free granola bars, killer flatland session at Berra Park, Jason Adams Nine Club podcast, dinner on the back porch.

Shutout. Did a double-take yesterday when I looked at my phone to check the score of the Blues game and saw a 5-0 bludgeoning of the Sharks and another Schwartz hat trick. One more to go and it’s the first Stanley Cup finals for STL since ’70.

Friday, May 17, 2019

may seventeenth

Five for May 17th:

Day twenty-two. Another 4/5 days on the bike saddle in the books. 100 bike miles vs about 24 behind the wheel over the last couple of weeks is a stat I can get behind. I love this time of year.

Harry Potter. Jane was having trouble keeping up with the book, so we started watching Sorcerer’s Stone last night, and she loved it. We will definitely be coming back to the literary versions at some point.

Let there be light. They replaced about 100 burned out bulbs in the office today. Anything that helps this windowless basement feel a little less like a dark cave is alright by me.

Cool stuff. Vintage Team Haro jacket, bento box, freshly-medicated schnoodle, MyFitnessPal app, popcorn Friday, backyard garden lettuce, Powell Claus Grabke first-model reissues, X Games Real BMX clips.

Weekend action. Annual birthday bike ride on the Katy Trail with Lisa followed by a date night out, soccer games with the goobs, sunset flatland session, getting the lawn mowed, The Queers at Fubar.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

may sixteenth

Five for May 16th:

Day twenty-one. Completely crushed the ride in today, pedaling hard and making it in just over 20 minutes. Had to savor the cool morning air, as the ride home will be hovering squarely around the 90-degree mark.

Last call. My old iPhone 5, which I had been using in the attic simply for streaming drumless tracks on my e-drums, officially shit the bed this morning forever. Guess I need to pony up for some headphone adapters for my 7.

Craft champ. Jane beat out every first and second-grader at her school in a paper canoe-making competition, taking first place and winning, quote; “a necklace with a bug in it.” That’s my girl.

Cool stuff. Dad and George night, Melvins and Red Kross at Ready Room in September, MOTU in the attic, evening flatland session coming up, Tony Hawk Ban This section outtakes on Powell’s Instagram.

Quote of the day. “One more time for the folks in the back: you cannot ban abortion, you can only ban safe abortion.” -unknown

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

may fifteenth

Five for May 15th:

Divide and conquer. Lisa took George to his preschool year-end picnic while I took Jane to her soccer game with a minivan full of snacks and Gatorade. No doubt a portent of things to come as these kids continue to grow like weeds.

So long, stumpy. The gigantic, rotting, 15-foot-tall, vine-covered monstrosity of a tree stump that has darkened our backyard domain since we moved in to our house, sprouting poison ivy and threatening to crush our fence and rip down power lines, is getting removed today.

Work snack restock. Cashew cookie Larabars, raisins, raw almonds, oven-roasted peanuts, bananas. The cupboards were bare.

Cool stuff. Getting George’s shred sled dialed in, fresh shave, Blues game three, afternoon flatland on the FST, Alien Workshop “visitor” reissues, Wilkerson Airlines Riot tribute frame rumors.

Skate deaths. 2019 has already ushered in the untimely demise of far too many notable people in the skateboarding world, another one confirmed last night. Such a bummer.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

may fourteenth

Five for May 14th:

Day twenty. Good one this morning. Just crisp enough to keep things comfortable. Low 70’s and sunny for the ride home.

Last night. Fun time at the park followed by a walk up the street to Mason playground with some of the neighborhood crew, where the kids performed an Earth Day play on the little outdoor stage and ran around like madmen.

White Birch. Good skate sesh with Brian, though I wish I’d had a skate key. Been too long since we hit that spot. Ran into a dude riding an old S&M Call Girl which was as awesome an overbuilt mid-school tank as I’ve ever seen.

Cool stuff. Blues tie the series vs. the Sharks, Glasgow Underground on Vimeo, Bill Nitschke Space Brothers podcast, grainless granola.

Tuesday soundtrack. Pelican, GBH, Valient Thorr, Bloodclot, Blitz, The Shrine, Poison Idea, Mastodon, Rosetta, Samiam, Operation Ivy, Beastie Boys.

Monday, May 13, 2019

may thirteenth

Five for May 13th:

Day nineteen. Felt awesome to get some miles in- and just be outside in general- after a weekend of (mostly) miserable weather and eating (relatively) poorly. Going for another four-days of bike commutes this week.

Mother’s Day. We made a weekend out of it. Cake, dozen roses, hand-made card, a tea party, some facetiming, and brunch were all on the agenda.

Harry Potter. Started reading The Sorcerer's Stone to Jane late last week. First thing on Saturday morning, she was sitting on her bed with the door open waiting to intercept me en route to get coffee so I could read her the next chapter. I guess she likes it.

Cool stuff. Perfect Bid on Netflix, vintage copy of Go magazine, freestyle trucks, Jeff Crawn East Coast Demolition section, George is getting into Star Wars, pop shove-its, White Birch afternoon sesh.

Flatland progression. Got the beginnings of some legit rolling half-lashes yesterday after the rain finally dried up. Stuck a couple of them but didn’t roll them out properly. Like everything else, it’s just a matter of repetition, getting the feel slowly but surely until it becomes second nature. Stoked.

Friday, May 10, 2019

may tenth

Five for May 10th:

Day eighteen. A legitimately chilly ride in this morning, but nothing a hoodie, long-sleeve t-shirt and thermos of to-go coffee couldn’t handle. Four out of five days and fifty-ish miles for the week is pretty much as good as it gets.

Video days. My little two-minute edit of spring flatland insta-clips is up, all filmed between late February and sometime this past week. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Click it and get stoked on some forty year old bicycle tricks.

GTA 6. Rumors of a long-overdue return to Vice City are swirling, though I think the series could do with an overall change to some new scenery following Liberty City and San Andreas both getting the rehash treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still play it.

Cool stuff. Grosso’s Loveletters: China, digging into the Snakebite archives, backyard lettuce overflow, Jane’s nature collection, new contacts in the mail, Zolatone sample photos, getting paid, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, cheap Skull & Sword blems.

Weekend action. Possibly checking out Duane’s new band at Tap Room, mother’s day dinner at Lisa’s mom’s house, mowing the lawn, running errands, hanging out with the goobs, and the usual combo of skating/riding wherever possible.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

may ninth

Five for May 9th:

Day seventeen. Nice ride in this morning; some wet roads here and there but quick and crisp overall and no wind to contend with. I was fully expecting for this week to be a total bust, but it’s looking like it’ll be an easy four-for-five.

Culinary arts. Talking about food is sort of lame and easy, but the Korean beef over cauliflower rice with sesame seeds, sriracha, and radishes from the backyard garden that Lisa threw together last night was unbelievable. Bonus leftovers today.

Spring flat edit. Underwent a massive makeover yesterday. Changed the song, rearranged parts, added some stuff, subtracted some stuff, and gave it a more uniform look in the color department. Definitely artsier, but it flows better. A few more things to mess with and it’s going online.

Cool stuff. Watching Mario Kart Wii play-throughs with George, Halo Top, Dirt Ron interview, love letters from Jane, Plywood Hoods stickers, Barr held in contempt of Congress, Polar orange vanilla sparkling water.

Quote of the day. “We are now in a constitutional crisis." -House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

may eighth

Five for May 8th:

Full day of action. Yesterday was packed from start to finish: 13 miles of round-trip bike commuting, an hour of flatland riding after work, and a two-hour skate session closing down Ramp Riders with Andy and Brian in the evening. The shower that ensued was, needless to say, a good one.

Blues FTW. STL pulls out a harrowing game seven win in double overtime and advances to the western conference finals. Bam. Too bad I was asleep when it happened.

Transformers. There’s some insane stuff out right now. The Target-exclusive Soundwave and some of the new Megatron variations are spot on. Good to see the franchise moving away from the Michael Bay-era monstrosities and back to clean lines and classic sculpts.

Cool stuff. Kashimax Handler and RS freestyle seat repops, two-dollar Tuesday at SoHa, morning space adventures with Jane, cheap sunglass lens replacement, pics from George’s mother’s day program.

Quote of the day. “Year one was a rousing success. I especially liked the part where (the first lady’s) husband used Twitter to call the porn star with whom he cheated on his wife “horseface”. –Jon Zal on “Be Best”

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

may seventh

Five for May 7th:

Day sixteen. The entire ride in today smelled like blooming lilacs. I learned long ago that “spot PM showers possible” pretty much means “it will be seventy degrees and sunny”, so knocking on e-wood that the ride home is equally pleasant.

Do or die. Game seven tonight versus the Stars, with the winner advancing to round three. LGB.

Like father, like son. First time riding skateboards with George at the park yesterday. Super proud of my little buddy- he did great. Pushed around a bit, and worked up the courage to do a few little tail drops. I have to get him a better setup.

Cool stuff. Backyard bbq round three, farm-fresh asparagus, evening at the playground, new furnace filters, Mike Daily’s handwritten trick list, iPhone photo dump.

Tuesday soundtrack. Discharge, Napalm Death, Big Business, The Vandals, Lost Sounds, Jimi Hendrix, Dead Cross, Slint, Frank Black, The Bloody Hollies, Vista Chino, Fu Manchu.

Monday, May 6, 2019

may sixth

Five for May 6th:

Day fifteen. Solid, much-needed ride to work this morning, on the precipice of another week full of rain. Hoping to get a couple more in.

Weekend highlights. Two days of amazing weather, breakfast at Chris’, backyard hangout and barbecue with the Fairs, skate session at JB, flatland session at Webster, Kirkwood park picnic with Lisa and the goobs, discovering Meramec Highlands.

Contactiversary. Nine years ago today I put contacts in for the first time, and it quite literally changed my life. 100% one of the best things I’ve ever done. Ironically, this afternoon I have an appointment to get a resupply.

Cool stuff. Albe’s old school BMX show/ Vans Pool Party footage, autographed 2-Hip catalog from Ron Wilkerson in the mail, Blues stay alive and force game seven, décor for Jane’s fairy garden, two nights of grilling.

Soundtracked. One of my old band’s songs will be used in the opening credits of some Lindenwood film student’s films. I’ll post a link when and if it ever gets online.

Friday, May 3, 2019

may third

Five for May 3rd:

Bike commuter fails. I was all set to ride this morning, despite it being cool and gloomy, when it started raining again, soaking everything with a fine mist just enough to make it more trouble than it was worth. One day out of five for the week.

Spring flatland edit. Hoping to get a couple more tricks in the can this weekend and put it to bed. Got a few things in mind. We’ll see if I can actually get them done.

George’s first skateboard. Lisa picked George up a little $4.99 starter board at Savers today, and he’s already standing on it and shuffling around a bit. Can’t wait to roll with my little dude.

Cool stuff. Friday Ranchito with Tom and Brian, Grosso’s Loveletters: Five Great DIYs, RDR2 rare horse spawning location, new Nyquist backyard ramp footage, event leftovers.

Weekend action. Plans involve a full day of goobery, dual soccer games, Toy Man show, Overkill and Death Angel at Delmar Hall, flatland riding/skateboarding, lawn mowing, barbecuing, and whatever else comes along.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

may second

Five for May 2nd:

Quote of the day. “Mr. Barr, now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office.” –Sen. Mazie Hirono

The Darkness. I’m a casual fan (at best), but the fact that their new album is called Easter is Cancelled earns them some points in my book, at least in the hilarity department. This is to say nothing of the cover itself.

Santa Cruz holiday reissues. Already? Another boring Rob Roskopp face colorway, but the matte purple Corey O’Brien Reaper and the black stain Eric Dressen Pup are pretty damn awesome.

Cool stuff. Newly-discovered Perry Mervar contest footage, morning train tent adventures with George and Jane, ’87 FST is fully dialed, farm-fresh eggs from Three Rivers, almond butter restock, free copy of Guitar Player.

YMCA. Looks like the skatepark is back open for the season, although details on exactly when it is open are, as always, shaky at best. Still want to try to figure out how to volunteer there so I can ride/skate it at my will.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

may first

Five for May 1st:

Dental worked. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the jaw this morning, but the filling in my tooth that fell out earlier this week is back in place.

May. Starting off rainy with little reprieve, but I’m hoping to have bike commuting on a mostly daily basis back to regularity by mid-month.

Dorkin’ 3. Finally got around to watching the third entry in the Dorkin’ in York series last night. By anyone's standards, that level of riding is still impressive. It’s pretty funny that I’m just now seeing all of these in 2019, but somehow they’ve eluded being on the internet.

Cool stuff. Space Brothers Joe Johnson podcast, cashew cookie Larabar restock, more rocket adventures with Jane, lunch break flatland session on the FST, solo dad night with the goobs.

Over my head. It dawned on me yesterday that Megadeth’s “Chosen Ones”- a song I’ve listened to hundreds of times over the last twenty-five or more years- is definitely about the killer bunny rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.